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Adorn Milk is here, and we’re going jewelry shopping

I’ve been holding out on you, accessory-obsessed readers, and for that I apologize. The wonderful Adorn Milk, a beautifully curated new jewelry shop from our friend Jaime Derringer of Design Milk has been up for a few weeks and I’ve been so busy browsing and coveting, I have not taken the time to share it with you. If you’re into modern design, statement pieces, and spending a little money on one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories from indie designers, this is your new online home away from home. I love seeing work like Melissa Zook‘s handmade leather pieces (I still wear my own...

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Mavenhaus Collective: Limited edition women’s fashion that you will want. Warning you now.

I’m not surprised that Mavenhaus Collective instantly turned me into a fan before I was even off the homepage, especially considering it was created in part by our friend, Pinterest tastemaker extraordinaire Traci French of Blissful Blog, along with equally desing-passionate sister, Tara Schlosser. The site features limited-edition designs from amazing designers who specialize in women’s fashion. In other words, if you see something you love, grab it now or forever hold your peace. I could link to my favorite items, but with no more than 50 of each–and often fewer–who knows if they will still be there by the time you get to...

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Stunning holiday jewelry gift ideas for under $75? We have tons.

Some women obsessively collect shoes or handbags, but for me it’s jewelry. It always fits (of course), and makes me feel polished no matter how raggedy the rest of me may be. I love giving jewelry as gifts, too, as it just seems to make everyone feel special. Luckily for you we made it easy to find some gorgeous steals in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop with a category solely dedicated to killer jewelry gifts all under $75. From statement cocktails rings and gemstones to initial pendants, here are some of my personal favorites from our collection, all made by so many independent artists we really love...

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Gorjana jewelry: Affordable, adorable, and ready for spring

I was so excited to be introduced to the affordable, very wearable Gorjana jewelry by a friend whose necklace I couldn’t stop ogling. Of course the one she wore is no longer online (d’oh) but so much in the shop caught my eye, like this superstar necklace, for one. I love the asymmetry of the two star charms on the gold-plated or sterling chain, and it’s such a sweet delicate piece to consider as our clothes start getting a little lighter too. There’s tons of affordable jewelry to browse in the shop, most of it designed with on-trend layering in mind. It’s...

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Freshening up the jewelry box

I’m so excited to have discovered this awesome shop that’s not only packed with gorgeous housewares and gift ideas, but some really pretty jewelry too. Especially as I start to think about pieces that will transition me from summer into (sniff) fall. Scoping out the eye candy (and finger candy and neck candy) at Brooklyn’s LEIF Shop (hi, neighbors!) I really like the focus on indie and smaller brands. I have my eye on Emily Green’s Color Study Necklace featuring colorful clay beads on a leather cord. It’s got a summery feel the way it’s photographed, but I bet...

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Diamonds: if not your best friend, then still something you want to spend a lot of time with

I love big, sculptural statement jewelry–especially rings. So this designer is now ranking high on my want-list. This gold “diamond” ring from San Francisco’s Fathom and Form is calling my name. Loudly. They make such spectacular architectural, 3-D jewelry, but I love the simplicity of the design, the subtle rock n’ roll styling, the unapologetic size. Mom jewelry? Not even. It’s not cheap, but the quality is amazing. Or for nearly half the price, you can grab it in silver instead. I just know it’s the kind of super special piece you can wear and without even a single...

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Falling in love with Rose Gold

Everywhere I look, from fashion magazines to the fingers and earlobes of the Meatpacking District fashionistas in NY, it seems that rose gold jewelry is here and it’s not going anywhere–prepare to see loads of it this spring and summer. It’s not just pretty though; it’s practical. The subtle pink sheen means you can pair with silver or gold, and you never feel that idgy feeling when you mix metals (is that just me?). Here are just a few pieces I tracked down in a variety of price points that I could definitely see myself wearing. If you’re the...

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Sparkle on: these rings rock however you roll

I admit it. Finding unique accessories that stand out from what I see on the wrists and fingers of the other women in my neighborhood gives me a little caffeine shot of joy. I love it when someone asks, “Where did you get that?”  Sometimes I want to keep my fun finds all to myself. But here’s a shop I’ll share with you, because these rings just plain rock. (Not to mention they are handcrafted from rock–how nifty is that?) Rablabs creates lovely, shimmery, hand-crafted rings from solid pieces of natural agate druze. They’re just the right balance of...

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Pop goes the cocktail ring

After my TODAY show appearance last week, I think the number one question I was asked was” “who made your ring?” (A far better question than, “did you know you had spinach in your teeth the whole time?”) I was fortunate to find my lavender k2o by Karen Ko POP ring at a very sweet discount earlier this year, and boy do I love it. Should you love it too–enough to pay full price (and I wouldn’t blame you)–you can find them at Modern Mix Shop right now. The rings are handwoven out of Swarovski crystals and mounted on...

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Falling in love with geometry

As minor as my kids’ milestones might seem in the great scheme of things, I still do my fair share of celebrating them. All night in your own bed? Yes! So I decided that I too deserve to treat myself with a little reward for making it through another milestone with them. Fair, right? I’ve got just the thing, if beautiful handmade jewelry looks like your kind of grownup treat. I just love the geometric rings from Israeli-based Osnat Har Noy that are a little larger than a thin everyday band but not as bold as a cocktail ring....

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