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6 delicious, easy spring recipes to celebrate the season

Winter is officially over,  and we’re celebrating with easy spring recipes that feature fresh produce. Kick the tubers and squash to the curb; these spring dishes highlight peas, asparagus, avocado, and other green veggie delights. And don’t worry, I’m not going soft. We won’t skip the cheese, bacon, or even dessert. After all, this is a celebration of a brand new season. The Roasted Asparagus with Crispy Prosciutto and Poached Egg recipe (above) from Framed Cooks has all the elements of a perfect dish: fresh, seasonal produce, crispy pork, and a poached egg. Honestly, this alone can be dinner for me....

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4 lightning fast, amazing panini recipes that transcend mere sandwiches

I know I’ve got a bit of holiday burnout because I’m officially serving panini sandwiches for dinner. But before you judge–thanks to my electric grill (how I love you, electric grill) which doubles as a panini press, my panini recipes yield far from ordinary sandwiches. With these four recipes–and a tip on which press to invest in–your simpler dinners at home can be pretty extraordinary too. First, check out the clever Lasagna Grilled Cheese Panini Recipe (above) from Joy the Baker. Now, get the simple ingredients and prepare to have a new weeknight dinner staple. This one’s a keeper for the...

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9 al fresco recipes for summer picnic perfection

One of my favorite things about summer is dining al fresco. Backyard meals, beachside bakes, picnics in the park: you name it, I’m in. If you’re grilling your eats, try one of these delectable 8 summer BBQ recipes. But if you’re planning an outdoor feast with no fire source, prep these easy recipes at home for a killer picnic spread. With your basket full of these picnic dishes, all you need to do is grab your pretty waterproof picnic blanket, portable speakers and, of course, the kids. No dinner clean-up required! Sandwiches are the obvious move for a picnic, but these Pressed...

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9 cheese-tastic grilled cheese recipes to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month

April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Enough said? I agree! This one’s all about the grilled cheese recipes, and oh, does the Internet have us covered. If my search is any indication, grilled cheese sandwiches–and all variety of riffs on the classic–are among the most posted food. Ever. Rejoice the grilled cheese and check these out: the meltiest, cheesiest, most scrumptious sandwich recipes that the Web has to offer. –Stacie  Giving nachos an everyday twist, I present thee with the Loaded Nacho Grilled Cheese (above) from BS In the Kitchen. Beans, avocado, jalapeños, oh my. One note, though: this recipe calls...

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