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7 smells that every parent will know. For better or for worse.

This post was created for our partnership with Suave Essentials There are definitely certain smells that every parent comes to know. In fact, we think you’ll be pretty familiar with those fragrances — wonderful and uh, otherwise — that we are subjected to on a daily, if not hourly, basis. So we had the best time putting together this fun video about those very things, for our partnership with a brand who gets it too: Suave Essentials body wash. You know, the stuff from the commercials where three Suave body wash fragrances are chosen over three body wash fragrances from a premium brand? Take a look at our video, laugh with...

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Chill out, Rapunzel. We found a new natural conditioner for kids even if their hair is 7 stories long.

Natural, nourishing baby shampoos are plentiful, but it can be a challenge to find an all-natural conditioner made for kids that can tame my daughter’s own  locks which hang down to her waist and curl at the end. Adorable until I’m trying to untangle it and she starts screaming and asks me if I’m actually her evil stepmother. So hooray for me–or us–because one of my favorite natural hair care brands  has just released two new natural hair  conditioners that are as fabulous as their other products.  – Find a terrific discount for our readers below –  I’m a huge...

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Bubbly Babies: A gentle, vegan shampoo for kids

With a second grade mermaid in my house who hates showers but loves her long hair, I often find myself at sea when selecting a shampoo and just found it with a wonderful new 100% vegan shampoo for kids. Most baby shampoos aren’t qualified to care for big kid hair, but many of the big kid shampoos aren’t gentle and safe enough for tender areas that will soak in the bath for an hour after washing. The Bubbly Babies products from Oh My DeVita Baby, however, have been working wonders for us. The shampoo comes either lightly scented with Calendula (my pick)...

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6 non-toxic shampoos for babies and kids we can’t live without, in every price range.

When my first son was just a baby, the chemicals that I learned were in most baby shampoos and bath soaps scared me, honestly. Even when I looked through the non-toxic shampoos for babies at our grocery, I wasn’t sure which ones I could trust. New moms have so much to worry about already–I wasn’t expecting bath time to be stressful, too. Fortunately there are now so many great non-toxic shampoo options for kids and babies, and they’re getting even more readily available and more affordable so that more parents have access to them. These are six of my...

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Kidscounter: Non-toxic shampoo for kids that we love. Even if they make your kid want to eat a creamsicle.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve tried tons of kid’s shampoos, with mixed reviews from my kids. While there are many non-toxic shampoos for babies and kids these days, it’s been hard to find a scent that speaks to my sons, who hate stuff that smells too floral or sweet. So I’m happy to find Beautycounter‘s new collection of adorable and awesomely worry-free kids’ bath and beauty products. The combo of clementine and vanilla in Kidscounter Nice Do Shampoo actually had my son lathering up his own hair and asking for more (this from the boy who ducks his head in...

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No trouble at all: getting your kids to love Dubble Trubble hair and bath products

We love yummy scented bath products here at CMP, especially ones that are kid-safe and eco-friendly. In my personal quest to go a little more organic in the new year, I’ve found a great new line of bath products from the UK that smell great, lather up nicely, and don’t cost a bloody fortune. Even better, I can even find them in my local Target, and if don’t want to leave my warm house, I can order them from the Target website too. Nice. Dubble Trubble comes to us via London hair stylist Daniel Galvin Jr, and I like them...

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Summer shampoos just for kids (and their paraben-averse parents)

I’ve been using Fairy Tales hair care products since my girls’ first haircuts, when the stylist recommended them. While they’ve become very well known for their gentle lice shampoos and repellants for kids, the rest of their line is pretty awesome too. And now they’ve got a few new kids’ hair care additions that are perfect for summer. The Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo and Lemon-Aid Conditioner are fantastic for after days in the sun, dips in the salty ocean, or underwater time in the chlorinated pool. You can even leave the conditioner in a few minutes to stave off that green tint...

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These natural baby hair products are 90210 approved

It generally doesn’t matter to me that a bunch of celebrities use a particular hair care product on their babies. But it did make me wonder what was so special about Jenerations Baby that Hollywood moms seem to be flocking to it. Jenerations Baby was founded by Jennifer Reilly, a mom with two kids and fourteen years of experience as a hairstylist. She wanted natural products she could feel safe using on her kids, so she designed the hypoallergenic line without sulfates, parabens, harsh chemicals, or essential oils that are potentially estrogen disruptors. Well, now I see what all those...

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