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How to make a silhouette portrait: A DIY with an easy cheat

I love gifts and artwork that have personal touches – if it has a monogram, sign me up. Our new house has so many blank walls just waiting to be filled, and one piece of personalized art that I knew I wanted to make for it was a framed silhouette portrait of my toddler. Once the realm of skilled paper cutters, if you have a computer and a printer, and you’ve always wondered how to DIY, I’ve got an easy shortcut for you so you can make your own silhouette portrait. Have an older child? Get her in on the action too and...

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Personalized silhouette gifts that make a mom get out the tissues

As modern as my tastes tend to be, I have a thing for personalized silhouette gifts for Mother’s Day, especially when they can be customized with your own family members’ profiles. For years, we’ve included the indie shop Le Papier Studio on the site and in countless gift guides, because they’re constantly updating their selection with so many cool (and surprisingly affordable) silhouette gifts that are both modern and timeless. And just in time for Mother’s Day (it’s coming!) their jewelry category is bursting with wonderful gift ideas. I’m a big fan of the new Personalized Silhouette Charm Necklace made out...

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DIY silhouette storage organization tutorial that makes organization pretty!

Considering how well the drawer organization stickers we found have been working for my kids, I thought it might be cool to try some new storage organization around our house thanks to a little inspiration from this tutorial at See Jane Work. Now I’m not exactly the craftiest mom on the block, but even I think I could make these DIY silhouette storage boxes  which would be an awesome addition to our family room. Unfortunately, as much as I try to organize our bins by category, without labels they end up becoming a jumbled mess by the end of the week. ...

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5 of our favorite Pinterest pins this week

Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as we are? Here are 5 pins this week that we’re digging. If you’re going to do “mom jewelry” do it with this spectacular gold and diamond pendant. Playmobil toys as hooks – so genius. Crazy good party idea: Serve fruit popsicles in Prosecco. Just the photo makes us thirsty. An adorable, affordable back to school outfit for boys hitting preschool or kindergarten. We don’t always like inspirational quotes, but this one is hilarious. And true. We hope you’re following us on Pinterest – we’d love to see you...

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A Father’s Day gift from the kid. Of the kid.

We’ve recently shared 10 of our favorite personalized Father’s Day gifts, and now there’s one more we’re in love with. Now let me first tell you, normally, I get a little panicked about Father’s Day gift-giving, while consoling myself with the knowledge that, worse comes to worst, my husband always sincerely appreciates a card from the kids. But with this discovery, I’m totally calm–because he’s getting personalized cards of the kids. [don’t miss an exclusive, limited time discount after the jump!] Cool Mom Picks loved the unique holiday cards from Dear Ida, and now we’re completely smitten with their new...

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Beautiful custom Mother’s Day pendants–or pendants that make every day Mother’s Day

With all of the amazing choices for Mother’s Day jewelry out there, it can be difficult to pick just one. Well of course you don’t have to pick just one, but with this beautiful custom necklace, you can be sure you’ll get some serious bang for your buck. Custom keepsake pendants from Crafted by Kerstin is as gorgeous as it is unique. The custom jewelry includes a silhouette of your child, an initial, and even his own handprint–miniaturized that you can clip to a necklace. The handprint is an especially lovely, unique touch–and you can order a footprint instead,...

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In silhouette

As I’ve learned, finding the perfect holiday gift for nieces and nephews can be tough, particularly when I’m trying to avoid picking out some random thing from the giant toy store chain. This year, I’m thinking about something personalized and special that they will love for years to come–and my sister-in-law will adore right now. Each of the canvas silhouette pillows from CMP favorite Le Papier Studio is handcrafted; you choose the fabric and one of 25 silhouettes, or send a photo and have the artists create a custom silhouette. Instant keepsake. I love that these aren’t pillows that...

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Mother’s Day jewelry ideas for my husband. (Not that I didn’t love last year’s vacuum.)

Our fabulous Mother’s Day Gift Guide just came out and already I’m ogling the mom jewelry section and crossing my fingers. (Don’t worry. I will also send the link to my husband with detailed directions because, we all know, finger crossing alone would get me nowhere.) I’m head-over-heels in love with the silhouette pendants from Vicente Agor. So very simple, yet also exceptionally sophisticated. What a fantastic new spin on mom jewelry. But with three kids, I’m not sure I’ve got a shot; not unless each kid gets a job and pays for one themselves. But that’s kind of...

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Nothing says spring like a bunny on your plate.

Even vegetarians can get behind this pick. Because the well-plated rabbits that have captured my heart are from our clever friends at Le Papier Studio– you know, the folks who brought us that ingenious Easter Egg Silhouette tutorial and end up in our gift guides year after year? They’ve got a whole mess of pretty stuff cooking up for spring. The Spring Silhouette Plates are one of six Easter plates available, each custom made in melamine just for you. You can choose your silhouette image, background color, font, and text, making each plate a phenomenal heirloom. And for a $10...

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Gorgeous Easter egg decorating ideas. A.K.A. face on your egg

When it comes to Easter egg decorating, as with  a lot of crafting, I’ve been known to bite off more than I can chew. Which is maybe why I’m so keen to try my hand at this awesome silhouette Easter egg dying tutorial which looks as beautiful as it does easy. The tutorial from Le Papier Studio looks downright simple–easy instructions, few supplies needed and adaptable for all ages (I imagine little ones might be okay with using basic shapes, rather than silhouettes). Sounds absolutely perfect for an afternoon activity at my house or something fun to do on...

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