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Turn your kids into toymakers this summer

Wow, is our email box and social media feed getting packed with parents stressing out about what to do with kids during downtime this summer. Seeing as how we can’t let kids play in the park by themselves without 8 “concerned” neighbors calling 911 (grrr…but that’s another post for another time), we’ve been actively seeking out fun crafts, projects, and educational activities that keep them busy until you can get out with them. Or even just let them have a little fun time indoor on a rainy or zillion percent humidity day. Related: summer fun Now our friends at Cate +...

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Talk Like a Pirate Day: Avast, me hearties, it’s time for the cutest pirate treasures for kids!

Ahoy mateys, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, one of our favorite should-be-a-real-holiday days of the year. And though my “pirate speak” is a little rusty, my ability to find some of the cutest and coolest pirate-related treasures is right on the mark. So keep reading for six of the best pirate-related gifts for the little landlubbers and scallywags in your crew. Hopewell Creek Designs’ 9-piece felt pirate set (at top) has everything to get your buccaneers started: a handy treasure map, a compass, gold doubloons, a bottle of Pirate Rum, and the Jolly Roger flag to fly proudly on the mast...

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The best gifts for a 4 year old? Tons of fantastic ideas.

Buying a special gift for a four-year-old is so much fun since this is the age that kids really start to show their preferences and interests. Plus, they aren’t sticking every little piece into their mouths (phew) and can play independently for a lot more time than their younger selves. So if you’re looking for the best gifts for a four year old in your life, skip the stuffed animals. This BTDT mom has a lot of cool ideas for you that are extra special. Related: The coolest birthday gifts for 4-year-olds: The ultimate birthday party gift guide   OUTDOOR TOY...

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Shadow Puppets from Moulin Roty let kids see storytime in a new light

Though I think I do a pretty good “bunny” with my hands, nothing beats a great set of shadow puppets for turning a rainy afternoon or evening story time into a lively theatrical production played out behind a sheet or against a blank wall. And with a set of Moulin Roty’s Les Petit Merveilles line of Nighttime Shadow Puppets, all the kids can get in on the action. What makes these puppets superior to anything I can make with my two hands is the level of detail in the card stock that looks so cool when hit with light...

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Eep aap ork ah ah, that means I love you

Last week I discovered the adorable world of finger puppets from Lindy Brown of Stay Awake when I included her adorable finger puppets in our round up of awesome hedgehog toys and gifts. But it turns out, the Ontario artist is pretty good with the cute inanimate creatures as well. I’m geeking out over these love robot finger puppets totally handmade out of felt and guaranteed not to rust or need battery replacements. I could see giving the set to a lucky kid for Valentine’s Day, or even to your robot-loving sweetheart. Just include a card about the nuts...

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15 of the absolute cutest hedgehog gifts, all handmade

When we first started this site it was birds. Then owls. Then foxes. Now, neck-in-neck with the fox, the cutest animal trend to emerge is definitely hedgehogs. (Not that owls show any sign of going anywhere.) If you think the spiny mammal of the subfamily Erinaceinae is cuter than its Latin name might suggest, well I do too! So I’ve combed the web to share 15 of the cutest handmade hedgehog gifts, toys, tees, artwork and more, all at great prices. After all, they’re too adorable just to come out at night. –Liz Wooden Hedgehog Pendant by decoylab ($16)...

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Well, hello, dollies!

I’ve got some folks I’d like you to meet. These pretty custom dollies are hand-sewn, have hand-painted faces, and each cost less than $50. Um…Barbie who? I’m downright twitterpated over the beautiful handmade dolls at Hen and Chick on Etsy. Each doll is hand-sewn of a fetching mix of new, vintage, and repurposed fabric and sports a unique face painted by shop owner Rachel Linquist.  You can buy one of the ready-made dolls in her shop for $40, or order a custom doll for only $45–a steal for such a special gift. Create the doll of your dreams by...

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Pop culture junkies, your finger puppets await

So I’m a sucker for everything handmade with a nerd-chic pop culture reference built in. It’s like three of my favorite things all in one glorious, slightly weird package. And the handmade finger puppets from Abbey Christine fit the bill perfectly.  I mean, where else can an NPR fan find an Ira Glass finger puppet? Or most of Wes Anderson’s characters from Max Fischer to Steve Zissou? They’re all free hand cut from recycled felt, giving them that perfectly imperfect handmade look. Keep them in mind as a great inexpensive little gift for your coolest indie friend. I was...

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It’s time to raise the curtain on the coolest Muppets items

We headed off to see The Muppets this past weekend, both for the nostalgia and to introduce my kids to the beloved characters of my younger years. And while I believe that much of this movie would be lost on kids younger than grade school, my older kids were delighted with the music and characters and are now infected with Muppet Mania. But before you head out and get bombarded with all the licensed merchandise this movie will spawn, take a look at some of the coolest Muppet items we’ve found. –Christina The iconic Adidas sneaker (also featured in...

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4 modern nativity sets, not one of which lights up

Though my religious affiliation can best be summed up with a long puzzled silence, there are certain things from my youth that I carry with me to this day, like praying when the plane jets down the runway, and setting up the nativity scene before Christmas. Our nativity set is a bit battered though, so I’ve been on the lookout for something a bit more contemporary to add to our decor this holiday season. Here, a few beautiful (and sometimes pretty funky) sets that may fit into your holiday as well. –Christina As a long time fan of the...

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