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11 wonderful inspirational nursery prints that you might not think to buy for a baby’s room

I’m long past the days of decorating a baby’s room (sniff), but when you find inspirational nursery prints this wonderful and beautifully designed, it’s a wonder we ever used to settle for those ubiquitous licensed children’s characters or generic animals. After having looked at so many of these wonderful inspirational quote prints that weren’t necessarily designed as baby gifts — but happen to make great ones — I’ll be snagging some for my friends who are having babies. And maybe even a few for our own home that my elementary-aged kids will love. Because I figure if I’ve got any job as a mom, it’s...

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12 wonderfully empowering Mother’s Day gifts for progressive moms

I happen to have a mother who’d be more happy with a political biography or a “smash the patriarchy” print for Mother’s Day, than a salt scrub. (Not that she’d turn down a nice salt scrub.) It got me thinking, that I’m sure she’s not alone! So for those of you looking for a cool Mother’s Day gift that’s a little more empowering, a little more forward-thinking, a little more radical than most traditional options, here are a few gifts for progressive moms that I’m totally loving. Just be sure to check ship dates if you’re trying to get them...

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13 amazing Mother’s Day quote prints that say it all, when we can’t.

I love the idea of Mother’s Day quote prints featuring our favorite quotes about motherhood. Whether it’s coming from kids who don’t always know how to express their affections (I’m looking at you, teens) or just from those of us adult children of mothers who know just what will light up our own mothers’ eyes on Mother’s Day and find a permanent place on a wall or desk. These mom quote prints we’ve found run the gamut from modern but sweet to a little sassy and sarcastic — and I imagine there’s one that will be very much appreciated for a special mom in your life....

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9 beautifully designed inspirational quote art prints for when you need a pep talk. From yourself.

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I know inspiration quote art prints aren’t everybody’s jam. Kristen, for example, prefers funny inspirational quotes for her walls. Her picks are hysterical, but I admit that when I’m in the middle of a total fail day, I often need more than just a laugh. I need words that motivate, inspire, or encourage me to get through whatever’s getting me down. What can I say, sometimes just seeing a quote that strikes the right chord can have an impact on me. Luckily, motivational posters have come a long way since the days of...

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Web coolness: The long lost Dr Seuss book, picky eater help, and one beauty trend we never ever ever want to see. Is that clear enough?

Here’s are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too.   World’s scariest beauty trend. But, world’s funniest article. A truly refreshing take on parents and school stress at Design Mom. Do you agree? Picky eater help: The top 10 tips from the experts. But do they all work? Our new must-have tech accessory. Want. How to get kids kindergarten ready. It’s National Tequila Day! We might need to make this refreshing twist on a margarita recipe after the kids are in bed. We’re so honored that our co-founder Liz Gumbinner and Cool Mom Picks...

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In a black in white state of mind.

For some summer means pastels or bright sunny yellows and neon pinks. And it does for us too. Sometimes. But right now we’ve been drawn to lots of beautiful black and white home decor from some amazing indie makers and we wanted to share you some of the newest additions to the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. And, should you need a little more incentive than oh look, cool stuff — every single thing ships free. Yay! Related: Shopping indie for moms     Summah tote by Swell Made Co You don’t have to be from Long Island or Boston to smile every time...

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She had me at Hashbrown: No Filter

Kimmy Schmidt fans (Me! Me!) will rejoice at the discovery of embroidery hoop art featuring my own favorite quote of 2015 thus far: Hashbrown: No Filter. Hey, can’t beat an Instagram inside joke making a hot new Netflix series. Oh, and if you haven’t seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? You need to do that. Right after you check out this Etsy shop. Thread Honey features the kind of embroidery hoop art that go right up to the line of irreverence — and perhaps crosses it for some of you. As for me, I’m giggling at one more than the next. But it’s not...

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Smart t-shirts for boys that girls can wear too.

I loved every single one of the smart t-shirts for girls from Peek, so pretty cool that they’ve created a line of smart t-shirts for boys too, in particular, this one featuring the words of one of the most amazing men on the planet. The Mandela quote t-shirt is made for boys of all sizes (toddler through tweens!), although yes, they’ll work for girls too. Truth be told, as a mom of a boy, it’s always awesome to find clothes just for him that are smart and inspiring, especially in the sea of sports logos and monster trucks. After hearing all of your own requests...

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The perfect end of summer gift: Memories of summer

If you have had a fantastic summer weekend host, a memorable visit with relatives, or some other cause to send a little thank you gift to commemorate the experience, consider the new Summertime book by Joanne Dugan a terrific option. Edited by the same author/photographer who brought us favorite books like ABC NYC and 123 NYC for kids, along with countless images in magazines that you’d recognize, Joanne has put together the work of 46 terrific photographers. I cannot stop flipping through the clean, evocative images which, even in their diversity, are so well-curated that they hang together like a gallery show about summer. And as a parent,...

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Cool journals from ecojot that get inspirational but not sappy. Just how we like it.

I used to be a journal junkie, until time and obligations got in the way of collecting my deep thoughts and poetry on paper. So I can see why our Cool Mom Tech team is going nuts for the new ecojot Connect journals which let you turn your grocery lists and inspiring doodles digital with a companion app. But if you still think old fashioned journals and notebooks are just fine, thanks so much, I’m loving this new collection of recycled paper journals from ecojot. We have been fans of ecojot’s quality Earth- and people-friendly notebooks for years, which help donate...

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