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Train the next adorable generation of baristas to spell your name right

Okay, so maybe my eight-year-old daughter already knows how to use a coffee maker. And maybe she has her own hand-painted Goblet of Fire mug, in which she begs for a sip of the steaming hot ambrosia of morning. But still, what if I’d gotten her started even earlier with cappuccino? That’s why this adorable wooden Babyccino Machine from Djeco at Little Citizens Boutique is so brilliant. Forget the wooden birthday cakes and felt donuts and give my future barista a cappuccino maker toy as pretty as it is fun that comes with real working parts, just like a Nescafe machine....

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Handmade crocheted baby toys that could make you want another baby. (Or at least one to give them to.)

We are talking about getting a dog, which makes it official: No more babies for this household. And I’m pretty much okay with that fact until I see a store like YarnBall Stories. This absolutely adorable Etsy shop has safe and soft crocheted baby toys and decor that stop me in my tracks with the cuteness. And you know how much of a soft spot we have for cool crocheted toys and gifts like crocheted baby booties here at Cool Mom Picks. The YarnBall Stories crocheted baby mobiles come in themes like the solar system, colorful hearts, or just pretty pastels. I...

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Time to pull a Jamie Oliver on the plastic play food

When my kids were younger, they received a big bag of plastic play food filled with such gems as skinny hot dogs, rubbery pizza slices, flat burger patties and even a few brown chicken nuggets. Well, this grass-fed beef buying, farmers-market visiting, chicken-coop contemplating mama has had enough. It’s time to go all Jamie Oliver on their plastic play food and clean out the toy bin. I’ve found an alternative to their junky plasticky food that will make me feel way better about the pretend meals they are serving each other. I would so much prefer to see my...

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Cool felt play food – CMP does etsy

When I was young, I loved playing house. Tea parties and market shopping were two of my favorite things. I had no idea I was practicing chores I would have to do the rest of my life. Aaaaanyway, felt food is always such a fantastic children’s toy, and the handmade play food sets we’ve featured here are just adorable. So realistic and beautifully made. The pancakes (above) made by BugNikDesigns look good enough to eat. She makes versions with strawberries or blueberries or two sunny side up eggs you can plop right on top. I love this felt play...

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