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5 really important automotive safety checks you should do yourself before getting on the road

Yes there are like so many holidays and official months, it can be hard to keep track. But one that makes a lot of sense to set a calendar alert for is National Car Care Month, which happens to be right now. You know how we all remember to change the batteries in our smoke alarms at the same time we change the clocks twice a year? Well, April is the perfect month each year to make sure your car is in safe running order before the summer travel season begins. That’s why we’re really glad to have a chance to talk...

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5 natural recipes for homemade slime, all safe and Borax-free

Slime is sweeping the globe. And I don’t mean that in any sort of metaphorical way. So we looked for some good, natural, homemade slime recipes for you all because eek, there’s been a lot of talk about how dangerous the traditional Borax-based recipe can be for kids everywhere who are busy making, trading and selling homemade, gooey slime with their friends. Sodium Borate, better known by the brand name Borax, is a compound that’s often found in detergents and cleansers, so you can see where we’re going with safety warnings. When inhaled (as in, if particles are flying around the kitchen...

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8 great cars for big families that fit 3 car seats safely in the second row

I still remember car shopping when I was pregnant with my third child, trying to figure out which cars for big families would be right for me. As in, I didn’t want a minivan, and I wanted my car to safely fit three car seats, for my three kids under four. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea where to start, and it turned out to be something that dealers really didn’t know too much about either. Not fun. If only I could have thought to check out our newest partner, Cars.com, which is a tremendous help for families who are car shopping. It actually features a wealth of...

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Save Handmade update: C’mon, Congress. Help us out.

As you probably know by now, there’s a bill in Congress to ensure that toys and clothing are free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Which is good. Unfortunately, while the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act is well-meaning, the way it’s been implemented has impacted not only the major corporations accused of making faulty products, but also caused tremendous hardship for small businesses, individual crafters, consignment sales, and our beloved Etsy–folks who have been doing things right all along. Plenty of them have even gone out of business. Horrible, right? Here’s the update: The law is officially set to...

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Breaking News: Graco Stroller Recall

If you mamas are owners of the Graco Quattro or MetroLite strollers that was bought before November 2007, check the serial numbers because they’ve been voluntarily recalled by Graco and the CPSC. The CPSC reports that babies can try to squeeze out under the tray and get caught resulting in cuts and bruises. (We report that you might just want to use the lap belts with your babies.) If you’re just using the stroller base with an infant seat as a travel system, there’s no danger at all. In any case, no need to panic. Just contact Graco for...

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Breaking news – Over 2 million cribs recalled

It’s time to check your cribs yet again, mamas, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of 2 million cribs, including some popular brands. The list of recalled cribs includes Jenny Lind, Evenflo, and Delta (just to name a few). Evidently babies can fall out of these cribs, or worse, get dangerously and fatally trapped. Yikes.Thankfully no deaths have been reported, but if you have one of the listed cribs, you’ll want to get rid of it immediately. This isn’t the first time that drop side cribs have come under scrutiny, and according to the...

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Web Coolness – Design inspiration, bathtime help, and a video that has to be seen to be believed.

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. A smart DIY idea at Ohdeedoh: A laminated high chair cover that wipes clean and looks awesome. (shown) The summer issue of Small Magazine is out! As always, it’s as free as it is fabulous. Sarah Parsons of Inhabitat shares some favorite iphone apps to help you enjoy the outdoors this summer. Incredibly smart ideas from the community at Parenthacks on keeping soapy water out of kids’ eyes during bathtime. A bottle opener roundup on MightyHaus – sounds like a Father’s Day...

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Is your faux leather handbag carrying high levels of lead?

I’ve coveted Shiraleah’s handbags after spotting them on CMP favorite Darlybird, and I recently scooped up a forest-green pleather style which has gone with me everywhere. Until this morning. That’s when my mother told me she’d heard that hundreds of non-leather handbags were found to have excessive levels of lead in them. Yes, lead, which doctors warn has the worst effects on children, pregnant women and women of childbearing age. [Update: Darlybird – who we continue to love and respect – originally stocked Shiraleah bags because of the very strong eco clams made by the company, and is as...

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Breaking News: Stork Craft crib recall is the largest in history

We tend not to post too many recalls here of brands we don’t tend to cover because, ugh, there are a lot of recalls. But in this case, today’s Stork Craft crib recall of 2.1 million units is the largest crib recall ever, so it seems to warrant a mention. Particularly because the faulty plastic hardware on the drop-side has lead to many injuries and several fatalities. We’re sick just thinking about it. Do you own one of them? According to the Consumer Reports Blog: The Stork Craft cribs were manufactured between January 1993 and October 2009. The recall...

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