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Some like it hot, some like it cold

We’re lunch packers around my house, but when there’s no microwave to heat up anything, it makes it challenging to pack the hot lunch my daughter would beg for. Too bad we didn’t have new Crocodile Creek insulated food jars, now at mom-run boutique Cattiwampus. Known for their friendly graphics and thoughtful designs on things like lunchboxes and placemats (you have seen them everywhere, trust me), Crocodile Creek now brings their expertise into BPA-free, phthalate-free stainless steel insulated jars meant to keep food cold for up to 4 hours and warm for up to 5 hours. It’s not exactly...

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Random acts of stainless steel bottle beauty from Earthlust

Sure, my husband is happy with his solid blue, no-name water bottle. But he also eats the exact same ham sandwich every day and owns an endless army of white socks. Me, I want my environmentally conscious, BPA-free water bottle to be as colorful and artistic as the rest of my life. Bonus points if it matches my argyle sock collection. Cool Mom Picks mentioned Earthlust back when BPA first became a more widely recognized no-no, and even then their artwork stood out from the safe water bottle pack. The latest collection of limited edition stainless steel water bottles...

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The James Bond wallet for Father’s Day

While big kids may be busy at camp in the coming weeks stitching up a leather wallet for Father’s Day (and I’m sure it’s lovely), I think we can all safely agree that stainless steel is sleeker and tougher. That’s why I love the wallets and passport sleeves by Brooklyn’s Stewart/Stand. These manly accoutrements look high-tech because they are. The silky-smooth stainless steel fabric is specially created for use in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, but makes for a dandy wallet material, since it helps prevent credit card fraud by blocking what they call “non-deliberate communication” between your cards and...

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