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9 outrageous snack recipes kids will love with one very special secret ingredient.

I have a confession: I’m a recovering cereal addict. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and have on occasion—and, would eat it at every snack time if I could. As would my kids. In fact, cereal is one my of our secret ingredients when making a few of my favorite go-to homemade snacks for the kids. So easy, since we tend to have some of them around the house anyway. (I mean, have you seen our original homemade baked bereal milk donut video tutorial? Win!) However like so many other parents, I’m not down with a steady diet of foods containing artificial...

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Spawned Episode 9: You Are Not a Crappy Parent

This week on SPAWNED, we talk about sending our oldest daughters off to sleepaway camp, the good, the bad, and the hilarious. And wow, we’ve gotten so many amazing emails from our listeners thanking us for giving you new-ish parents hope that it does get better — so we thought we’d share our own newborn stories and advice for surviving these years. Hope our walk down postpartum, leaky boobed, sleep-deprived memory lane can help you! And as always, we close the show with our cool picks of the week, which includes a funny discussion about adult popsicles. Hmmmmm. Take a listen right now to SPAWNED...

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11 gourmet popsicle recipes that are easy enough to make with your kids on hot summer afternoons. Commence licking.

We’ve hit that sweltering time of summer when it feels like we’re about to melt here in the south, so I’m pulling out my popsicle molds and making the desserts my kids beg for on really hot days. Even though the flavors of these gourmet popsicle recipes are worthy of my local high-end popsicle stand, all of these recipes are easy enough to make with my kids. In fact, the hardest part will be just waiting for them to freeze. Unless of course you have a Zoku. With just the right amount of sweetness but still deliciously tart, the Grapefruit and Strawberry Greyhound cocktail popsicle (at top) by Bakers...

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6 of the most impressive rainbow recipes for a lucky St. Patrick’s Day

I’m not one for fruity candy, so “taste the rainbow” never sounded like such a good thing to me. But now, as the mom of a preschooler and a school-aged kid, I have a new appreciation for the appeal of all those rainbow recipes and rainbow-colored snacks we see all over Pinterest. My kids love multicolored treats any day of the year, but I’m especially eager to try these gorgeous rainbow recipes on St. Patrick’s Day as an alternative to everything green. The rainbow cake has gotten all of the internet glory, but if you ask me, these Rainbow...

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Homemade ice pops fit for a ladybug

When we received a homemade ice pop kit for my daughter’s birthday I was so thrilled–it’s one of those things I had been meaning to get for ages anyway. As it turns out, this one is even better than I could have imagined. If you’re cool with insects. Not only do the six Tovolo Garden Friends Bug Pop Molds churn out adorable ice pops that look like ladybugs and beetles and not entirely creepy caterpillars, but they’re really smartly designed. You secure the molds two to a leaf stand, fill them with juice, then lower in the “stem” stick...

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Homemade fudgesicle recipes: It’s that time!

We’ve officially hit that time of year that every day ice cream requests have replaced the every day hot chocolate requests. Since my kids have come home from school more than a few times with the telltale artificial blue-icee stains under their noses, I like the idea of making them something a little healthier (a little?) that will still satisfy the sweet tooth, like this homemade fudgesicle recipe at Martha Stewart. With just 15 minutes of prep and standard ingredients like unsweetened cocoa powder, heavy cream, and a good vanilla extract, in no time at all you’ll be pouring...

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6 (manly) Father’s Day recipes that the kids can help make

Today I’ve got 6 awesome, kid-friendly Father’s Day recipes for you. After all, they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and as far as I can tell, it’s true. But so is this: nothing is more special to dad than something heartfelt from his children. Combine the two with a special meal that the kids help make (plus maybe a fab Father’s Day gift) and you’ve got a Father’s Day fit for your #1 Dad. Check out these 3 dad-approved Father’s Day menus and get cookin’! Each one includes a main course and a yummy...

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The easiest, safest, least sticky popsicle maker of all time

Pity my children, for popsicles were once merely a thing of legend. You see, we have a saying at our house: Sticky is icky. That means that Mommy can’t handle juice, yogurt, smushed bananas, or children covered in any and all of the above. But now, it’s okay.  We’re cool. The Little Bites Popsicle Molds from Kinder-Ville are the easiest, tidiest popsicle molds I’ve ever seen or used, and they’ve totally changed my mind about frozen treats. They’re made of soft, durable silicone that’s guaranteed free of BPA, phthalates, and lead, and they’re dishwasher safe. And I love them....

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Homemade popsicle recipes for the Zoku Single Pop Maker

Memorial Day is this weekend, which in my world means the beginning of popsicle season. It’s hard to talk diy popsicles without talking the Zoku pop maker, so it’s a good thing they’ve given us something new to talk about!This summer, you can indulge in the new single Zoku pop maker which makes a frozen popsicle in just seven minutes. You can make up to three pops in a row before the unit needs to be put back in the freezer.  Even better: The Single comes in five bright colors so that each kiddo can choose their own. Because nothing brings...

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Cool budget tip: Make your own popsicles

Now that the weather is actually starting to be spring-like in these parts, the kids are asking for ice cream. So I was thinking that maybe this year, to save a bit of cash, we’d do more delicious frozen treat making instead of delicious frozen treat buying, which got me on a hunt for cool popsicle molds. I found what I was looking for from a company called Tovolo which sells at a lot of professional chef stores as well as Amazon. There’s a funky shooting star popsicle mold, the nostalgic favorite rocket pop mold (above) and a groovy pop...

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