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The most outrageous beds and bunk beds for kids. Just, whoa.

I have big dreams of redesigning my kids’ bedrooms with one-of-a-kind, fun furniture that will capture their personalities and make way for the most awesome sleepover destination ever. Which is why my jaw dropped when I saw the amazing VW camper bunk bed. Created by the UK’s Fun Furniture Collection, is there any kid (or child of a former hippie, ha) who wouldn’t want one? The entire line of beds and bunk beds for kids at Fun Furniture Collection lives up to the promise in the name. Fun styles in addition to the camper include a Land Rover Safari bed, a way cool 1964 Mini...

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Micuna’s cool modern baby furniture from Spain, now finally available in the U.S.

I’ve had my eye on Micuna, a popular, gorgeous line of eco-friendly, modern baby furniture made in Spain, for a while now. But shipping from Europe is kind of a nonstarter. Well, now parents of new babies — at least who happen to have an ample nursery decor budget — are in luck, because Micuna is finally available in the U.S. They make the kind of high chair you won’t stash away in the pantry when friends come over to dinner, and the Micuna crib is probably one you’ll keep for your grandkids one day. They’re that nice. However the real reason Micuna has become such a cult favorite...

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The Star Wars bed for kids that would make you you the intergalactic queen of the world on #ForceFriday

Star Wars fans everywhere (and pretty much the rest of us) know that today is #ForceFriday –the day a whole bunch of new Star Wars gifts and toys goes on sale to help build excitement for the December release of Episode VII The Force Awakens. Also known as The One Where Luke, Leia, and Han are Old. But, you know, not everything new is better. So I have my eye on this super cool new gift that harkens back to the original Star Wars movie that we parents grew up watching. You know, the one when everyone was young. Related: The Sphero BB-8 droid that wins...

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Exclusive first look at the modern Stokke Home furniture that grows with your kids

My 7-year-old daughter cannot wait for a little sister to join our family . . . and her bedroom, which I have to admit, it’s been tricky trying to find furniture that will mix a big kid look with the needs of an infant, but not any more. We’re excited to give you guys the first exclusive look at Stokke Home, a new line of modular furniture from Stokke that features beautiful minimalist pieces that will grow with your child. Stokke has always wowed us with their design — their oval-shaped crib is iconic — but these new pieces are...

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P’kolino’s Little Modern Collection: modern kids’ furniture for modern kids

Changing your child’s room from an infant’s nursery to a kid’s functional bedroom doesn’t have to be a long (and expensive) project for modern style-and-design conscious parents. In fact, Cool Mom Picks’ favorite P’kolino’s new Little Modern Collection has enough kids’ furniture pieces to help you outfit an entire room easier than it takes to get a squirmy toddler into footsie pajamas at bedtime. P’kolino’s Little Modern toddler bed is such a nice-looking piece of furniture with clean lines and a neutral color palette that goes with everything. I also appreciate nice touches like built-in handrails to keep kids tucked in safely and the hidden storage...

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Looking for a great bed rail with night light built right in? We’ve found a great one.

My kids are rollers. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to check on them while they sleep, only to find them on the floor. I’ve considered getting a bed rail but they think they’re so babyish. And when you’re a big four-year-old, is there a worse fate?  But then I discovered the new new Side Light bed rail from Babyhome which even my older kids think looks pretty cool. If you recognize the name Babyhome it’s because they’re the amazing modern children’s design company responsible for the modern So-Ro cradle that we’ve all been coveting for the babies in our...

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DucDuc nursery furniture for Land of Nod: an investment that keeps paying off

I have always loved the beautiful lines of DucDuc nursery furniture which gives parents so many more modern options for their babies. And as a little local Brooklyn company, I’m really thrilled to see their exclusive new collection at Land of Nod.     DucDuc for Land of Nod isn’t a cheap kids’ furniture collection, but it sure is a great investment. In fact, the DucDuc Verona Crib converts to a toddler bed, and then a full-size bed which means you’ll get years and years of use out of it even without having to have six kids. That’s more than I can...

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An affordable toddler bed to swoon over

Toddler beds are really glorious things. They ease the transition from the warm and cozy crib of yore, and the big bad bed of the future. And they’re awesome for small spaces. The problem is that these little beds can come with a big price tag, and since they are only used for a finite period of time, it can be hard to justify. Fear not, moms and dads of toddlers–we’ve got a new option just for you. The new P’Kolino Cafe Con Leche toddler bed is everything you could possibly ask for, and so much more. It’s got...

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A toddler bed fit for a king. Or a very lucky toddler.

When we bought our first crib, we listened to everyone who told us to make sure to get one that converts to a toddler bed. But then we had another kid who needed that crib, so we still ended up getting a toddler bed anyway. Truth be told, our kid never liked the thing and just ended up sleeping in a twin bed with rails.  With our third, however, we didn’t have enough room for that solution and a toddler bed probably would saved us a lot of heartache and sleepless nights. [don’t miss a sweet giveaway after the...

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The inflatable toddler bed that just might get us all a better night’s sleep

Loved my ginormous collapsible playpen / portable crib when the kids were little. Loved. Though I admit to doing a happy dance when I no longer had to lug that thing around to hotels and overnights at the grandparents. But because we’re still big travelers, when I caught a glimpse of the Tuckaire inflatable toddler bed on at the ABC Kids show, I jumped at the chance to take a closer look. [Eds: The URL has been updated] In a word: awesome. Especially in these days of staycations and houseguests and single hotel rooms for whole families who might...

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Toddler bedding that’s looks absolutely nothing like toddler bedding. (That’s a good thing.)

I hesitate to admit that my daughter’s current toddler bedding collection includes a queen sheet wrapped twice around the mattress and a handmade quilt with shudder-worthy pink flowers. Needless to say, not my style. That’s why I was so drawn to Olli and Lime’s line of modern toddler bedding and their cool geometric sensibility. I particularly love the Egg comforter and pillowcase set (shown) and how its mod geometric design is perfect for boy or girl, since I have one of each — I figure I’ve got a greater chance of spending $100 on a comforter and pillowcase if...

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