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14 of the coolest baby gifts and gear we wish we had when we were new moms. (Yeah, just a little jealous.)

If innovative baby gear is any indication, we can confidently say this is an awesome time to be expecting. My youngest just turned 6 years old, so I’m only a few years out of the baby stage, and yet there has been so much amazing change in baby gear even since he was an infant that I am left feeling just a wee bit jealous of all you new moms. From high-tech strollers that charge your phone to super smart breast pumps controlled by your phone — and even some gear that has nothing at all to do with phones — here’s our list of the coolest baby gifts and...

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Oh Happy Day party store: everything you need for the perfect party. Except the cake.

One of my favorite go-to blogs for design inspiration, whether it’s a fun kids’ bedroom, an unexpected party theme, or a cool DIY project is Oh Happy Day. Jordan’s impeccable taste and fun use of color just makes me, well, happy. And now that I’m hitting birthday party season in my family — we’ve got four in the next couple months, eep! — I’ll be shopping at her brand new Oh Happy Day party store online. It’s chock full of beautifully curated party supplies from around the world. You can find everything you need for your party here, well, except the cake. (Though we wouldn’t...

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Clever personalized plates that let kids play with their food the fashionable way.

Parents of picky eaters, rejoice! The solution to your dinnertime drama might be as simple as a personalized plate… and a cookie cutter. Little Me personalized plates and dress-up cutters for kids are designed to inspire creativity with food, but I’ve found them to be extremely helpful in getting my son to simply eat his dinner. Turns out chicken nuggets are infinitely more exciting when served next to an illustration resembling your child, and that my son’s spinach cakes actually get eaten when they’re cut into the shape of pants and a shirt. Well, mostly. We still haven’t had a dinner that doesn’t end with me begging...

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Picnic-perfect plastic tableware for toddlers

It’s picnic weather down South, and we’re spending most nights out on the back porch, sipping on some tea and eating dinner with the neighbors. It’s idyllic, until the kids start playing frisbee with their plates. I’m not big on plastic dinnerware inside, but when we’re dining al fresco you never know what can happen, so I stick with the non-breakable–and preferably non-toxic–variety of kids’ cups dishes tableware. If you’re looking for an option beyond melamine but with the same durability and convenience, our family’s new favorites are the cool kids’ dishes in Lollaland’s mealtime set. Made in the USA in...

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Learning dishes for kids and other educational tableware that sneak some brain food in with the vegetables

Mealtime is the one time my busy kids sit still for a little while, so I love that smart people are creating such interesting learning dishes for kids, educational placemats, and other housewares that let kids do more than doodle at the table. Or uh, play Candy Crush. Whether or not your kids will actually review math facts or practice cursive over the mashed potatoes, they’re likely to absorb some of the information presented in front of them, which I think is kind of neat. ALPHABET PLACEMATS For little ones, Brinware’s brightly colored, easy-to-clean silicone alphabet placemats (above) make for a...

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Personalized Halloween plates that kids will love using all year long

I admit that I can get a little “boo humbug” (heh, get it?) when it comes to holiday-themed goodies for kids. Because with four little ones running around, hey, I need to get one for everyone…which is perfectly fine with me if it’s something they can use well beyond Halloween season, like these adorable personalized plates and bowls. I can already hear the screeches (from my kids, that is) when they see these personalized Halloween plates on the table from CMP-fave The Silly Wagon. And considering we’re big ghost and ghouls fans here, they won’t mind if I serve their...

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Home is where the mug is. (Or mug is where the home is?)

Always on the lookout for cool personalized gifts, I’m really taken with this one which would be so perfect as a hostess gift after an extended stay. The personalized coffee mugs are rendered with an architectural drawing of your own home–or the cabin on the lake that you just visited for three days thanks to your awesome cousins. Just send in a decent photo and New Orleans illustrator Erin Sketchler will go to town on a porcelain mug or set of coasters or possibly even a plate if you ask nicely. I could not do the same thing with...

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Put an end to the plate wars

I want the pink plate. I want the blue one. If I have to use the orange one, I’ll die, because I hate orange more than a thousand. (All actual quotes from my dinner table.) And if Mommy has to hear the kids argue over plates again, she’s going to go berserkypants. So here’s a beautiful and safe way to insure that you know who gets which plate. Forever. The lovely personalized melamine plates from CMP fave Little Uni are available in eight sophisticated designs that mix backgrounds mom will love with silhouettes the kids will adore. Trucks, owls,...

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