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Silispoon: Possibly the new best baby spoon

Ahh, the teething phase. Which is only made worse by the fact that it occurs the same time as the baby food phase. My kids liked to soothe their aching gums by biting down on their spoons, but even the plastic ones couldn’t have felt that great. That’s why I’m convinced the best baby spoon for teething kids may be the brand new Silispoon from Silikids. The flexible silicone bends and squishes, which is perfect since babies chew on absolutely everything when they’re teething. (Who else has the bite marks in their skin to prove it?) The flexible silicone scoop of the Silispoon bends when...

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Silikids new silicone drink covers and table accessories for kids brighten up spring

Our readers recently went nuts for Sip Snap lids, silicone drink covers that stretch to fit over any glass, turning it into a sippy. Well clearly it’s a trend because now CMP favorite  Silikids has just released new silicone drink covers too, along with some other fun products that keep mealtime colorful–and a lot less messy–for families. When my youngest turned three I went on a rampage, determined that we would be a sippy-cup free home and my children would know how to drink from a regular glass, darn it. But there are times that visiting friends’ kids come over, and I...

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Baby bottles that come close to the real thing. Or so we can hope.

When my daughter was a baby, she was a hardcore bottle protester. I went through every single bottle brand I could get my hands on at the local Target, hoping that one would magically work on the kid. Luckily, with Baby #3, I think I’ve found a bottle that I am hoping will avoid some of that hassle right from the get-go. This line of baby bottles from Comotomo might do the trick for any baby suffering from what experts call “nipple confusion.” (anyone else hate that term and want it banned forever? Not just us? Okay). The inventive...

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Baby-friendly bling: necklaces safe for little nibblers

When my son was a baby, he was fascinated by my jewelry–a fascination that led to his stuffing fistfuls of my necklaces into his curious mouth. Worried that my necklaces might be sporting some not-so-friendly chemicals, I stopped wearing them altogether. At the time, I didn’t have any other option–because I didn’t have any Chewbeads. Chewbeads, which we love so much you’ll find them in our Baby Shower Gift Guide, are every bling-crazy mom’s salvation. These non-toxic, silicone jewelry pieces are stylish for mama and intriguingly colorful (and mouth-safe) for babies who like to chomp. And now I’m loving...

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Relief from teething pain–and baby mealtime drama

Getting babies to transition to solid foods can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. But while this new set can’t make the taste of rice cereal more appealing, it can make mealtime more enjoyable for both of you.  The Oogaa baby mealtime set is so clever. Instead of plastic or wood, it’s made of a super soft silicone that is BPA and toxin-free, and delightfully bendy. Your little teether can even gnaw on the spoon for relief. Then, as your toddler gets older and transitions to more foods, the design is still smart with spoons shaped like an...

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The easiest, safest, least sticky popsicle maker of all time

Pity my children, for popsicles were once merely a thing of legend. You see, we have a saying at our house: Sticky is icky. That means that Mommy can’t handle juice, yogurt, smushed bananas, or children covered in any and all of the above. But now, it’s okay.  We’re cool. The Little Bites Popsicle Molds from Kinder-Ville are the easiest, tidiest popsicle molds I’ve ever seen or used, and they’ve totally changed my mind about frozen treats. They’re made of soft, durable silicone that’s guaranteed free of BPA, phthalates, and lead, and they’re dishwasher safe. And I love them....

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Silicone Ally

Sprucing up for spring usually doesn’t include my kitchen utensil container, but I have long been a convert of silicone spatulas. And these swirly, pretty, funky spatulas are exactly what my kitchen needs right now.   Silicone spatulas are not only easy to clean, they’re heat-proof up to 500°F, and trust me, once you start using well-made silicone for cooking, stirring and pancake-flipping, your collection of old, cracked wooden and plastic tools will be nothing but a faded, slightly stained memory.  The green spoonula is great for working with doughs and frostings, the red spatula is perfect for spreading and clearing out that peanut...

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SLAPlets are bringing back slap bracelets. Say that ten times fast.

I sent my daughter to kindergarten with the new version of the slap bracelet that’s out, and she was instantly the most popular girl in class. Which means absolutely nothing has changed in 25 years. Yep, slap bracelets are back. This time it’s called the SLAPlet , and it’s made of a a sleek-looking silicone which beats the cheap glitzy metal ones we wore back in my days of yore. Of course these come ready-made with a marketing angle–little “customizable” colored rings sold separately that you can slip on and off to make your bracelets your own. 3 come...

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A mellow baby is the very best kind

My older three kids gave me a heck of a time when it came to taking a bottle, so with number four, I’m determined to find one that she not only takes, but doesn’t add to the challenge with extra gas. And I may have just found the answer with the new Mellow bottles from Green to Grow. [don’t miss a nice discount after the jump] Now I’m not exactly a bottle expert, with my little breastfed baby bottle snobs and all, but I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with these – and it’s not just because...

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The reinvention of the sippy cup

Last summer I tried my hand at canning. Let’s just say the results were less than spectacular. Fast forward to today when I’m watching my kids drink out of a pair of EIO Kids Cups. Abundance of empty, unused canning jars problem solved. In case I’m seeming a little too vague here, I can explain.  The EIO Kids Cup is a brilliantly designed little sippy cup that’s not really a sippy cup. It consists of a glass jar, a cute silicone sleeve (which makes the glass much easier to hold) and a BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-free plastic lid. And the...

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