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3 brand new nature-themed activity books will keep kids busy…without screens.

Though it’s certainly easy to hand our kids a screen when we want to keep them busy at the doctor’s office, on a long road trip, or when work needs to get done (and I am as guilty as anyone), I’ve found there is one alternative to handhelds that keep my kids focused, occupied, and truly content: A great sticker book. So I’m thrilled to have discovered the new My Nature Sticker Activity Books series by Olivia Cosneau. Related: Stickers for boys. Or girls. Cool how that works. In the Age of Dinosaurs is ideal for a dino-loving child who is eager to learn all about the peaceful Stegaosaurus and funny...

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Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

It’ll be a beautiful day in the neighborhood for someone who gets a set of these awesome Mister Rogers sticky notes I just found. Featuring the iconic images of Mister Rogers and his comfy cardigan, as well as Lady Elaine Fairchild, X the Owl, King Friday XIII, and Daniel Striped Tiger, you or your kids can tab pages in a book you are reading or leave little notes around the house. For best results, tab all the smartest pages with X the Owl and save Lady Elaine for anything that makes you feel kind of cranky. Daniel Striped Tiger would only go on my very...

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6 ways to entertain kids in restaurants without (gasp) pulling out a screen.

The very first thing my son does when we sit down to eat at a restaurant (well, after ordering both ice water and milk) is ask for my iPhone. I’ll admit that I’m often tempted to hand it over because it’s such an easy way to keep him entertained while we’re waiting for our food in restaurants. I mean, I always have it on me, and he can play any number of kids’ apps, watch a movie, or find kid-friendly clips on YouTube. But, he’s four. I know doesn’t need all that extra screen time. (Do any of us, really?) Plus,...

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Great savings on some of the coolest back-to-school shopping

When we were growing up, the best part about back-to-school season was always shopping for school supplies. But things have come a long way from the small thrill of finding a Trapper Keeper pattern that matched your personality. In fact, our friends at Minted are back as a sponsor (yay Minted!), and they’ve gotten into the back to school shopping game, too. You thought Minted was just stationery? Turns out they’ve now got personalized notebooks, name labels, cards and more, all to help your kids express themselves through a few special school supplies. Plus, we are so thrilled that Minted is offering 15% off all their kids’ essentials for back...

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11 of our very favorite travel toys and books for kids to help make those miles pass quickly

If Spring Break or Easter has you heading out by plane, train, or automobile, you may be wondering how to keep your kids happily occupied beyond the iPad, as you travel from Point A to Point B. And since we all know how hard it is to hear “are we there yet?” for the 200th time, I’ve pulled together 11 of the most portable, fun, and quiet travel toys for kids that we can all vouch help make the miles whiz by. CMP is an rstyle affiliate   Related: Road trip help for families: Tons of sanity savers, tips and our favorite essential products    Magnetic Toys I...

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Lucy Darling: If you have a baby, we dare you not to be obsessed

I’m in love–with closet dividers. I know, it’s weird, but I am. I don’t derive much pleasure from organizing, but these Lucy Darling closet dividers actually make me want to organize my baby’s closet. They’re so, well, darling. Available in multiple designs, each as adorable as the next, Lucy Darling’s closet dividers are thick, luxe and come in sets of eight from newborn through 2T.  Perfect for baby boys or girls and certainly cute enough for a cool little baby shower gift. However my one piece of advice before you buy is to make sure there is enough clearance between the closet rod and...

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Plant Stamps: Seeded stickers that do more than ruin your car windows (says this mom)

Stickers can be the bane of a parent’s existence, especially when they’re plastered to the car windows or gumming up the vacuum cleaner. Ask me how I know. But a mom-and-pop company from Massachusetts caught our attention among the Martha Stewart American Made finalists for turning boring old stickers into a craft project for kids, a nifty wedding gift, a way to make the world a prettier place, and a great business employing people with disabilities. Sweet… basil! Plant Stamps are made in the USA and come in a variety of styles to suit any occasion from a wedding to a baby...

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15 of the coolest back to school printables: Back to School Guide 2014

As parents, one of our favorite things about the web is the ability to find so many cool–often free–printables for kids of all kinds that make us all look like crafty geniuses. They’re especially abundant this time of year, as back to school printables help make back to school time easier, more organized, and sometimes just more fun. So in this installment of our Back to School Guide, we share some of our very fave back to school printables, with gratitude to the awesome designers who put their talents to work for all of our benefits. Of course one thing you...

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A creative approach to help kids coping with childhood asthma

I developed asthma as an adult. So I can only imagine how scary it is for a young child to have to deal with the coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness that comes with the disease. Not to mention the fear of being “different” from all your friends when you’re reaching for an inhaler in class or before soccer practice.  The good news? Kids can breathe easier now, thanks to one Australian company that’s taking a creative, colorful approach to helping kids with asthma to stay medicated–and healthy. Asthma Peeps’ unique line of asthma-management products were developed by one family who wanted...

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Box Play Stickers turn trash into recycled toy treasure

I’ve always been envious of those crafty upcycle types who can turn a cardboard box or egg carton into an adorable toy or trinket holder. I just don’t have enough of the craft gene to make trash look like much more than…well, trash. But now that I’ve discovered these seriously adorable stickers, that’s all about to change. Eco-friendly craft stickers from Box Play for Kids give regular old recyclables like a quart of juice, a tissue box, or an egg carton a second life by turning them into a bright fire truck, a smiling kitty bank, or a clever place...

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