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A reusable tablecloth our kids can draw on? Yes, please.

With family picnics and outdoor parties on the horizon, I’m loving Jaq Jaq Bird’s Chalk Board Table Runner that gives kids — and adults, if we’re being honest — a creative canvas on which to doodle while they (cough) patiently wait for their food. It’s a much better way to keep kids occupied and in their seats than playing with their utensils. At 6-feet long, this portable table runner offers ample space for an entire group of kids to draw side-by-side. Or, hang it on a wall for some space-saving art opportunities. I even love that this table runner can be used to deliver...

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Rainbow housewares to brighten up winter. Or any season.

January is tough on my but by February I tend to hit the doldrums. Yes, it’s actually light until (nearly) 5:20 so that’s in the plus column, but I start to feel like everything around me is gray, including the remaining snow piles on the sidewalks in New York. So I checked out the members sale at the MoMA store right now and the thing that struck me most were the increasing collection of beautiful rainbow housewares. The best part is that if you’re a member like I am, everything is 20% off right now. And if you’re not...

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How to clean up after those plums in the ice box that were so sweet and delicious.

William Carlos Williams has always been one of my favorite poets, and to this day, his imagery of plums in the icebox remains strong and beautiful thanks to my mom introducing me to This is Just To Say when I was young. So when I saw this William Carlos Williams tea towel featuring his beautiful words, perfectly screenprinted in a typewriter font the way he meant them to be, I thought, yep. Perfect. Denver Etsy shop Urban Bird and Co offers other fun natural cotton tea towels and sets of cloth napkins that make wonderful hostess gifts now that summer is around hte corner. But it’s that...

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Modern holiday table setting tips: A huge array of ideas to keep it easy, affordable, and fun!

Let me first be totally upfront: The idea of setting a holiday table kind of terrifies me. I am not someone who can just effortlessly whip up an Elsa’s castle centerpiece made of handmade gingerbread, or pick up a calligraphy pen and go to town on place cards. I don’t even own fancy china or “holiday” dinnerware because we tend to have holiday dinners elsewhere. I quietly envy the spectacular holiday table settings and place card ideas on Pinterest, and repin them, but in my head I’m thinking, yeah, right. In other words, I’m not living the glorious home decor blogger dream. I’m...

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Cool hostess gifts: Handmade tea towels you’ll want to keep for yourself

You know what’s awesome? When a favorite artisan or etsy shop of mine decides to brand out a little beyond their regular spate of offerings. That’s exactly what happened with Foxy and Winston, whom I loved for their cool letterpress and now for their kitchen textiles, which is fancy for cotton tea towels, napkins, and tablecloths. (Sorry, we’ve been on a Fancy Nancy kick around my place lately). Whether your own kitchen needs a little refreshing or you’ve got another lucky someone in mind, these handmade tea towels are some of the prettiest I’ve seen, with bright colors and fun patterns (and organic cotton,...

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Cool cloth napkins bring ombre to your kitchen

I weaned my family off of paper napkins awhile ago, and we’ve never gone back. This is mostly thanks to my ever-growing supply of cool cloth napkins, like these ombre napkins at Nine Space. I love that the ombre trend is hitting kitchen accessories, and these napkins are the perfect way to introduce it into your home. They’re a fun pop of color for your dinner table, outdoor BBQ or picnic basket, and a nice change from the often simple, subdued napkins I’ve seen and own. And considering how much time you spend at the table–or if you’re me, in...

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Time to start saying cheers! Often. As much as possible.

Hostess gift season is upon us big time, and this has always been one of my favorite kinds of gifts to track down. Just look at our Hostess Gifts Pinterest board which is already filling up with fun new ideas; something about making sure you put the same effort into being a guest, as we all know it takes to be a great host. At Anthropologie, I spotted these simple linen Cheers cocktail napkins and I think it’s the most perfect gift for so many people on your list, whether it’s cocktails with a friend or a weekend with your mother-in-law. While they’re...

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Passage to India

Now that our air conditioner is blaring full force (curse you, NYC humidity!), I’ve finally gotten around to summer-izing the linens. I find a simple little change like switching throw pillow covers from wool to cotton or swapping out our duvet for something lighter makes me feel like I have a whole new, seasonally-appropriate home. (Just avoid the mounds of shedding cat hair and you’ll be fine.) If you’re looking for little changes that can go a long way, take a gander at the utterly gorgeous linens we just discovered at Saffron Marigold. The richly vibrant, ethnic-inspired textiles are...

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Cloth napkins for kids that don’t look like cloth napkins for kids

One of biggest and easiest green changes I made in our house was that I started using cloth napkins instead of paper. But it’s amazing how hard it is to find cute cloth napkins for the kids, let alone ones that aren’t so big they might as well have a whole table cloth tucked under their chins. Enter the ridiculously adorable embroidered cloth napkins from mika&bu. Made from 100% organic cotton, these reusable napkins are the perfect size for little kid mouths, hands, and laps (I can wish, right?), all with graphics that are super cute without being too cutesie....

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