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These brilliant light-up rain boots for kids will brighten even the dreariest of days.

My criteria for selecting rain boots for my kids is pretty simple: The boots need to keep their feet dry. But, now that I’ve found Western Chief Kids’ lighted boots, and I know my kids are going to be begging for their boots to do more than just keep them warm, I am certain I’ll be adding one more box to that checklist: Light up. With a bright neon light in the heel that is activated with every step, Western Chief’s lighted boots will make jumping in puddles a bit more dazzling. I also like that their blinking steps will make our kids a bit more visible while...

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Winter is coming. Which just means Sorel boot season for some of us, and not a new season of Game of Thrones. (Sorry.)

You Game of Thrones fans are all “Winter is coming!” and when this non-fan (yes, I know) hears it, all it means to me is “Time to buy boots!” And yes, we’ve featured a slew of cool ankle boots already, but if you’re in the market for a new winter boot, then you’ll want to take a peek at the ones I’ve noticed some of our staff sharing with each other through email and Facebook. CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: Our pick for the best snow boots worth the investment So, it all started when Lisa, our Director of Sponsorhips, sent...

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7 fun, fashionable, rain boots for kids all under $50. Watch out, puddles.

What is it about kids and rain boots? Given the choice, my preschooler would wear his bright red firefighter boots every day of the week — rain or shine. Whether he’s puddle jumping, playing with his classmates, or trudging through the supermarket, you can tell how proud he feels with them on. If a pair of rubber boots is all it takes to give his self-esteem a quick boost, I’m happy to supplement his shoe wardrobe with some cool rain boots. However, my son’s at the age where his feet might grow three sizes in his sleep, so I don’t want to spend...

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Chic women’s rain boots for spring: Staying stylish, not soggy

Go ahead, spring. Rain on my parade. There are so many chic women’s rain boots available nowadays that I’d be happy to slosh around in puddles from now until… well, maybe just May. Stylish rain boots may elevate my wet-weather ensemble, but my hair will still be a frizzy mess. Although if my shoes make a big enough statement — and any of the ten rain boots below certainly would — maybe nobody will be looking at my hair. Plenty of these are investment rain boots, but unless you’re living in the Pacific Northwest and wearing them 200+ days a...

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Cool boot socks that make your old Hunter Boots new again.

Who can’t live without their Hunter Boots, raise your hand? (Oh look! It’s my entire Brooklyn Neighborhood!) While they’re not the snowboots that my Sorel boots are, I adore the versatility of my Hunter Boots, which are the perfect wellies in a summer rainstorm; or pop in a pair of fleecy Hunter Boot Socks and make them toasty enough for cold winter morning walks to school. When I first got my own boots, I was sure to grab a pair of the microsoft sock inserts in black. But now it turns out there are so many cool designs, you can pretty much turn...

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April showers bring 7 of the cutest kids’ rain boots

Playing in the rain isn’t as much fun with wet feet, so along with a styling raincoat, grab your kids some keep-dry boots for their fast-growing feet. Then, when they go to walk through the biggest puddle on the block, you can relax and let them go. –Christina Bogs for Kids’ rain boots have pull-on handles built into the boot to make it easier for kids to get up on their own. My favorite, the Daisy style, comes in a bunch of color combinations and adds a bit of pretty “May flowers” to the April rain. (toddler/youth sizes, $50 at Zappos) Ahoy!...

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These boots are made for empowering

I’ve had our eye on Atlanta-based artisan Jessica Swift ever since I discovered her gorgeous reversible ceramic necklace at the Indie Craft Experience. She’s since expanded with a fabulous line of cool iPhone cases, and now, these adorable rain boots that, along with this warm patch of weather, have me wishing for spring. Her pretty new line of rain boots feature her beautiful art work on the outside along with a sweet, surprise message on the inside. The Carmindy boots (pictured) say “You are perfect just the way you are” and the bold, bright Ennika style have “This is...

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Monogrammed rain boots keep you singin’ (and stylin’) in the rain

This week we had a taste of spring – not the sunny, warm spring, but the rainy, cold spring that you know is right around the corner. And nothing cheers us up around here on a rainy day like a fun new pair of rain boots ready for puddle jumping. Ever since I got my first monogrammed LL Bean bag, I’ve had a soft spot for monogrammed items. Rain boots by Zou Baby are the first monogrammed rain boots I’ve seen and I love the classic design. Available in adult and youth sizes, both you and your child can...

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Hunter rain boots that stand out from the crowd

When the weather in New York City involves any sort of precipitation, it’s hard to open an umbrella without hitting a pair of Hunter boots on the sidewalks, my own chocolate brown pair included. In fact the waterproof wellies are so ubiquitous in my neighborhood, I have often wondered if they sponsor rainy days. So how to stick out in a sea of Hunters? Order up a pair of their new lace-up style! The Verbier boot  features an 80mm wedge, a brand new idea for Hunter, which, if you didn’t know, supplies waterproof footwear to the Royal Family (well,...

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Just when you thought there was nothing new in children’s rainboots

You all know we’re kind of shoe nutty around here (our children’s shoes archives are ridiculous) and sometimes we feel like we’ve seen it all. But direct-from-Sweden CMP fave Vincent has come out with new children’s rainboots called Klas and surprised us with their ingenuity. The idea is that most rainboots sized for earlier walkers are smaller size, but not lower in height. So basically you’ve got an awkward, off-balance kid trying to stumble through the rain with boots over his knees. But these – they’re lower. So with any luck, you’ll spend more time jumping in puddles with...

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