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A patriotic T-shirt that reminds us of what makes America wonderful.

Though I’ve heard a lot of people joke that they’ll be shipping themselves over the Canadian border if this year’s presidential election doesn’t go the way they hope, I know that for the vast majority of us, there’s no place like home. Especially the home we’ve created for our kids; you know, the one that promotes the best qualities our country was built upon like freedom, acceptance, and diversity. So if you too want your kids and others to remember why we think America is already great, thankyouverymuch, here’s a wonderfully patriotic T-shirt from Seattle’s Free to be Kids. Their ethically...

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Presidents Day educational videos for kids that they’ll like any day of the year

Today we say hail to all the chiefs who have led the United States of America. The ones we voted for, the ones we didn’t vote for, and even the ones we can’t really remember. And to help our kids learn more about the men who have led our country–and actually had nothing to do with sales on mattresses whatsoever–we’ve rounded up some entertaining and short videos to watch with them. I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or two as well.   One of my family’s favorite educational apps is the Disney Presidents app for iPad which makes learning about the...

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President’s Day Activity: Try building the White House

In honor of  Presidents Day, and this day off from school (let’s be honest), I like the idea of devoting a little time to building a replica of the White House with LEGO bricks. The  White House Lego Set  from their Architecture Series will let your kids create a mini version of the place where Lincoln and so many subsequent US leaders slept, legislated, and did things I probably don’t want to know about. We could finish it in a lot less time than it would take for us to drive down to our nation’s Capitol, plus, once built, it looks...

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A book to help kids look at the Presidents in a whole new way

My kids can remember who was the first president, who ended slavery, and who was president during the Great Depression. But there are so many other great stories and interesting personality quirks about these leaders of our nation; the challenge is how to remember some of them.  I’m delighted to have found a unique picture book about some of our presidents by illustrator Hanoch Piven, whose Faces I Make app is among our favorites. And I think his presidential portraits will be ones your kids will be staring at for a good long time.  What Presidents Are Made Of includes 18 “portraits” of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Nixon, and Obama, among others. But unlike every other portrait I’ve ever seen, in this book, each president’s face is created of paint with three-dimensional objects affixed to fill in the features in sort of a visual mnemonic about their lives. Kids will remember not only President Carter’s past as a peanut farmer–his nose is a peanut–but the ladder for his mouth will remind them of his work for Habitat for Humanity. President Nixon’s face is created of tape recorder parts, an obvious nod to the Watergate scandal. And George Washington is shown in a fireman’s suit, racing to put out a fire, something he really did at the age of 67. With only 18 presidents represented, there are obviously far more that...

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What Does the President Look Like? A book to help make history cool.

With the Inauguration coming up, a lot of us will be watching and following the day’s events on TV. That also means a lot of questions from curious kids about…well, all kinds of things. There are a lot of books that talk about politics for kids, but my own girls have been enjoying What Does the President Look Like?, an original book that describes presidential history through the lens (no pun intended) of media and technology through the years. Author and political historian Jane Hampton Cook’s premise is that while we’re all familiar with President Obama’s face from TV...

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Hail to the chiefs

Today is a great day to spend a few moments talking to the kids about our U.S. presidents and their important contributions to society. But with these cool presidential blocks, you can have that conversation all the way to Election Day and beyond. Amazingly detailed, colorfully patriotic, and even educational, Uncle Goose’s fine Presidential Blocks are a great edu-toy and keepsake for kids way too young to vote. The 45 blocks include all 44 U.S. presidents, with one block holding the “Oath of Office”, so your future politico can get started memorizing that early. Older kids can test their...

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Hail to the finger puppet

We’d never recommend you give our forefathers the finger (especially on President’s Day!), but in the case of these adorable knit finger puppets from Wee Knits, we’ll make an exception. Their Patriotic collection of finger puppets includes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, along with Uncle Sam and a bald eagle to round things out. Use them for a mini history lesson, or to reenact the Washington/cherry tree story and to teach them about Honest Abe. Maybe they’ll then be more apt to tell the truth the next time you ask if they really washed their hands before dinner. -Christina Find wonderful handmade finger...

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This DVD knows how to hail to the chief

President’s Day has typically marked nothing more than a vacation day to my kids. But this year, I feel pretty good that they have actually learned something about their government after watching the smart but entertaining So, You Want to be President?. . .and More Stories to Celebrate American History DVD. Featuring four children’s books that have been narrated and animated for the DVD, So, You Want to be President? starts with the title story narrated by the cool voice of Stockard Channing. (Not actually a first lady, but played one on TV.) I loved learning a little more about...

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