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A fancy stroller liner that’s almost as fabulous as that Bugaboo.

When it comes to high-end infant strollers, it’s still hard to beat the love parents have for the Bugaboo Chameleon. We appreciate its lay-flat bassinet for babies who are always somehow ready to sleep riiiiight when we need to leave the house. But here’s the thing: babies are messy. So when you’ve made an investment in a stroller like a Bugaboo, you might want to consider one more accessory, like a stroller liner, to help keep the fabric looking new. – Don’t miss a 50% off limited time offer below – Years ago, Liz discovered NaturalMat, the makers of outrageously good, if pricey, handmade and...

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A chic play mat that matches your living room more than it matches a neon explosion

There are many times I’ve considered permanently covering the floor in butcher paper to protect it from the ketchup and rice that always miss my kids’ mouths at mealtime. Same goes for those days my son paints on his easel. Although I’ve considered sacrificing a few old patchwork quilts sent to us as baby gifts, I another option is the chic, wipeable new Posh Play Mat.  Unlike most kids’ play mats that come in juvenile patterns, the Posh Play Mat is made with PVC-free faux leather (so no carcinogens) and embossed with a faux reptile pattern that’s very Fashion...

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Eco-friendly strollers (and accessories!) that don’t skimp on style

I’ve tried to be a pretty eco-savvy mom. But with three kids and all the gear that goes along with a posse that size? Yeah. Many times I’ve struggled to wrap my brain around how we could have wound up with so much stuff … and where it might end up years down the road. When my kids were teeny babies, there just weren’t many green”options to choose from. But today things are different, in the best way. And CMP fave Bumbleride is making it easier for parents to make choices that are healthier for our kids and better for the...

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A growth chart to be proud of

My kids favorite pastime is measuring themselves.  Everyday I hear, “Mom, have I grown? Am I taller than Eden?” All this on our handmade growth chart behind our closet door that includes pencil markings.  The Growing Like a Weed growth chart from Wee Gallery is the perfect solution for parents and children. Stylish enough for the parent to be proud to display it and practical enough for the child to understand how tall they really are.  Handwritten numbers mark birthdays on the stem, and make it easy for your little one to chart his progress. At least up to...

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Because every child deserves a loving “om”

It was only upon attending an awesome preschool class a few months ago that my daughter learned there was a difference between “yoga” and “yogurt.” Now, she is a huge fan of both. Presumably for different reasons. That’s why I was excited to introduce her to these adorble kids’ yoga mats–designed by a real yoga teacher mama. The Little Yoga Mat is a pint-sized mat for kids. Each is just a quarter of the size of grown-up mats, so they’re lightweight and easy for small bodies to carry, put down, and use. They’re gorgeously designed in chakra-friendly colors (so pretty),...

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Look ma, there’s a monkey in my food!

My son is the proud owner of a Skip Hop Zoo Backpack (a froggie, in case you were wondering), so when I found out they were making a line of tableware to match, I got excited about the idea of luring my son to dinner with something besides bribery. Skip Hop’s new collection of children’s tableware feature matching plates and bowls, which come in bee, monkey, owl and dog. (For some reason the frog didn’t make the cut. They’re BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free, but because they’re made of melamine we’d still recommend hand-washing. And if you can’t get enough...

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Oshi Mat: Don’t go to baby music class without it

Looking back to my baby’s first music class, I see a woman in sweats, no make-up and a silly grin on her face. I was just so happy to be, finally, out of the house! New to my neighborhood, I was also convinced I was going to meet all my new best friends that day. Every time my baby clapped to the music, I burst into hysterical laughter. (No wonder I didn’t meet any friends in that class.) But, I stopped laughing when I noticed how my daughter was crawling around on a dirty looking carpet and how the...

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Little Packrats – Now for your big, er, packrats

We’ve long adored the cute, unique little kid backpacks from Little Packrats (now PVC-free, by the way!), but now that some of our little kids are turning into big kids, we’re glad that they’ve added some new bags just for them. The new bigger bags fit all the bigger school supplies, like binders, textbooks, and folders, all with their signature style. The two designs, Hunter the Dog (pictured) and Chloe the Cat, are a little scaled back from the company’s quirky little kid backpacks, and are made from water resistant pthalate-free nylon right here in the USA. Whichever you...

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Behold the mysterious STEPONBOX

Talk about truth in advertising: The STEPONBOX is a storage box that also functions as a stool. That you can step on. And a ton more. Available in four Jetsons-esque color combinations, the STEPONBOX is crafted of Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Elastomeric, which in non-sciency terms, means it’s free of PVC, phthalates and heavy metals, and also that it’s possibly from Superman’s home planet. It can withstand up to 100 kilos of pressure, so almost your entire family can stand on it… or try to. And it has so many uses. Stand on it. Sit on it. Store toys in...

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Calling dibs on affordable bibs

After getting two kids through the messy eating phase and currently dealing with one who’s in the thick of it, I might just be a bib expert. And I have to say that the bibs from JJ Cole are some of my all-time favorites. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve added two very adorable patterns for girls (pictured) and boys, but what I like is that the laminated canvas — which is PVC-free and pthalate-free by the way — is super easy to clean. Add the catch-most pocket that’s just the right size, along with neck snaps that stay closed...

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