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Smiling (not scary!) printable skull masks to celebrate the Day of the Dead

See ya, Halloween: We bid a fond farewell to pumpkins, goblins, and waaaay too much candy to celebrate today and tomorrow’s Latin American holiday Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is so cool, we love to celebrate it, even though we’re thousands of miles north of the border. One of our favorite decorations for “Dia de los Muertos” are the beautifully decorated, smiling skulls known as calaveras, unlike the grimacing visages of Halloween. And with this easy, creative, and free craft, you too can create your own version of this holiday with your kids this year....

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Watch it wiggle, see it freak out your party guests

Browsing through our archives for cool Halloween ideas, I came across this old link to a post highlighting a recipe for super spooky eyeball Jell-O shots. Non-alcoholic for the kids, of course. Poking around the site, turns out there’s a ton more great ideas for any upcoming Halloween parties you might have on the calendar. At Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, the updates are now few and far between but the recipe archive is still quite good. Do some searching and you’ll find recipes like Candy Corn Jello and Polyjuice Potion made with gingerale, pineapple and lime, and topped with gummy worms....

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The twin bone’s connected to the cute bone

Let’s face it: If Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter had twins, they would look just like this, and Johnny Depp would give them a set of onesies like this at their Beetlejuice-themed baby shower. The Skeleton Love Kids organic shirt from Mimosa is based on an illustration by Holly Cruise and offers twice the charm of shirts featuring a single skeleton–and that’s a guarantee. Two happy little skeletons share a flaming heart while frolicking under a banner of hearts carried by two flying crows. In short, it’s perfectly spooktacular and adorkably hip, just in time for Halloween. But...

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Tween cool, entirely 100% hoochie free

As the mother of a fashion-conscious tween, I am here to tell you that sizes 10-14 or so are a forgotten wasteland when it comes to outfitting your kid. Little kid clothes are plentiful and varied, but the choices taper off with each successive size. Most days I’m faced with the choice between Too Mature and Too Boring, with precious little in between. I tell you this to explain my elation over discovering Axl’s Closet, which not only stocks plenty of kid-approved options in the 8-14 age range, but does so from trendy labels that don’t succumb to skimpy...

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Avast ye scurvy neckwear!

Right in time for Halloween, I stumbled upon this most adorable skull and crossbones scarf at Admiral Road, made out of the same soft, cozy fleece as their personalized fleece blankets. I can imagine that even the most difficult, scarf-eschewing kids wouldn’t mind wrapping their necks in this little guy and heading out for a day of apple picking or pillaging small seaside villages. It’s loooong – like 60″ long, so it’s probably best for bigger kids. Or maybe you? At just 12 bucks, get one for both of you. (Just don’t wear them at the same time.) While...

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Arrghhhh, ’tis Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys

We may not speak proper pirate but that doesn’t stop us from trying on Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Yes, that’s an actual thing. Swear.) So we’ve got a round up of some of our favorite pirate booty from past months. The kids’ pirate shoes from Sweet Shoes are listed under “boys” but we beg to differ. Pirates old enough to swab their own decks (so to speak) may get a kick out of Small Threads’ Pirate Skivvies which we just discovered last week at Magpie Lovely. Selecta’s pirate-themed pacifier clip at Kangarooboo just makes us smile. Miss Natalie’s...

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The skull’s the limit

Just when we think we’re over the skull trend, something cute comes along and makes us go aw okay — just one more. And right in time, because skulls are coming back to kidswear with a vengeance this fall from what we’ve seen. In this case it’s the skull barrettes from Natty Bratty, which pair little felt heads of dead people (right?) with, of all things, tartan plaid. The brown one is so cute I wouldn’t be surprised if Burberry themselves end up doing something similar. The felt blossom hair clips are sweet but definitely on the larger side...

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