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7 of the absolute coolest new ride-on toys for kids. Let’s get cruisin’!

With a hint of spring in the air, it’s time to take stock of the cool ride-on toys out there so that our kids can stop hibernating with their handhelds and enjoy the great outdoors instead by pedaling, gliding and zooming around our sidewalks and driveways. And if your kids shot up a few inches this winter, you may have a good excuse to consider some new wheels. Here are some of the latest and greatest new ride-on toys that have zoomed into our view that we are certain will make our most adventurous young riders very, very happy. Related: Best gifts...

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6 reasons why Micro Kickboard could be the best first scooter for your kids

Like many of you parents, I wanted to purchase the best first scooter for my little kids when they were old enough, but was overwhelmed by all the choices in the stores. But after reading a review of the Micro Kickboard Mini Micro scooter by our associate editor Christina ages ago, I purchased them for my own kids back in 2010. They even still have the pink and orange scooters I bought after they had outgrown the trikes and toddler bikes that kept them limited to our driveway. The second they hopped on these scooters, I was amazed at how quickly they could ride....

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The coolest scooter ever, coming to a sidewalk near you

Those iconic handmade wooden crate and roller-skate-bottom scooters from the Great Depression have been retooled and re-imagined to form the fierce-looking Skate Crate, hopefully coming soon to a sidewalk near you. At least if you ask our kids. Currently about halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, the Skate Crate combines the scrappy ingenuity of a previous era with 2014 technology and craftsmanship to make a sturdy ride-on toy for both little and big kids. Created by Blockhead Skateboards’ founder Dave Bergthold, it shows off some serious style with cool artwork, gorgeous wood construction, and smooth-rolling wheels that will get kids flying down the pavement.   I...

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Scooter Safety for Kids: 7 smart tips for a safe scoot to school and back again

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean kids will be hanging up their scooters anytime soon. In some neighborhoods, we’re even scooting to school and hopefully safely. Our partner Micro Kickboard (we love them so much!) is a brand we all have trusted and loved and owned for years, which is why we are thrilled to work with them again. (And apologies to our kids, but no, this doesn’t mean “we can get another one.”) Micro Kickboard also knows a thing or two about scooter safety for kids, because they really care about them. Hey, a lot of them are parents...

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What are the best gifts for a two year old? We’ve got tons!

Choosing the best gift for a two year old from among ride-on vehicles, construction toys, dolls and more can seem overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed it down to some favorites that our own boys and girls have loved. Because that first birthday party may get more hoopla, but we know the second is where you get to buy the really fun gifts for a toddler who is just getting ready to, well, toddle everywhere. And, possibly, remember your gift in the first place.   RIDE-ON TOYS FOR TWO YEAR OLDS   You probably don’t have to worry about a two-year-old getting enough exercise, but the challenge is to...

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What to pack for kids: From spoons to scooters, 9 surprising items that make family travel easier and more fun

It’s officially the season for travel (whoo!) and whether you’re planing it, driving, or taking the subway uptown for a picnic in the park, we’re all for getting out with the kids. A top question from our readers is always “but what do I pack!!??” (Number of exclamation points not exaggerated.) Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re huge advocates of traveling with kids, and we do it ourselves, a lot. Even Kristen, and she has four of them! So while yes, you need clothes and snacks and crayons, on behalf of our awesome new partner Micro...

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Sochi comes to life for kids with gold, silver, and bronze Maxi Micro Kickboard scooter

Though it’s clear that the Olympic athletes we’ve been watching at the Sochi Winter Games all want gold, all three of Micro Kickboard’s new medal-hued scooters would be winners with my kids, regardless of what color they choose. All dressed up for the podium in gold, silver, or bronze, the much-loved Maxi Micro Kickboard scooter is one of my kids all-time favorite scooter designs, with such a smooth ride and easy lean-to-turn maneuverability. Made for kids ages 5-11 (or up to 120 pounds for you svelte and daring parents), grab the easier-to-use T-bar or try the straight Pilot Stick...

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The Sbyke: the best gift your tween or teen will get, period.

The siren song of electronics has a huge pull on my tweens this holiday, so if I’m going to ask Santa to bring them something that doesn’t begin with an “i” it’d better be something pretty cool. I found something pretty cool. No…really cool. The Sbyke is the rad offspring of a scooter and a BMX bike with a whole bunch of skateboard attitude thrown in for fun. I love that ever since my kids got their hands on one, they’ve been running outside–in the cold–to ride on it. For them, it’s been a pretty natural transition from a...

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The best scooter for little kids? The one that’s the best for big kids.

There is no question in my three-kid household that one of the favorites in our fleet of ride-on toys is the Mini Kick scooter. From the moment they could balance on the stable footrest, my kids were cruising the driveway and declaring it “best scooter ever.” But now, even the youngest kids can fall in love with their own Mini Kick without having to wait until they are “scooter ready.” And, even better, this Mini Kick is made grow with them, making it a toy they’ll use for years. The all new Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter is basically the...

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Be the talk of the neighborhood with 3 cool new ride-on toys

Our garage is filled with bikes, trikes, scooters and even one Skoooch, but I’m a big believer in “you can never have too many outdoor toys.” So, I’m always on the lookout for cool new ride-on, kid-powered things that can hold their attention for at least as long as the latest Wii game. For some of my favorite “tried and true” ride-on toys, check out our Scooter Smackdown and Second Scooter Smackdown from past years. But if you’re looking to get something that no one else on your block has yet, keep reading.  For toddlers, I’m not sure I’ve seen...

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