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Schoolhouse Rock is back! (Well, just for one night)

If you guys are anything like me, the news that ABC will share some of our favorite Schoolhouse Rock videos on network television in The ABC’s of Schoolhouse Rock made my day. And since I’ve been sharing the best Schoolhouse Rock videos on YouTube with my kids since they were old enough to sing Lolly Lolly Lolly, they are just as jazzed about this news as I am. For those of you who slept through the 70’s, just entered the country, or–gulp–weren’t born when they originally aired, Schoolhouse Rock‘s catchy, educational, and campy videos helped me learn everything from the Preamble to the Constitution...

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How do you explain Thanksgiving to kids? 3 great videos to help

I know I’m not the only parent who wonders how do you explain Thanksgiving to kids, beyond, “well, we eat turkey and stuffing and Uncle Fred always drinks too much of his special juice.” (That’s hyperbolic by the way; I don’t have an Uncle Fred. That you know of.) So here are two of my favorite resources that have really helped me explain the historical significance of Thanksgiving in a fun, engaging way, even if I still need to fill in a few blanks.   First of all, Schoolhouse Rock is still a go-to educational source for me, all...

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(Interjection)! Schoolhouse Rock Is back to rock the earth

When my kids heard Schoolhouse Rock was coming out with a new DVD, Schoolhouse Rock! Earth, they were as excited as I was, seeing that they’ve heard the original songs since they were old enough to say Unpack Your Adjectives. I can’t think of a better reason for members of the beloved ABC morning series of my childhood to reunite than to spread the message about conservation, recycling and environmental awareness. In true Schoolhouse Rock fashion, this DVD relies on catchy songs and fun-to-watch cartoons to educate the young and (not so) old, all with, thankfully, the exact same...

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