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Could this simple idea finally make potty training easier for parents?

I tried reward charts, treats, and downright begging when it came to potty training, and my daughter was having none of it. So when I heard about Pee-kaboo potty training stickers, created by a stay-at-home mother of two who lives in my own town (go New Jersey moms!) I was like, whoa. Could this be the help that desperate potty training parents have been looking for? Related: 9 terrific baby gift ideas to help baby (and mom) get more sleep The cool thing about these reusable stickers is that you can only see the cute designs — after they’re peed on. Kind of like the plus...

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A potty training reward system we like, if you can get past the name

First: A caveat. The name Poop ‘n Pull makes us all laugh every time. So much so, that we almost dismissed it just on the name alone. But on closer look, this is a seriously smart potty training reward system for parents of young kids ready to ditch the diapers. And if you’re in the midst of that fun phase of parenting, then we know you may be willing to take all the help you can get. Even if it’s a name that older kids will have a field day with. This parent-invented device is essentially a small plastic container that you can hang on...

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A potty that makes mamas of boys rejoice. And that’s saying something.

As a mom of two boys, I have cleaned up a lot of pee in the past six years. Potty training boys involves many missed toilet bowls, thanks to potties that don’t accommodate the special needs of boy parts. If only I had had a Potty Wiz, a new smart potty training chair for boys that features boy-friendly features such as a high urine shield and a built-in target. (And girls can use it, too. Bonus.) Created by a mom of boys (surprise, surprise), the Potty Wiz functions as both a potty seat and a urinal, giving the option to train both...

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OXO Tot introduces two on-the-go toddler seats with very different purposes

I heart OXO Tot. From their perfectly designed wipes dispenser to their handy freezer storage containers and snack containers, they’ve singlehandedly made diaper changes and storing baby food much breezier for this mama. So it only makes sense that they are launching two new items in those very categories to make life on-the-go with your toddler a little easier, too. First up, the new candy-colored OXO Tot Nest Booster Seats. No matter how you feel about your high chair, a booster seat is a must-have for mealtimes at restaurants or at Grandma’s. I’m just now moving into the booster seat phase myself so...

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A printable rewards chart to get kids to do anything. Almost.

We started a rewards chart with my daughter a month ago, and—although I’m scared to say it out loud—it’s working to keep her in her bed at night. So, consider me a brand new fan of rewards charts whether you’re starting potty training or well past it, and allow me to introduce you to these really cute printable rewards charts from the Key Lime shop on Etsy, makers of those awesome  free closet organizer printables we recently featured. These charts aren’t free, but they are fun. And they could be used for anything you want to motivate your kids to do. I’m going...

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Corolle’s potty training dolls for your whiz kids (heh)

I jumped through many hoops to get my son to finally use the potty: candy rewards, sticker charts, pleading. But I never did try a potty-training doll since I found most of them to be kind of unappealing as a doll that you’d want to snuggle at night after squeezing some liquid out of its belly. But now that one of our favorite doll companies has come out with one of these drink-and-wet dolls for both boys and girls, I’d add this to my arsenal of tricks to use when trying to transition little ones out of diapers. Corolle’s...

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3 clever new mom gear essentials from Munchkin

With two kids under four in our household, we are huge fans of Munchkin. From eating essentials to bath time fun, they’ve hooked a lot of mamas up over the years. So I was psyched to get a sneak peak at their new lineup, only to discover three really helpful, innovative new Munchkin items for feeding, sleeping and potty training just out this year. Click Lock Sippy Cup Leaking sippy cups are the bane of my existence. There’s nothing worse than finding water or juice spilled all over the inside of your diaper bag–I’ve even had to replace a...

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The hot new baby gifts of 2010, courtesy of Hoppop

We saw a whole lot of baby gear (a lot) at the ginormous ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas last summer, but very little stays with us all these months later. One exception however, is the cheerful European Hoppop Baby gear, which Kristen, Julie and I all made a beeline for, and ever since, we’ve been waiting–impatiently–for its US release. Well hallelujah–it’s here!–and we get to be the first to tell you about it. This collection of registry-ready baby and kids gear is just beautifully designed, but equally as practical. The anchor product is a very innovative diaper bag...

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Bumbo Potty Seat

Potties aren’t exactly the kind of item that gets me all excited, but I when I saw the new Bumbo Potty Seat at the recent ABC Kids trade show I actually did a double take, then backtracked to check it out. I loved our Bumbo baby seat when the girls were little, and so it makes sense to have an item to help kids transition easily from the seat to the um, seat. As one of the Bumbo guys told me, it’s easy for him to tell his son “Go sit on your Bumbo!” when it’s potty time, and...

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Potty Animal

I am not a germaphobe at all. I’ve gotten through the great NYC Swine Flu Debacle of 2009 without much more than a hand washing, and I have yet to hear one story of one person getting any illness whatsoever from a public toilet seat. That said, I know that having a kid can do wacky things to a parent’s imagination, so I do understand the urge to lay down the seat covers for the children in public restrooms. If that’s you, you’re going to want to stock up on CootieGuards, which are made to cover a toilet seat...

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