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Sponsored Message: Buy and sell designer clothes for the whole family, right from your smart phone

This is a sponsored message for Totspot. Whether you’re looking to add to your own wardrobe on a budget, shop for your kids, or just clean out your closets to make some extra cash for the holidays, Totspot lets you do all of that with just a couple of clicks on your smartphone. Don’t miss the special offer below!  Download the free Totspot app for iOS or Android, then shop for gently used items for everyone in your family. Choose from popular kids’ designers like Boden, CrewCuts, and Tea Collection, plus brands grown-ups love including Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade. With Totspot, you...

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Chairish: Shop the country’s coolest vintage shops, all from your couch

I love going to my local flea market or browsing the rows of antique stores downtown to score some cool vintage finds for my house. There’s just something special about furniture that has history. Or, just having furniture that doesn’t come in a flat-packed box, to be honest. But honestly, how often do any of us get to spend our weekends at swap meets after having kids? Well now you can find very cool vintage finds at Chairish, an online marketplace where you can shop all kinds of vintage furniture, decor, and even jewelry and accessories from individual sellers and boutiques across the country. It’s been around...

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A clever new way to get discounts on Tea Collection clothes for kids.

The downside to loving Tea Collection‘s well-made, comfortable, stylish clothes for my kids is that they outgrow them, as kids are wont to do. They even outgrow them while the clothes still look fantastic and nearly new. So you can hand them down to siblings or friends, or try this: A new collaboration between Tea Collection and online consignment shop thredUP  will give me credit towards new clothes for every piece of gently used Tea that I send to thredUP. To get started, just order an empty bag from thredUP  and start filling it with Tea Collection clothing that your kids have outgrown or just don’t need anymore. Mamas who love...

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High end designer clothing for less. And then, less on top of that. If you hurry.

Over a year ago, we introduced you to The RealReal, a fabulous online designer consigment shop with incredible deals on super high-end clothes and accessories. It’s blown up over the past year with a growing selection of the kinds of things you drool over, and for a super limited time–as in, today–it’s all available for even less. [don’t miss a big limited time discount after the jump!] Today only, join The RealReal (our invitation link if you need one) and whether you’re a new member or not, you can save 20% with code 20JUNE by the end of today,...

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ThredUp reinvents itself and now buying discount designer kids clothes–or selling them–is a joy

You know how it goes: your kids wear their clothes for a ridiculously short period of time. Sure, there’s always hand-me-downs, or consignment and Craigslist, if you’re motivated enough to try to make some money. But those routes require time and energy that many of us are sorely lacking at this time of year. So we’re happy to discover that thredUP has newly relaunched, as a very easy, very good-looking online consignment shop. Related: Buy and sell designer clothes for the whole family, right from your smart phone Related: Chairish: Shop the country’s coolest vintage shops, all from your couch ThredUP features...

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Maternity couture with a due date

I had this dress when I was pregnant that made me feel like a goddess. I wore it to two weddings, several parties, and a couple of dates. And then I had the babies and passed it on to another mama like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Dress. “This is going to make you look and feel amazing,” I said, and then a tear slipped out. Since maternity clothes cost so much– especially high fashion dresses– wouldn’t it be better if you could just rent what you need and then ship it back? Yeah, we think so, too....

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60% off pre-loved French couture for kids. Ooh la la!

We absolutely hate watching one of our favorite boutiques go… especially when it’s a sweet shop like Apricot Culotte. The one good thing about it is their closeout sale. We said je t’aime to Apricot Culotte when we fell in love with its concept: pre-loved baby and kid clothing from top French designers like La Queue du Chat and Petit Bateau offered at astonishingly low prices. Now, those prices are even lower: 60% off the entire site. Apricot Culotte is closing its doors, so every last item of gorgeous French clothing has got to go. Sigh. We’ll miss you, Apricot Culotte, but...

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thredUP’s new Concierge service – the easiest way to resell your kids outgrown clothes

It is a sad moment when I put a barely worn outfit on one of my kids and realize they’ve outgrown it before they’ve even had a chance to spill something on it. But now the smart people at online clothes-swapping site thredUP have come out with a new service that’s perfect for parents who love buying their kids cute clothes, but hate when they’re outgrown. Let’s just say it’s not so bad knowing your kids outgrow their clothes when you can get paid for them.  {keep reading for a chance to access this service before it goes live...

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Once place to find Missoni for less, that isn’t Target

Maternity wear is a tricky thing. Looking like a slob for nine months is not what most of us want. On the other hand, spending a ton of cash on clothes with such a short shelf life can seem like a big old waste. The answer might be in a new online boutique offering designer maternity clothes on consignment–including everyone’s favorite designer of 2011, Missoni. Encore Maternity was founded by a celebrity stylist/mom who was faced with that same pregnancy fashion conundrum. She wanted to look chic during those nine months, but still wanted to save up for her...

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ReCrib – Discount baby gear from brands that simply don’t discount

I’ve often said to new mom friends that if I had to do it over, I’d have spent less on the crib. Not that I didn’t adore our crib for the four years that we used it; but there has to be a better way than shelling out a fortune, even for those of us who have high-end tastes. Now, fortunately, there is an amazing option: a fabulous new website that’s like Craig’s List for high end baby gear. ReCrib is a place you can buy and sell only gently used, high end nursery furniture and toys. The site...

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A new website offers designer handbags at bargain prices (just ignore the name)

Some women are shoe shoe addicts. Not me. My vice is bags. I’ve got a closet full of hobos, totes, clutches and now diaper bags. Storage space is tight these days, so I’ve had to limit myself to just browsing designer handbags on the web. But a new site is really, really making me want to pull the trigger. Despite its name. It’s called (don’t laugh),Bags Bonanza. Okay, before you stop reading, I promise you Bags Bonanza does not sell pleather purses with plastic daisies affixed to the zipper–but rather lusty confections from Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch....

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