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Cool, colorful school supplies to make September a little more fun | Back to School Guide 2016

So once you’ve gotten the hand sanitizer, the tissue boxes, and everything else on that classroom shopping list, it’s time to have a little fun with some colorful school supplies! We always recommend getting a little goodie or two for the kids that gets them more excited about going back to school, whether it’s a cute backpack charm, a personalized notebook, a pencil case with their favorite character, or even a set of #2 pencils that are just that much cooler than your standard issue yellow pencils. With that, we had the best time putting together a rainbow of cool school...

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34 of the coolest lunch boxes and bags | Back to School Guide 2016

While we admit we don’t always love packing lunches every morning, we do love picking out cool new lunch boxes for our kids each year in time for back to school. And so, our Cool Mom Picks 2016 Back to School Guide continues with tons of our favorite finds this year! From colorful and happy lunch boxes, to adorable animals, kids’ favorite characters, hip designs for tweens and teens, and everything in between, hopefully there’s the perfect one for your kid. (We sure know our kids are having trouble picking a favorite.) And we’re so pleased that our guide is brought to you by our...

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Lisa Frank adult coloring books! Because who can’t use more rainbows?

When I was a kid, one of the most exciting things about going back to school was getting to pick out a new Lisa Frank notebook. What would it be this year? A unicorn with wings and a flowing, rainbow mane? A dolphin family swimming in an exotic cove while a neon pink sun sets above them? It was a highlight. So the fact that a new line of Lisa Frank adult coloring books is just out, as the illustrator herself announced on her Instagram feed recently, gives me all kinds of happy feels. Related: 21 of the coolest coloring books for adults We...

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Unicorns pooping rainbows: The perfect accessory.

Flipping through some of the new projects on Kickstarter, the one that grabbed me right away was this hysterical concept for a unicorn pooping rainbows plush doll and scarf. Because unicorns poop rainbows, of course. I mean, duh. What’s more, the plush doll turns into a soft, plush scarf, simply by pulling out the rainbow, magician style. Come on — who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves up in a scarf made of unicorn rainbow poop? I know I would. Or at least my tween girls would. With the caveat that I get to borrow it on demand. And hey, if this is all...

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Rainbow housewares to brighten up winter. Or any season.

January is tough on my but by February I tend to hit the doldrums. Yes, it’s actually light until (nearly) 5:20 so that’s in the plus column, but I start to feel like everything around me is gray, including the remaining snow piles on the sidewalks in New York. So I checked out the members sale at the MoMA store right now and the thing that struck me most were the increasing collection of beautiful rainbow housewares. The best part is that if you’re a member like I am, everything is 20% off right now. And if you’re not...

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The coolest backpacks for kids who carry more than a change of clothes | Back to school 2015

We’ve already shared our picks for this year’s coolest preschool backpacks in our Back to School Guide, but now we’ve got you covered for backpacks for big kids too. Older kids, tweens and teens, as you probably know, have slightly more sophisticated taste (aw, we’ll miss those cute penguins and bunnies), plus they need more room, more pockets, and maybe a sleeve for a laptop or tablet. You might even spend a little more on a great quality backpack for older kids, since it won’t be outgrown quite so quickly. But hey, we’ve got options for every budget. Hope you love them! Related: Click...

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10 fantastic summer party themes for kids, and loads of inspiration to bring them to life.

Oh, the joys of the summer birthday party when the nice weather means celebrating with friends out-of-doors. And whether this means gathering everyone into your backyard, meeting at the local park, or even taking over a quiet piece of sandy beach, we’ve put together ten awesomely creative, but totally doable, summer party themes for our kids’ summer birthdays. Because doable? As in, without a $10,000 a day party planner? That kind of detail is important to us.   And we’re so happy to be working with the most perfect sponsor for a summer party theme feature: Carvel and ILoveIceCreamCakes.com. Because hello, ice cream cakes! Visit...

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6 easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids that look pretty darn cute.

As we all know, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so even my family dons the green and plays some jigs on March 17th. And though we don’t go crazy decorating our house with shamrocks or setting up leprechaun traps, there are plenty of easy, kid-friendly crafts we can do to celebrate the Emerald Isles on this day. I pared it down to six cool craft ideas that go beyond sticking shamrock stickers on green plastic hats. (Not that that can’t be fun for kids too!) DIY Green Clay Bead Necklace (tutorial, Tuts+) Okay so this definitely is the least easy...

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4 Lucky Charms dessert recipes for St Patrick’s Day that are all about those marshmallows

I will not get into the ingredient list on Lucky Charms cereal because, well. Yeah. But, hey, no judgments. I’m not one of those no-sugar-ever-moms. And once in a while, for a special occasion like, say, St. Patrick’s Day, I can totally see how putting those little colorful rainbow marshmallows to use in creative Lucky Charms dessert recipes is indeed, magically delicious for all involved. I will be totally honest, I spent a lot of time looking around and beyond the fun Lucky Charms treats we found a few years ago, most Lucky Charms desserts I found look kind of gross to...

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How to throw a rainbow art party: A rainbow party for kids with a creative twist

We’ve seen rainbow themed parties for kids before, but if you have an art and color-loving child, a rainbow art party can be a really fun and original theme for the birthday boy or girl. While there are plenty of ideas out there that involve seven-layer rainbow birthday cakes that may or may not come out like the photos on Pinterest, I wanted to track down stuff that makes it easier for parents. So here, find  plenty of easy rainbow party invitations, decorations, recipes, activities, and party favors — and no, you won’t need a pot of gold to afford them all. [top image: one charming...

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