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Sweet dreams are made of these.

My daughter’s baby mobile came with the crib and featured four demented and hungry-looking rabbits, so I don’t know why I’m surprised she had sleep issues. Maybe a cozy handmade modern baby mobile  like the new from our pals at Blue Without You would be more soothing. Whether you prefer hearts or stars, they’re sure to bring sweet dreams when dangling overhead. These simple baby crib mobiles come in a rainbow of colors and feature hearts or stars and clouds, all swinging beautifully from a mountain laurel branch–with non-toxic finish, of course. Select from one of the color schemes shown...

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Andy Warhol, Bugaboo, and so many twinkling stars. Can you think of a cooler combination?

Last week, the MoMA Design Store free author events for children continued in New York with none other than Andy Warhol. Of course he was not there himself (that would be a little weird–though very Andy) but we were excited to learn about a new board book out for children featuring some amazing new illustrations. What’s more, there’s a stroller to match. Really. So Many Stars is a beautiful board book, including never-before published images almost entirely from 1958. The collection was put together by none other than Bugaboo, as part of the Andy Warhol stroller collection we’ve recently featured. Their newest edition is the...

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13 ways to get your kids looking like the fabulous stars that they are

There are lots of back to school kids’ clothing trends that we’re really liking this year, but one of them: the return of the star. The classic five-point star is showing up everywhere from the mass stores to the hottest kids’ brands, looking more celestial than cowboy. Here, just a few favorites to get your kids looking galactic-cool from top to bottom. They’re not just for birthday crowns anymore! –Liz Reese Shoes and Patience Sky Shoes Stars and moons couldn’t be a cuter combo on little feet. They come in toddler sizes 3-9 and youth sizes too. ($48, $56, See Kai Run)...

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Stars, not so many stripes — tasteful hostess gifts made for July 4 weekend.

Should you be lucky enough to score a Fourth of July party invite somewhere in the vicinity of fireworks–or better yet, a whole weekend at a beach house (can you tell I’m dreaming of this?)–we’ve got a host of star-themed hostess gifts that are perfect. A little different. And definitely not cheesy. That smell? That’s a blend of good etiquette and freedom, baby. –Liz Star Tea Towel Set by Anna Joyce Stars and dots are just a little more original and practical than stars and stripes, aren’t they? ($28, BRIKA) Custom Constellation Spoon This may be one the coolest...

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Star power: these customized constellation pendant necklaces really shine

I’ve said before that I love Braille jewelry as a more subtle option for mom jewelry than traditional printed text. I’m feeling the same way about these handmade pendants. Do they look just like dots to you? Look again… In fact, these are hand-drilled constellation pendant necklaces, which I think are a cooler way to wear your baby’s birth sign without some cheesy illustration or a typical astrological symbol. Shown here is Scorpio, but there are 11 more to choose from, of course. They’re all made in Brooklyn by artist Julie Nolan, who bases her designs on a Swiss calendar...

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Goodnight (shiny, silver) moon

I love wearing jewelry that I don’t have to think about. I’m always on the hunt for pieces that go with everything, offer just the right amount of pop, and stand out in a subtle way. So I am absolutely over the moon (sorry, couldn’t resist) with this gorgeous necklace from Melinda Maria. [don’t miss an exclusive discount after the jump!] I love how the moon and star are positioned, and how the chain doubles up connecting the two charms together in such a sweet way. It’s perfectly priced to gift to those closest to you, or heck, just...

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A star to top the one on top of the Christmas tree

While I love the silhouette ornaments in our Holiday Gift Guide this year as a fabulous grandparent gift, here’s one more idea. And if you’ve got up to 5 cousins (or kids) in the family, even better. The customized star ornament from CMP fave Lisa Leonard is a beautiful way to commemorate a new baby’s first Christmas. But since you’ve got five lines to play with, another lovely idea is to engrave the name of each of the kids, and send it off to all doting grandparents. Or heck, just write something heartfelt about loving Grandma and Papa. That...

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Baby, you’re a star

I’ve loved the spectacularly gorgeous, understated kids wear from Shirin NYC since first discovering them a few years ago. This is the kind of clothing I spot in a boutique, and the second I touch the silky cotton, I (attempt to) start justifying the splurge. Now I’ve got the same feeling all over again, having seen the new fall/winter line for kids. Bonus: Boys and babies can get in on this year’s styles too. I’m wary of too much glitz on kids, but the new foil print tees add a touch of metallic to their designs in a truly...

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A baby gift for the stars

Even after we compile our favorite baby shower gifts of the year in our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide, it’s so fun spending the rest of the next year looking for cool new ones. The kind that make you go wow. Which is just what I did when I stumbled onto these awesome embroidered zodiac constellations. Whether you’ve got an expectant astronomer on your list, or just a cool second time (or hey, third or fourth time – ahem) mama who’s already got enough onesies and receiving blankets already, these lovely handmade pieces make a really special personalized gift....

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