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The EWG list of the safest sunscreens for kids. Just in time for summer

Each year, I check out the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Sunscreens to find the safest sunscreens for kids. With a slew of fair-skinned redheads in my family, I feel like I go through gallons of sunscreen each summer, and while I’m not all-organic-all-the-time, I do tend to splurge on lotions that are safer for my kids and lower in chemicals since we use so much of them all season. Related: What is the safest sunscreen for kids and babies? If you haven’t yet been to the site,  EWG ranks an impressive 1700 products, from spray sunscreen to lip balm with SPF, and scores them (lower numbers are...

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3 of the best BB creams for any busy woman without a lot of time in the morning

I’ve been using BB creams since I first discovered them years ago thanks to my Birchbox subscription, and I’ve never gone back to using anything else, though surprisingly enough, not a lot of women I know have used one. If you’re wondering what the heck a BB cream is, it stands for Beauty Balm, but I describe it as a product that falls in between a tinted moisturizer and foundation; light to medium coverage that evens your skin tone and gives your skin an extra boost of nutrients and SPF. I realize that everyone’s skin is different, and I’ll...

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Out out, summer dark spots.

The end of summer is sad enough, but it’s also left behind a bunch of shiny new sun spots on my face even though I smeared on so much sunscreen all season long. The good news is that I found a relatively easy fix in the Lumene skincare line. Their new Bright Now Visible Repair Tone Corrector and Time Freeze Targeted Spot Corrector just might save me (and you) a costly and time-sucking visit to the dermatologist. I’ve been using Bright Now every day under my moisturizer to give my skin a nice pick-me-up, and it’s working really well. It’s true, there are definitely some good dark...

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Perricone MD No Makeup Makeup. Not the contradiction it seems to be.

It’s the oldest joke in the world that we spend so much time looking makeup that makes you look like you’re not wearing any, but that’s exactly what Dr. Perricone is going for with the new Perricone MD No Makeup Makeup collection. The brand makes a very compelling argument: When you’re older than 29 (ahem), wearing makeup is less about creating drama and more about hiding any weird broken blood vessels or sun spots. Not that any of us here know about such things. [Note: this post has been edited to add more information about other products in the line] Now let me say right...

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6 of the best time saving beauty products for moms who need every extra second we can get

I’ve recently given up nail salon visits and switched from hours-long salon hair color appointments to an amazing new at-home color system. It’s not because I don’t love professional help, it’s just that I’m busy! I need time saving beauty products! Those extra hours in the day matter to busy moms–or busy women in general, really – and I know that I’m not the only one who often lets primping take a back seat to errands or cuddling or uh, sleeping. So in the name of keeping up appearances, here are some more of the best time saving beauty products that...

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Our lips are sealed…and safe from the sun.

I’m a sunscreen addict. I won’t leave the house unless I’m slathered with the sunscreen. (And you wouldn’t be mistaken if you saw two kids leave my house in the mornings looking like they were dipped in white paint.) But finding moisturizing lip stuff with good SPF? Not so easy. So I’m a little happy dance about this new one from Sun Bum.   The SPF Lip Balms from Sun Bum are just the ticket, packed with moisturizing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, but with the added benefit of serious sun protection. I’ve always been a little wary of chemical sunscreens on my skin,...

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What is the safest sunscreen for kids and babies? EWG has 20 of them.

Each year we eagerly await the Environmental Working Group’s list of the safest sunscreens for kids (and grownups too) and we’re so glad to see the 2013 list is ready, just in time for the unofficial start of summer. Click over to the list of the safest sunscreens and you’ll find not only more than 180 beach and sport sunscreens–the ones we’re most interested in for our own kids–but SPF moisturizers, lip balms and makeup that all meet their criteria. We’ve culled it down to their top picks all scoring a “1” that are made especially for babies and...

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The sunblock that turned us into a family of sunblock snobs

This sunblock is so good, so easy, and so waterproof that my kids call it only “the good one.” Well, not my three-year-old. He calls it “dat good can dat you spray.” Translation: winning product. The brand is MD Solar Sciences, which bills itself as a physician-driven skin cancer prevention company– unlike, say, companies that also make SPF 2 body oil and post-sun aloe gel.  “The good one” refers to two different products that work equally well. The Quick Dry Body Spray is our very favorite, as it sprays cleanly and, believe it or not, clearly. With almost no...

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A safe sunscreen to use all summer long

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun. But the confusing thing is that some sunscreens contain scary ingredients that may actually cancel out their sun protection benefits. I’m always on the lookout for a more natural, toxin-free SPF, which is not an easy task. Thankfully I found a new one that delivers safety and effectiveness with no yucky white streaking. The new sunscreens from Suntegrity Skincare at Lion’esque Style are free of all potentially harmful chemicals, including parabens, phthalates, and nano particles. I definitely feel safe smearing it all over myself and...

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Fake a tan while protecting yourself from a real one

Just because I want to avoid the sun, doesn’t mean I want to spend my summer looking like a ghost. I know I’m not alone, which is why self-tanners have become so popular. And now, I’ve found the perfect beauty product that gives me a gorgeous fake bake, while protecting my skin from the rays. The new SPF 20 Gradual Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse from Supergoop leaves an ever-so-slight kiss of golden color while saving your skin from sun damage. Pretty genius. I used this self tanner/sunscreen for one week straight and was thrilled to step out looking like...

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