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6 easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids that look pretty darn cute.

As we all know, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so even my family dons the green and plays some jigs on March 17th. And though we don’t go crazy decorating our house with shamrocks or setting up leprechaun traps, there are plenty of easy, kid-friendly crafts we can do to celebrate the Emerald Isles on this day. I pared it down to six cool craft ideas that go beyond sticking shamrock stickers on green plastic hats. (Not that that can’t be fun for kids too!) DIY Green Clay Bead Necklace (tutorial, Tuts+) Okay so this definitely is the least easy...

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How to make loom bands with your fingers: 10 awesome patterns and video tutorials

The Rainbow Loom band bracelets (and necklaces, charms, rings, headbands, oh my) we’ve shared here are just as popular as ever, as kids find new ways to put them to use. Now, the trend is to ditch the looms entirely and learn how to make loom bands with your fingers. Our kids have been doing it, and they’re making the coolest crafts during playdates, on long car rides, or while watching TV. I still have bands scattered all over my house, and our loom band tutorial roundup (and our advanced loom band tutorials) continue to be some of the most popular posts on our site. But if...

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The top Cool Mom Picks posts of 2014

As we say goodbye to 2014 and remember to start typing 2015 on all our correspondence, we wanted to take one last look back at our posts. Specifically, the top posts written in 2014 that caught the attention and imagination of our readers–aside from our our very popular 2014 holiday gift guide and Mother’s Day gift guide. Some of these are surprising, some, not so much. Let’s just say you guys sure like to make things, you sure like to eat, and you sure like to party. Three traits we like in our friends!   10. 8 easy donut recipes so...

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Web Coolness: The best apps for new parents, hilarious tips for dads, and should you let your daughter wear princess dresses?

Here are our favorite links that we’ve been reading around the Web this week. Hope you like them too.   Words of wisdom to start any day. 10 of the very best apps for new parents – and some of us BTDT parents too. Bumni Laditan on missing the village she never had. Baby gift alert: Check out the new exclusives in the Cool Mom Picks indie shop. 6 tips for new dads. Must watch. And laugh. Who really created Batman? Geek out on this article. Old washers + nail polish = trendy DIY necklaces your kids will love making. Thanks to the Guardian UK for...

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Web Coolness: Grumpy Cat pancakes, a high-fashion rainbow loom dress, birth photos on Facebook, and more.

Here’s what we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you enjoy them too.   Cracking up over these Grumpy Cat pancakes. Download: Dan Zanes’s first ever greatest hits album. A beautiful letter to a child about finding balance as a mom. Going viral: 99 texting acronyms every parent should know Congrats to our editor Liz, one of Mom.me’s Top 50 mom bloggers. Very well deserved. (Also, she has some thoughts on lists like this–and who was left out.) Copycat Kandinsky paintings with your kids. Easy and we love the results. Another kind of crafting: could a rainbow loom dress be worth $250,000? (And you know...

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Summer camp care package ideas so cool, the kids might even miss you. Maybe.

If your kids are headed to camp this summer, sending them a cool summer camp care package will make their day. Or week. Even if they didn’t even look back to wave when you dropped them off. We’ve got a whole bunch of fun ideas for care package goodies that, according to our own kids, will make yours proclaim you the best parent in the world to all of his or her bunkmates. Short of sending a life’s supply of candy. Just be sure to check with your camp before sending one out–they all have different care package rules, especially when it comes...

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5 of our favorite Pinterest pins this week

Obsessed with Pinterest as we are? Follow us and find fun finds (and lately, great conversation) on our boards every day.   1. The iPhone charger our readers are going nuts for. We don’t blame them. 2. Wow, did this beautiful family photo inspire a whole lot of discussion! 3.  It’s worth taking up Rainbow Loom just to make this awesome design. 4. Fantastic new app for preschoolers to help with numbers and counting. 5. A gorgeous designer handbag to get us thinking...

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13 advanced Rainbow Loom patterns for the truly obsessed: How to make them, and where to buy them.

I bought a Rainbow Loom kit for my daughter on a whim and never even thought about looking into advanced Rainbow Loom patterns that she might do. In fact, I figured she’d get bored with it after making a few basic single-chain bracelet patterns for herself and her friends, and of course, a few dozen of them for me. But she got hooked on our editor Liz’s collection of  awesome Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns, and she can’t put the thing down now. (Which means we’re sometimes picking bands out of our dinners, but hey, she loves it.) If you’re like...

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Clever, creative storage solutions for 10 tricky storage problems from LEGOs to jewelry.

Now that my house is overflowing with too many toys (thanks to very generous grandparents), it’s time for some serious storage solutions. I’m desperate for some organization for all those Rainbow Loom bands, LEGO pieces and  American Girl doll clothes, just to name a few. So, here’s a list of some of our favorite storage ideas, from kids’ stuff to your stuff. Storage Solutions for LEGOs (above) The one toy our readers keep trying to figure out how to best store are their LEGO collections. Do you sort by color? By kit? All in one huge bin, which gets...

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The coolest kids’ toys: Editors’ Best of 2013

There are always so many of the coolest kids’ toys from small companies for us to discover each year and 2013 was no exception. In our Editors’ Best of 2013 series, we offer you our very favorites of the year, each of which was chosen for its originality, craftsmanship, great design, and low wear-out factor. They’re not all the toys you’ll find in the big stores, and that’s in part what we love about them.       The Rainbow Loom As our editor Liz said on CNN this year, 2013 was the year of the Rainbow Loom! Girls...

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Web Coolness: Boys who love Rainbow Loom, a spooky cool baby announcement, Pinterest price drops, and more

Every Friday, we comb the web to find some great links worth reading. Here are a few links we’ve liked this week. We hope you like them too.   This just might be the coolest baby announcement idea we’ve ever seen. No postage, either. (via Mom-101) We’re pretty excited to be Etsy Page tastemakers. Follow our recommendations including some great gifts for holidays. Looks like our Editor Kristen’s son is one of many boys interested in Rainbow Loom. Awesome! Get a peek at the new Ralph Lauren Winter Olympics uniforms, this time all smartly produced in the USA. Love these eco-friendly...

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