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One-of-a-kind, handmade wool slippers for baby that are beyond adorable.

As cute as those little baby fingers and toes are, winter is coming, and it’s time for all those digits to go under wraps. If you’re looking to keep your little ones snug and warm in something really special, you’ve got to check out the eco-friendly and adorable handmade wool slippers and mittens for babies from Cate and Levi. Related: Cool gifts for baby’s first Christmas: Holiday gift guide 2015 We’ve been gaga over Toronto-based Cate and Levi ever since we saw how the company took reclaimed wool, mainly from discarded sweaters that were destined for the landfill, and turned it into unique stuffed animals, incredible wall art,...

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The cutest personalized baby shoes from top to bottom

We’ve always been big on recommending personalized gifts for people asking us for great baby gift ideas. Personalization makes any gift extra thoughtful, turns nearly anything into a keepsake, and it doesn’t even have to cost a fortune. So my latest find to add to the recommendation list are the personalized baby shoes from UK Etsy shop Born Bespoke. Samantha Gillan’s sweet, entirely handmade leather baby booties are fit for a royal prince or princess, but priced for many of us commoners, which I like. The styles range from not-at-all-scary dinosaurs to the cutest birds and woodland creatures, birth signs and classically simple monograms, hearts, and stars. I...

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Freshly Picked Moccasins for kids and babies get funky for spring

When we I first met Susan Petersen four years ago and discovered her start-up Freshly Picked Moccasins — well, wow. We knew her totally handmade in the US moccasins were truly special. What we didn’t know is that her brand would grow into a major empire with oh, like a hundred zillion Instagram fans and a whole catalog of styles and accessories, thanks in part to a successful appearance on Shark Tank. We also didn’t know that we would end up with so many pitches from brands completely knocking off Susan’s designs so closely, they get an instant delete from me. (You know who you are, ahem.)...

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Glerups: The perfect slippers for around the house. Or the chalet.

My kids have a slipper thing. I have no idea when or how it started, but they are obsessed, and very, very picky. This one is too slippery…that one is warm but scratchy... You can’t imagine how many we try and never bother to buy–or recommend here. But now, remarkably, they’ve found another pair that meets their high standards: Glerups. Made from 100% pure felted sheeps wool with calfskin soles, these traditional Danish kids slippers look as unfussy and cozy as they feel. Plus, it’s fun to say. Glerups. Glerups. Glerups.  They have that kind of Scandinavian styling that I’ve always liked — structured but not...

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The coolest kids’ clothes and accessories: Editors’ Best of 2014

While we love finding the cutest baby clothes for showers (and our staff members who are going through some sort of group fertility thing this year) as our kids get older, we’re so happy to get to look for more cool clothes for older kids and tweens, who’ve aged out of the 0-6 lines. So we’re thrilled to have lots of both on our site this year, with tons of new brands, plus great new lines from brands we’ve loved for years. While this is always a tough one to narrow down, here are our picks for the coolest kids’...

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Trend alert: Snow Leopards. They’re everywhere.

This time last year, our kids were all about foxes, probably because The Song That Will Not Be Mentioned was playing on repeat in our homes. While woodland animals are still a favorite with my kids, I’m noticing one animal obsession rising above the rest—snow leopards. My kids see them as cuddly cats with cool fur, so I don’t blame them for ooh-ing at some of the fun snow leopard fashion we’re seeing around our local boutiques.     You’ll find the Schneelepoard Graphic Tee from Tea Collection in their boys department, but that’s not going to stop our girls from pairing it with black leggings and...

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Traditional Swedish slipper socks get a lot less traditional

Every so often we come across a small company that takes a classic product and bring it up to date in an irresistible way, and the adaptation of traditional Swedish slipper socks by London company Ace&Me nails it. My kids have lived in slippers like these since they were little, and the fabrics tend to come in more traditional stripes, solids….you know the drill. But here, Swedish cousins Pia Tamm Hagno and Anna Eberstein brought Swedish slipper socks up to date with some wonderfully modern patterns and styles, all of them handmade. – Don’t miss an exclusive limited time offer below for Cool...

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16 of the most adorable Easter basket gift ideas for kids: It’s raining bunnies and chicks!

Make your kids’ Easter baskets a hundred times more adorable by adding some playful chicks and bunnies to your list of Easter basket gift ideas for kids–of course along with some of our favorite Easter candy and Easter-themed gifts. Our recos are almost entirely indie-made, and we promise that none of them include a five-foot purple stuffed rabbit. Though we can’t guarantee that won’t be the grandparents’ pick.     Wee Gallery’s new set of 12 animal kids’ animal tattoos makes a nice alternative to more candy in the basket. Featuring a bunny, dog, and cat, they may end up on the...

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Slipper socks with oh-la-la

I hate the feeling of cold feet — yuck! — but my kids must not mind because they kick off their slippers at the slightest provocation, freezing floors be damned. Kids! They just don’t appreciate cozy toes. Or baths. Or naps. (Silly children.) Thankfully, my in-laws keep us stocked with slipper socks. They are considered basic kid’s gear in Europe, and they’re genius because once they’re on they’re so comfy and hard to take off that the kids keep them on. And now there’s one more brand I’m so excited to discover. I love the quirky cute slipper socks...

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Handmade moccasins that sadly, only come in kids sizes

When I first saw photos of the handmade kids’ moccasins from super talented designer Susan Petersen, I got that tingly, fidgety feeling I get when I see something I really want. But when I saw them in person, let’s just say that tingly feeling switched to jealousy–because they don’t come in my size. The moccasin-style slippers at Freshly Picked are butter soft, yet beefy enough that should your kid want to run outside in them on a summer night, they’re going to hold up just fine. They’re also great for pre-walkers–sizes start at cute little 2s. I love the...

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