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6 Tooth fairy gifts for kids getting ready to lose teeth faster than that little winged collector can keep up.

You know that time your kid turns 6 (or 5 or 7) and suddenly they start losing a whole slew of teeth in what feels like five minutes? That’s what’s going on in my house right now, as my daughter yanks out tooth after tooth. Seriously, this kid is proactive in the tooth removal department. So it’s only logical that I’ve been having some fun looking online for cool tooth fairy gifts for kids losing teeth. Not that she’ll get one for every tooth; I think the tooth fairy’s bounty for incisors and bicuspids cover that. But I love the delightful...

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Tooth fairy pillows that double as awesome kids’ room decor

A giraffe grazing near a hut. A whale swimming past an iceberg. At first glance, these nature-inspired designs just look like fun decorative pillows for a kid’s bedroom. And if that’s all these Mighty Twenty pillows were, I’d still want one for my children’s rooms. But look closer and you’ll see a tiny tooth pocket on front of each pillow that’s in some way connected with the animal. Flip it over and you’ll find a larger pocket in a contrasting pattern stuffed with a tooth tracker journal. Surprise! They’re super clever tooth fairy pillows. Related: Tooth fairy pillows too cute to resist Mighty...

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A tooth fairy pillow where any incisor would be happy to take up temporary residence.

When you have a kid losing a tooth, whether it’s the first or the fifteenth, you know how special it can be. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a thing for tooth fairy pillows, and the lovely, affordable handmade ones from AppleWhite on Etsy just made me get excited for my youngest to start turning her beliefs into dollar bills. (Yes, our tooth fairy offers a dollar. Just one. I know she can probably get kicked out of Brooklyn for that, but tough.) The pillows are shaped like the sweetest cottages, homes, and even teepees, should you have a child who prefers something...

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Fun tooth fairy traditions to help celebrate a first lost tooth. (Sniff.)

If your child is about to lose a first tooth–or maybe getting ready to lose a second or third–there are so many wonderful tooth fairy traditions you can create besides the old tooth-for-cash swap. Some are old, some new, some crafty, some high tech.  So on behalf of our sponsor Wishingtooth, the first app that brings the lost legend of the Tooth Fairy to life, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to celebrate a lost tooth and create more magic for a child around that very Big Kid milestone.   1. Write a Note to the Tooth...

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Web Coolness: Brotherly love, Valentine pins, and how movies teach manhood

Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too! Such a wonderful story about an older brother’s love for his younger sibling which made the duo the Sport Illustrated Kids 2012 SportsKids of the Year. Our own contributor Eva writes lovingly in the uplifting My Brother Used to Have Down Syndrome. Our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board is packed with much to adore. Check it out! How Movies Teach Manhood: Such an interesting TED Talk about what messages are out there, and how they could be improved for our boys. (via Shelly Kramer) This sweet...

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Letters from the tooth fairy – When you care enough to send the very tiniest

Need a little something more special from the tooth fairy than say a dollar under the pillow? We’ve got just the teeny-tiny thing. We fell in love with Leafcutter Designs teeny-tiny letters from the Easter Bunny a few years back, which would rock any child’s Easter basket even more than a 12-inch chocolate rabbit. Checking back with them, we’ve discovered that the duo now offers eleven different card designs with everything from a petite heart, ladybug, or kite imprinted on the front. Just type out your text and they’ll shrink it down to fit and fold it all up...

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You don’t have to love fairies to love this tooth fairy pillow

When a child loses the first tooth, it’s one of the greatest “becoming a big kid” moments we parents get to witness. I love how special that very first one is. So when things get wiggly, it’s fun to get prepared with something like a cool tooth fairy pillow. Sparkle Power has created these adorable Tooth Fairy pillows that will add to the tooth celebration. This pillow measures 6 x 6 inches with a small blue pocket on the front, which is the perfect size for holding a lost tooth and the money that the tooth fairy wishes to...

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A tooth fairy box worthy of those special little teeth

On the nights I play “tooth fairy,” the last thing I want to do is wake a child while I shove my arm under their pillow in a not-so-subtle search for a tiny tooth. So I love that one of our favorite beautiful-keepsake makers, Tree by Kerri Lee, has done it again by creating such a special and convenient way to store their little tooth until this fairy can get in to replace it with a little ka-ching. The Turtle Tooth Fairy Box by Tree by Kerri Lee is a cute way to keep a lost tooth handy for...

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A tooth fairy keepsake to help you fill in the gaps

The tooth fairy made another visit here this weekend, and while we’ve been pretty satisfied with her—she’s only been late twice with three kids—I’m not so happy with how lackadaisical I’ve been about keeping track of the moments that represent the transformation from toddler to big kid. Want to remember those tooth-fairy days with a special keepsake that your kids will probably hang onto a lot longer than the quarters under their pillow? I’ve found that very thing. {keep reading for the chance to win!} Handmade artist Kata Golda’s Tooth Fairy Keepsake: Under the Pillow Pocket and Memory Book is a...

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The real tooth fairy – keep away from open mouse traps

Only recently did I learn that the origins of the tooth fairy may come from a French fairy tale called The Good Little Mouse (La Bonne Petite Souris ) in which a fairy mouse convinces a mean prince to be nice so that his teeth will turn beautiful and white. Yes, it’s a little weird. But aren’t they all? The whole thing is explained on the hang tag of the sweet new tooth fairy pillow, just out now from one of my favorite indie baby gift companies, Petite Miette. L.A. mom/designer Sarah Odenkirk has designed the pillow out of...

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