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Midnight Creatures: A pop-up book that’s way more than a pop-up book

We’re all big fans of artful, creative pop-up books around here, but when I checked out a copy of Midnight Creatures: A Pop-up Shadow Search, it didn’t cross my mind just how extraordinarily creative it would be — and how much it would captivate even my 9-year-old. Illustrator and cut-paper artist Helen Friel’s book is truly a marvel; a series of spreads that introduce nocturnal animals who inhabit the ocean, the woods, caves and beyond. At first, each of the three black, die-cut pop ups on each spread looks somewhat abstract. But on closer glance, you see they’re filled with the hidden shapes of creatures identified on...

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Flora and the Peacocks: A simply glorious picture book

If you’re already a fan of Molly Idle’s other popular children’s picture books, Flora and the Penguin and Flora and the Flamingo, then you’re in for a treat with the brand new Flora and the Peacocks. It’s part wordless picture book, part lift-the-flap interactive book, and all parts wonderful. Here, Flora is back with a pair of marvelous peacocks, as you may have guessed from the title. She tries to dance with them, mimic them, play with them…but it’s not quite as easy as she thinks. Three can be a crowd, as we’ve learned — and I’d imagine even young children...

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11 beautiful pop-up books to bring reading to life in 3D, no technology required

Now that my kids are finally all old enough to know better than to rip out the cut-art from a pop-up book as I flip the pages for them, I’ve been looking around to find some new pop-up books to read to them. And wow, there are some really, really beautiful pop-up books for kids that have been published in the last year, along with some classics I still adore. These are books that I’m enjoying as much as the kids are, even as they give my children a glimpse into another world, teach them a wider appreciation for art, or are just super fun. One will...

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A Matisse book for kids that will create a new generation of modern art fans

Last year, just about this time, I fell in love with the Alexander Calder pop-up book by the extremely talented Patricia Geis. It introduced kids to one of my favorite childhood artists in the most perfect way. And while Matisse wasn’t known for 3-D sculptures and mobiles, the format of storytelling plus interactive pop-up visuals that’s back in the new Meet the Artist: Henri Matisse pop-up book is still a spectacular way to bring his work to life. The book is designed for kids as young as maybe six who will love the photos and interactive flaps and pop-ups (gentle, now…) and will understand the finer points of...

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The Alexander Calder pop-up book that will make kids fall in love with art forever.

When a book gets your kids excited to read more, that’s about the most beautiful thing in the world. But when a book gets your kids excited to create too, it’s absolutely thrilling. And that’s just what happened when my girls discovered the gorgeously produced new Alexander Calder pop-up book,  Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist! by Patricia Geis. If your child hasn’t yet been introduced to the magic of Calder–I fell in love with his mobiles at the Whitney Museum when I was a little girl– this is the perfect book to set kids off on a lifelong love of...

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A fun new alphabet book that will give your kids a feel for the ABCs

Learning the alphabet is one of those huge milestones in your child’s life, so much so that you should be ready to brag she second they’ve sung the song right for the first time–and probably the millionth. If you’re looking for some variation from basic board books and TV shows in your teaching the ABCs routine, you’ll want to check out this very cool new book. There are some great alphabet books out there–check out the awesome photographs from ABC NYC for some big-city letter play–but what makes Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli stand out from the crowd is that each letter is die-cut,...

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Why your little one should see this book before a trip to the eye doctor

My daughter was a bit nervous before her first trip to the eye doctor, especially since she knew there was a good chance she’d need reading glasses. Fortunately it wasn’t a scary visit, and she loves her cool new fuchsia frames, but I wish Arlo had been around back then to demystify the entire process a bit. In the adorable pop-up, interactive board book Arlo Needs Glasses, Arlo the pooch finds he can’t see his beloved ball very well anymore. And while the story is fairly predictable–Arlo goes to the eye doctor, gets glasses, and gets his vision back–the...

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