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Being Elmo

I still remember the first time I saw Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo, on a TV show–and I couldn’t believe my ears. Who knew a big guy like Kevin was the voice of the lovable–and, yes, sometimes annoying–little red guy on Sesame Street. Now with the release of a heralded new documentary about this odd couple, it’s fascinating to learn more about one of the most famous and intriguing pairs in puppeteering. A true follow-your-dreams-no-matter-what story, I get choked up just watching the trailer for Being Elmo — A Puppeteer’s Journey which won awards at the Sundance Film...

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Web Coolness – Halloween treats, Four Seasons’ getaway, and a Dan Zanes download

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. How cute is this roundup of not-too-spooky Halloween treats? Kristen is (understandably) gaga over Muppets smart phone cases! And, get this: a Pigs In Space ringtone. Liz shares her favorite children’s books with Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh. Are they yours too? Have you ever seen pumpkin trees? Perfect for this time of the year. We love this giveaway from Ciao Bambino – a chance to win one of three amazing Four Seasons family getaways. Meet Sesame Street’s newest special character during a special...

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Can you tell me how to get, how to get this really cool sign?

My kids love Sesame Street. Hey, I love Sesame Street. So we have a lot of Sesame Street decorations around our house–if by decorations we mean random books on the floor and half-dressed Muppet dolls. But we all really love the looks of this totally personalized Sesame Street inspired sign. Michelle Knox runs a shop selling custom invitations on Etsy but it turns out she’s also pretty rad when it comes to kid decor. She and her husband whipped up a personalized Sesame Street sign out of pine for their daughter’s themed party and it stole the show. So now you...

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Here’s the bad news: In the next few days, Congress will vote on a bill that could completely eliminate all federal funding for public broadcasting. That’s not an exaggeration. Here’s the good news: There’s still time to save Elmo. The government spends only $1.35 per person per year to provide us with PBS, NPR, and the 1000+ local stations that are enjoyed  by 170 million Americans each month. If you’re one of them, then you’re probably as scared as we are at the thought of losing Super Why, All Things Considered, all the wonderful local programming, and of course...

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An Elmo shirt even I can love

Given my general loathe for licensed character clothing, it’s only fitting that my two-year-old has decided she will only wear clothes with Elmo on them. Makes perfect sense considering she has never actually watched Sesame Street. Ah, toddlers. But since finding this cool version, I’m feeling a little better about her insistence on sporting the furry red monster’s face every single day. The adorable organic cotton Elmo shirt at What Every Baby Needs (and Cookie Monster too!) made by Kiwi Industries feature his bright face along with his name in English, Greek, and Japanese for a cool multiculturalal ode....

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Web Coolness – A diy teacher gift, 25 mom must-haves, and will.i.am rocking ses.a.me street.

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. A sweet idea for your child’s new teacher: Apple bouquets, from Make and Takes. We love seeing the decor on the set of the show Parenthood, courtesy of Ohdeedoh. On Babycenter, Kristen shares the cutest new baby bath toy. Love Sherri Reed’s post on The Stir about hosting a dirty house dinner party. (Now that’s one we can aspire to!) Our friends at Mommy Poppins suggest three great books for contrarian loving kids. No, Eloise is not on there. Compelling post on...

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Sesame Street goes green

I admit that I’m a complete sucker for most things Sesame Street, even since my kids have outgrown it. And now I’ve got even more reasons to invest in some muppetry, since discovering the terrific new Sesame Street Envirosax reusable shopping bags, found at CMP fave shop Cattiwampus. Aside from the very cool graphics, these washable, reusable bags are a really great way to promote going green, even for the under 5 set (heck, try under 35 set). Think of them for packed picnic lunches, library books, dance clothes, or up to 40 pounds of groceries (seriously). And I...

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This Sesame Street contest is brought to you by the letter A and the number $50,000

Question: Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Answer: 1. Be a puppet.2. Be Ricky Gervais.3. Win the 4th Annual Aniboom Awards 4 Sesame Street Competition. It’s that easy, animators. We’ve just learned that Sesame Street has teamed up with Aniboom Virtual Animation Studio to showcase talented animators leading the next generation of savvy children’s educational programming. And if seeing your winning work on the most iconic kids’ television program ever isn’t enough, there’s also $50,000 in prize money up for grabs. Let me guess– you’re making Cookie Monster googly eyes now, aren’t you? Submit your...

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Editors Best of 2009: The coolest books, music, and DVDs for kids

If there’s one thing our kids’ rooms have in common, it’s very packed bookshelves. Here are some of our favorite books, music and DVDs to help educate, inspire, and just keep kids cool. Kristen: Thanks to The Double Daring Book for Girls, I know how to build a raft. And so does my 5-year-old. An absolute must-have addition to any kid’s library. Liz: I love the original Poetry Speaks to Children book/DVD combo and now I love Hip Hop Speaks to Children. It may give you a whole new appreciation of what can be a very moving art form. Kristen:...

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Sesame Street turns 40 which makes us feel both very old and young at heart

Yes so we rag on the ubiquitous Elmo merch here from time to time. But the truth is, our heart has always been with Sesame Street which turns forty today. Forty! Amazing considering Grover doesn’t look a day over 6. Everyone seems to be getting in on the action, including Google, which has a special Google Doodle just for the occasion. We’re also wondering if the Empire State Building will be lit up in Kermit green tonight. As for us, we thought we’d bring you just a few cool Sesame Street picks and a cool contest to boot: First...

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Sesame Street Couture

I admit that my daughter had one licensed Sesame Street shirt she got as a gift. I cringed every time she asked to wear it, not because I don’t like Sesame Street (who doesn’t like Sesame Street?) but because this one looked like it was designed by a blind monkey who had gotten a hold of Photoshop and some muppet clip art.  In any case, I’m way more partial to the handmade Cookie Monster shirt by Morfs. Made by designer and mom Julie Barger, the handmade shirt takes a more artistic approach to the classic blue guy, with a...

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