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Spit-up stains? A Jedi suffers not this embarrassment, thanks to geeky baby bibs on Etsy.

The future is now, and geeky babies don’t have to put up with spit-up on their Bazinga! onesies. Whether you (and your Padawan) are into Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, ninjas, cassette tapes, or mustaches, this adorable Etsy shop has you covered–figuratively and literally. Bitti Bottom Designs is run by a geeky mom and offers all sorts of baby gear with a pop culture twist. From blankets to paci clips to baby carrier drool pads, you can even custom order the design of your choice with your favorite geeky fabric. Of course, we’re into the baby bibs, because spit-up...

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Geek-tastic babies, your wardrobe awaits.

We discovered the awesome pop culture baby tees and onesies from Austin artist Kayo Master over a year ago, and loved them so much (zomg, that Princess Leia onesie?) that we featured them in our Baby Shower Gift Guide. Since then she’s expanded her line, with some awesome new designs and even some baby gift sets than any geeky mama will swoon for. With Dr. Spock, Captain America, Mr. T, and a huge host of baby Star Wars characters in training (sorry…Star Wars inspired characters) you can find lots of these cool handmade Kayo Master baby clothes at BRIKA...

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5 geeky, spooky, and altogether kooky cookies for Halloween

Get out the flour and sugar. Crack the eggs (better use than egging the grouchy neighbors, trust us). Monster mash everything up. And then select the perfect creepy cookie cutters for a very happy Halloween snack. First we brought you NINJAbread Men. Now we’re digging these GingerDEAD Men! Just cut out the shape with one side and impress the bones with the other. Mmm…crunchy. Future mad scientists might enjoy the four fun shapes in the Labcutters Science Cookie Cutters. Some iced beakers and test tubes would be the perfect accompaniment for chemistry homework. Baking involves tons of science, you know. Don’t...

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