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Picnic-perfect plastic tableware for toddlers

It’s picnic weather down South, and we’re spending most nights out on the back porch, sipping on some tea and eating dinner with the neighbors. It’s idyllic, until the kids start playing frisbee with their plates. I’m not big on plastic dinnerware inside, but when we’re dining al fresco you never know what can happen, so I stick with the non-breakable–and preferably non-toxic–variety of kids’ cups dishes tableware. If you’re looking for an option beyond melamine but with the same durability and convenience, our family’s new favorites are the cool kids’ dishes in Lollaland’s mealtime set. Made in the USA in...

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Silikids new silicone drink covers and table accessories for kids brighten up spring

Our readers recently went nuts for Sip Snap lids, silicone drink covers that stretch to fit over any glass, turning it into a sippy. Well clearly it’s a trend because now CMP favorite  Silikids has just released new silicone drink covers too, along with some other fun products that keep mealtime colorful–and a lot less messy–for families. When my youngest turned three I went on a rampage, determined that we would be a sippy-cup free home and my children would know how to drink from a regular glass, darn it. But there are times that visiting friends’ kids come over, and I...

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Make your own drinking cups for kids with SipSnap lids

My kids do really well drinking out of actual cups, but sippies and cups with straws are a fixture for my little ones who still tend to spill a little. Or, on bad days, more than they actually get in their mouths. That’s why I’m really digging the clever new SipSnap lids by Double Double. This Kickstarter campaign (get in now!) is introducing SipSnap silicone lids stretch to fit over the top of any kind of cup, turning it into a kids’ drinking cup instantly. I’ve actually tried to do something similar by pairing random lids with cups I have around,...

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What’s the best sippy cup? We may have just found it.

The sippy cup. Ah, how I wish we were past this stage of life. For now I accept my fate that is the avalanche of cups and lids falling on my head every time I open the cabinet. My disdain however only makes me more appreciative of those times I find a sippy cup that is easy to manage and stands up to the elements- and by elements I mean aggressive toddler. We love pretty much everything that inventive company Zo-li does, which is why they’re a mainstay in our Baby Shower Gift Guide, and this new entry is...

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Pura Kiki bottles let you ditch plastic sippy cups for stainless steel

I admit that I was pretty skeptical of the stainless steel baby bottle trend, and never could actually make the leap. But now that my baby is of sippy cup age, I am pretty intrigued by the idea of stainless steel sippy cups. The Pura Kiki stainless steel toddler bottle has become a fixture in the hands of my 17-month old, pretty much converting me from the slew of plastic sippy cups that are stuffed in my kitchen drawers. They just wear so well compared to the plastic that looks beaten up pretty quickly, and I love how easy they are to wash....

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3 clever new mom gear essentials from Munchkin

With two kids under four in our household, we are huge fans of Munchkin. From eating essentials to bath time fun, they’ve hooked a lot of mamas up over the years. So I was psyched to get a sneak peak at their new lineup, only to discover three really helpful, innovative new Munchkin items for feeding, sleeping and potty training just out this year. Click Lock Sippy Cup Leaking sippy cups are the bane of my existence. There’s nothing worse than finding water or juice spilled all over the inside of your diaper bag–I’ve even had to replace a...

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Building a better sippy cup

I don’t remember having trouble learning how to use a straw but, then again, I’m about four decades past that stage in life. It was my kids who made me realize that “straw use” was going to be another one of those odd little skills I was going to have to teach them, along with using a napkin instead of their shirt. For those of you just entering this stage of development, check out this neat cup which helps make the transition from sippy cup to straw-in-cup even easier. The new Lollacup infant/toddler cup features a flexible weighted straw...

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Sipidee doo dah

I just saw the cutest ever sippy cups–so cute in fact that despite the fact that my girls are (thankfully!) almost past the sippy cup stage, I immediately thought about whether I could justify owning them. The sippy cups from SugarBooger (I know, ignore the name) are minis–just 6 oz–making them great to grab on the go. The designs are just fabulous, from the pretty butterfly design seen here, to the sleek vintage alphabet, and the funky Day of the Dead motif. But what I really love is that they work just fine without that BPA-free sippy lid too,...

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mOmma cups wobble but they don’t fall down

You know how you can tell when your kid is using a really cool sippy cup? When you hear they sell them in the MOMA design store. Oh, and when they’re imported from Italy, of course. The new mOmma line of baby feeding products fits the bill on both counts. But it’s not just cool. It’s also quite practical – in a nifty, roly-poly kind of way. These feeding products for infants and toddlers from mOmma incorporate a round design that makes mealtimes easier on moms and more fun for babies. Cups, forks and spoons are designed to rock...

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The reinvention of the sippy cup

Last summer I tried my hand at canning. Let’s just say the results were less than spectacular. Fast forward to today when I’m watching my kids drink out of a pair of EIO Kids Cups. Abundance of empty, unused canning jars problem solved. In case I’m seeming a little too vague here, I can explain.  The EIO Kids Cup is a brilliantly designed little sippy cup that’s not really a sippy cup. It consists of a glass jar, a cute silicone sleeve (which makes the glass much easier to hold) and a BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-free plastic lid. And the...

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Of finger foods, flip-tops, and fingernails

You know that whole “kill three birds with one stone” thing? Well, Zo-li, the small company offering safe, green solutions to parenting problems, has conveniently solved three of my biggest problems with one Fedex shipment. First of all, we have the Case of the Constant Snacker. My kid’s a bottomless pit, but we’re always on the road. Zo-li’s eco-friendly answer is the on-the-go, a cute and convenient 4-part snacking system that’s BPA and pthalate free and comes with an easy-pour spout for formula users. Retailing at $15, it also makes a great toy and one-at-a-time cereal dispenser when you’re...

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Rolling out the big American welcome mat for Tommee Tippee

Expat mums in the US or those just enamored (or enamoured?) of European baby products will be delighted to know that Tommee Tippee, Britain’s #1 megabrand of sippies and bottles is about to flood American malls – or at least those with a Toys R Us in them. It’s nice to have yet another choice of phthalate- and BPA-free bottles and feeding products widely available, especially now that the FDA has gotten their act together and decided that the chemical company-funded studies that “proved” BPA safe miiiight not be all that reliable after all. Products like the Tommee Tippee...

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