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Newly gives old materials new life in the most beautiful way

It used to be that clothes and gifts made from recycled materials compromised on style. But these days, companies are finding creative ways to make fabulous products using resources we already have, making a huge, positive impact on the planet we live on and the one we’re going to leave our children. That’s why we’re so thrilled to get the exclusive first look at Newly, a new company offering some of the most gorgeous home goods we’ve ever seen, all made from 100% recycled materials using sustainable, energy-efficient methods. The five founders, including Barrett Ward, the creator of Cool Mom Picks favorite FashionABLE, established Newly...

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Play tape road rolls that let kids bring imaginative play on the road

With three vehicle-loving children, there was a time when I feared my living room would be overrun with sections of train tracks and makeshift “roads” built out of blocks. I wish I had known about InRoad Toys; clever  play tape road rolls which turns any flat surface into a road or train track without creating an obstacles should you need to walk from one side of the room to another. Plus, it’s just fantastic for summer travel. The self-adhesive paper tape road rolls makes it so easy for kids to roll out and stick to a hardwood floor, coffee table, flat-pile carpet, bookshelf —  really...

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Go ahead and draw on the furniture, kids!

We’ve seen some pretty spectacular kids’ toys made out of cardboard, from those beautifully designed cardboard food truck playhouses we recently shared, to pirate ships and toy castles. And now we’re loving the cardboard furniture from the Cardboard Guys which was recently funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their inventive, smartly designed kid-sized cardboard desk and chair gives our kids a great place to work and to create. This assembly-challenged parent is very thankful to hear that putting the five to six pieces together for each component is really simple and requires no adhesives or emergency trips to the hardware store for supplies. Just snap the recyclable...

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Return your hand me down baby clothes and get new organic ones back. Sounds good to us!

The worst thing about buying baby clothes? The fact that those precious outfits will be outgrown way too fast. While of course lots of us try to hand our baby clothes down or resell them, not all of them are in shape to do that. In fact according to the EPA, Americans toss over 13 million tons of textiles a year with babies’ and kids’ clothes accounting for a hefty percentage of that. And that’s why we’re loving this seriously revolutionary new planet-friendly approach to babywear.   Kinderstuff is a company that’s rethinking baby fashion by letting you send in your...

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7 smart ideas for trimming waste and saving money

featured partner We love that the notion of cutting down waste has gone from something for the uber-frugal, to something we all want to do, both to save money, and make sure the earth as we know it is still here for our kids in years to come. After all, the little differences we all make individually can add up to big change, right? So we’re happy to share some of our favorite ways to cut back on unnecessary waste, brought to you by our sponsors at Glad who seems to be thinking the very same thing these days–and...

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Ooh la la! Quelle playhouse!

Qu’est-ce que c’est? Why it’s only the sweetest cardboard play structure I’ve ever laid eyes on. Okay, I’ve only laid eyes on it online, but still. I think my children need this thing, stat. The French Café from Little Play Spaces takes the fun and convenience of a typical cardboard play space and adds to it all kinds of wonderful interactive features that kids will love. Including my favorite, a real chalkboard for writing the daily specials. Gâteau, anyone? I love that it’s designed by a mom of an 8-year-old, who finally created a great play space for older...

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The kinder, gentler (and recyclable!) robot toy

My son, like so many kids, has a thing for robots, but the first few realistic robot toys he received were greeted with suspicion and trepidation: Why are those eyes blinking? and—ack!—will it talk at night when I’m in bed?!? So, both he and I were so pleased to find a new kit that will produce a cool-looking robot that runs on imagination, not batteries. The aptly named Calabot was created by the smart people at Calafant whose build-your-own cardboard structures have entertained my kids for years. Like their palace, farm, and even walk-in castle, the Calabot comes completely...

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Three good reasons to wash your hands.

Forget germs or flu bugs or anything like that. The way I see it, there are three new reasons to wash your hands right now: The three new holiday scents from Method. I can’t remember the last time I bought a hand soap that didn’t smell marvelous. These days, even frugal girls don’t have to settle for anything less! But my all-time favorites are the holiday scents. The relaxed comfort of peppermint vanilla, the spicy warmth of cinnamon bark, and the tart, juicy bite of hollyberry are the perfect complements to Method’s usual eco-conscious and skin-friendly formula. You can’t...

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Boys like play castles too, ya know.

In a house full of girls, my son is used to playing with pink ponies and pretty castles. Really, I’m all for it. But it is nice to find pretend play toys that are a little more gender neutral too. The eco-friendly castle tower from Imagination Box Co is a little different than your regular old princess palace in that it’s basically a turret with two stories. There’s a drawbridge and windows, and best of all, plenty of space for your kids to color or paint – which are actually included with the castle itself. Construction is remarkably easy...

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Environmentally friendly school fundraiser? Reader Q&A

I’m trying to find a good elementary school fundraiser for my daughter’s school to change things up a bit in the coming school year. I’d love to do one that doesn’t involve that ubiquitous cookie dough or wrapping paper….and would be thrilled to find one that is green or at least environmentally friendly. -Dina Having bought my weight in both gaudy wrapping paper and 75-ingredient cookie dough all in the name of fundraising, I am all for spreading the word on more interesting alternatives. Here are some of my favorite ideas that not only do some good, they’re products...

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For kids who walk around with a light bulb blinking over their heads

Earth Day is fast-approaching, but this isn’t just any Earth Day. This year happens to mark the 40th anniversary of the eco-celebration and to celebrate, Design Squad on PBS KIDS GO is launching the nationwide 2010 Trash to Treasure competition on April 5th. Think your genius of a kid has what it takes to beat someone else’s genius of a kid in an attempt to recycle, reuse and re-engineer everyday materials into the world’s next how-did-we-live-without-it invention? Well, if they’re between the ages of 5 and 19, this is their chance. The rules are simple: Kids have to invent...

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Down on the cardboard farm

My kids are still completely obsessed with the Calafant toys Santa left under the tree last year, which means I really shouldn’t be eying anything else at all. But considering the prices and the versatility of these cool, cardboard toys, I just can’t help myself. The newest addition to the Calafant family is the large farm toy, a European-inspired farm design that your kids can easily construct, decorate, and fill with all those little animals you’ve got stuffed in a toy bin somewhere. When they’ve gotten their fill of it – which around here is a pretty darn long...

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