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3 of the best BB creams for any busy woman without a lot of time in the morning

I’ve been using BB creams since I first discovered them years ago thanks to my Birchbox subscription, and I’ve never gone back to using anything else, though surprisingly enough, not a lot of women I know have used one. If you’re wondering what the heck a BB cream is, it stands for Beauty Balm, but I describe it as a product that falls in between a tinted moisturizer and foundation; light to medium coverage that evens your skin tone and gives your skin an extra boost of nutrients and SPF. I realize that everyone’s skin is different, and I’ll...

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Nuna MIXX stroller: a swanky, sturdy recliner on wheels

As we get ready to welcome our newest bundle I have been catching up on all the hip and inventive baby gear that has surfaced in the past 5 years. Of course, the stroller is one of the most essential pieces, so I have been taking my time on this one. The brand new Nuna MIXX stroller is a strong contender from my recent test drives. The Nuna MIXX stroller is solid for my new task of keeping up with a baby and a kindergartner.  I love the sleek, modern look, but my favorite part of this Dutch-inspired design is the seating flexibility. The...

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The Orbit Baby G3 travel system: a good stroller just got a whole lot better

I never would have guessed that a ten-pound baby could bring so much joy–and so much back pain. I’ve recently been trying out the Orbit Baby car seat, and from my perspective it’s a game changer. Plus a real back-saver that I’m thinking could have eliminated a few trips to the chiropractor for me over the years. My back and I appreciate Orbit’s SmartHub Technology, which allows me to set the bassinet into the base (or the baby into the car seat) with her facing me while we walk; then I can twist it to the rear-facing position for driving. It’s such a simple, innovative detail that makes a huge difference....

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Tude natural apple juices: A more delicious way to keep the doctor away

One of the best things about the northeast this time of year is the abundance of crisp, ripe apples–and the fresh, natural apple juice we can grab at the farmer’s market. My kids are becoming such connoisseurs, they actually know the difference between a Fuji and a Macintosh, are so-so on Red Delicious, and beg for Honeycrisp at the store–at which point I have to explain that they cost twice as much as the others. So I was really psyched to get to try ‘Tude Natural Apple Juice and put my kids and their know-it-all apple attitudes to the test. Oh and I...

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Kale for your face? New Eminence Organics skin care products are a new way to get your greens.

It seems like everywhere I turn there’s a new way to eat kale. From chips to salads, the curly green leaf is easily the roughage du jour. So when Cool Mom Picks skin care fave Eminence Organics introduced me to their two latest products, each featuring kale as the star ingredient, I was interested to discover that it could be healthy for my face as well. I thought kale was best used in a green juice with pineapple and cucumber, but the new Citrus & Kale Potent C + E Serum changed my mind. I fell in love with the way the super-lightweight serum disappeared into my...

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Make your household safer for your kids with GoodGuide. Or, very GoodGuide.

Look, it can be really hard to suss out which mainstream household cleaners and personal items are better for you and your family than others. Unless you’re willing to just beat your laundry on some river rocks and brush your teeth with a twig, or pay top dollar for boutique organics all the time, it seems like you’re stuck, right? Wrong. Now you can click on over to GoodGuide and see how well your own shampoo or glass cleaner rates on a 10-point scale of good karma. In other words, how safe, healthy and green it is. Really, go...

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