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Whimsical animal prints served à la française

Our Bastille Day celebration continues with these stunning French animal prints that are perfect for a kids’ room, although I think I’d like them anywhere in my home. The Blackboard Animal French Prints at Etsy’s Eviva Prints are so striking, with that inky chalkboard-black background contrasting with the clever animal forms made from ephemera suggesting the description. So for example, Le lapin qui ecrit (the rabbit who writes–my own favorite) is made of old French postcards; The cat who sings is made of sheet music; The elephant who bakes has been cut from an old recipe; The horse who...

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Pretty pink chocolate bunnies, with no icky artificial dyes

Chocolate is delicious, but brown can get so blah during a pastel-pretty holiday. These all-natural bunnies are a great way to think pink without downing a single drop of dye. Our pals at Nutty Steph’s have crafted a line of yummy bunnies just perfect for the Easter basket or springtime snacking, but they’ve left out one very important ingredient: that pesky, possibly cancerous red dye that makes my kids act completely deranged. Hurrah! The Pink Chocolate Bunny is finely crafted of white chocolate with just a dab of peppermint and freeze-dried raspberry dust, which results in a lovely, natural...

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Making your own Easter bunny

I am not a crochet master (or even a crochet apprentice), but if I were, I would totally be buying the PDF so I could make an adorable amigurumi bunny like this one. So for all you crafty mamas, check out the amigurumi bunny crochet pattern from Etsy’s LuvlyGurumi. You pay $6 for the pattern and support a small artist, then the rest is up to you. I can’t think of a sweeter Easter gift than something made from the heart. And that includes red jellybeans. –Liz Download the amigurumi bunny crochet pattern from LuvlyGurumi – plus monkeys, birds,...

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Easter gifts for kids cuter than headless chocolate bunnies

Our inbox is jammed lately with parents asking for non-caloric Easter gift ideas. As luck would have it, we have quite a few. The latest being the adorable, affordable handmade creations from Etsy’s Bossy’s Feltworks–and just in time for the first day of spring!< The three felted baby birds in a nest are melting my heart–I’d imagine my kids would be giving them wacky names in no time and putting on weird plays with them. You can also find more traditionally Easter gifts like this Easter chick in an egg in several different colors, or a cute felted bunny....

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Deck the halls (or kids’ bedrooms) with Babybot and Blik

Along with decking the halls, we hope to finally redo the walls in my son’s bedroom, but given that it has taken years for us to get around to this project, there will be no painted murals of his favorite cartoon characters. Instead, I’m digging the idea of decorating with removable wall clings that can come off when he’s older. {keep reading for a chance to win a set!} Blik, one of our go-to sources for wall clings, has just teamed up with one of our favorite baby product retailers, Babybot, for a set of wall graphics that is...

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Sweet baby gift in the Year of the Rabbit

Bright and cheerful doesn’t have to mean garish, and when it’s British-based Lulabird it’s even downright stylish. One of our favorite modern, hip nursery designer clockmakers are back (we’re pretty much in love with their quirky owl, too) with a freshly re-envisioned retro design in time for the Chinese year of the Rabbit. What a sweet baby gift for a little guy born in 2011. There’s nothing loud about this bunny clock, from the understated design on sustainable birchwood (choose coral or a deep teal), to the mechanism that keeps the tick-tocking to a minimum. Nice touch when you’re...

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Nice buns!

I can’t help loving these artist-created bunnies made with vintage fabrics from some of our favorite designers. I just want to squeeze them and love them; especially the one with the apples. The vintage bunnies and rag dolls from UK Etsian Jane Foster have faces hand printed on linen, and bodies handmade of vintage Scandinavian fabric from designers like Orla Kiely.  They stand at a rugged fifteen inches, meaning they’re a fantastic, affordable kids’ gift; or a stand-in for the glass rabbit statue in a recreation of the final scene in Jewel of the Nile. The handmade rag dolls...

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What’s up, doc? Baby gifts for the Year of the Rabbit.

Today starts the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, and after last year’s “Year of the Tiger”, I’m more than ready to settle down with something a little more cuddly and sweet. This means our kids will roar less, right? To commemorate the start of the year 4709, I’ve dug up a bunch of adorable Chinese New Year gifts for the little bunny in your life — or any that may hop your way before the year is done. -Christina Gotta love the little buck teeth on Colette Kids’ Beta Bunny Onesie (at top), and the bright red color...

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