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Finally, a beach towel that leaves the sand at the beach. Whoo!

My idea of a perfect day? Relaxing at the beach with a fun read while the kids play in the waves and never argue. Not even once. Okay, maybe that’s not so realistic, but what might make me almost as happy is a beach towel that sand won’t stick to. So, as you might guess, I was very excited to discover this new sand-free beach towel and put it to the test. CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: The very best beach umbrellas and tents for families, after a ton of research The construction of Sandusa sand-free beach towels (that’s pronounced “san-doosa,” by...

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Shark Week is back! Here are 7 of our favorite shark picks for summer

Starting today, it won’t be safe to turn on the television without knowing Shark Week has come ashore, with an entire week of programming on the Discovery Channel dedicated to those creatures of the sea. And while we’re happy to keep the bitey kind of shark in its rightful place in the ocean, we’ve also netted some great summertime shark finds for your kids should they have a soft spot for those toothy fish — and maybe aren’t quite old enough to watch Jaws with you just yet. Related: 14 of the coolest Shark Week picks for kids (whether they’re old...

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Beautiful new muslin baby blankets, for a new generation of peacefully sleeping babies

New moms now have more baby blankets to choose from than babies have reason to cry.  But the cool, mom-owned label, Lulujo that’s new to the US from Canada, has really caught my eye with gorgeous, affordable muslin baby blankets and other gift-worthy swaddling options. My favorites: a bold, double-layer muslin swaddler that I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to live without when new baby arrives, and a luxurious turkish towel I can use for almost anything. I know, I really shouldn’t be this excited about baby blankets. But I am. Related: Celebrity-designed baby blankets in a beautiful collaboration   Like the original swaddlers...

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Cool hostess gifts: Handmade tea towels you’ll want to keep for yourself

You know what’s awesome? When a favorite artisan or etsy shop of mine decides to brand out a little beyond their regular spate of offerings. That’s exactly what happened with Foxy and Winston, whom I loved for their cool letterpress and now for their kitchen textiles, which is fancy for cotton tea towels, napkins, and tablecloths. (Sorry, we’ve been on a Fancy Nancy kick around my place lately). Whether your own kitchen needs a little refreshing or you’ve got another lucky someone in mind, these handmade tea towels are some of the prettiest I’ve seen, with bright colors and fun patterns (and organic cotton,...

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Cool stencils for kids that make crafts you’ll actually want to keep.

So many times I’ve spent hours working on a craft with my kids, only to quietly throw it away after they go to bed. (Shh, don’t tell them.) Sometimes it’s more about the process than the end result around here–crafting for the sake of crafting. But on the other hand, these very cool  stencil kits for kids from CMP favorite Yellow Owl Workshop yield some crafts I might actually want to keep around. The kits include a cotton tea towel or tote bag, the stencils, and a set of markers in three decidedly cute themes: fruits and veggies, ice cream...

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A tea towel that talks back.

We love functional. We also love whimsical. So when the two come together? Boom. The hard-working tea towel gets a charm makeover in designer Christina Weber’s Studiopatro shop–and with a quote by indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, no less.   With 100% linen, a splash of color, and some fun and thoughtful words, these tea towels from Weber’s studio at Martha Stewart American Made get the job done while injecting a little beauty and whimsy into your day. Who knows? You may want one to dry your dishes, and another to hang on your wall for inspiration. Get the Devour tea towel for $24...

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In season: tea towels as fresh as just-picked veggies

Cooking with the windows open, wrists slightly dirty from picking fresh veggies, knife making a crisp choppety-choppety sound–not going to lie. I live for spring and summer produce. But, with cooking comes cleanup, which pales in comparison to eating. Until you discover pure linen tea towels like these. Ahhhh.    From Poketo, featuring sweetly simple, often humorous designs hand-printed in fresh green and vibrant orange, these towels are for more than just wiping countertops. Use them as place mats, kitchen decor, knot one around your waist as an impromptu apron–or, if you’re feeling crafty, use as uber-green gift wrap. They’re naturally more...

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Obsessed with tea towels? Oh, you will be

So I’ve been told I have a tea towel addiction. I prefer to think of it as a healthy obsession. Tea towels, after all, are awesome. They’re there for you whether you’re drying dishes, produce, or your hands. They can also be used in a pinch as aprons and table runners–or as a delivery system, serving up a little old-school charm for your kitchen. Tea towels for the win! Poketo, a long time favorite of ours, has just released a new selection of tea towels. Poketo plus tea towel equals pure bliss. There’s a reason for that, of course.  ...

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Hey Girl, You should totally buy this Ryan Gosling tea towel

I make it no secret that I have a huge crush on the Canadian Ryans: Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. But since I’m not 15 anymore, I’m pretty sure the glossy posters on my ceiling or calendars on my wall are out of the question. But a tea towel? Oh that’s more than fair game. You better hurry and snatch up the Hey Girl I’d Rather Be Doing Dishes tea towel before I buy it. Artist Colleen Pugh has translated the hugely popular Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Internet meme into a must-have kitchen accessory for R-Go fan. (I just made that...

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The cutest beach robes for your little beach bums

Now that our neighborhood pool is open, my kids and I practically live there, Which that means I’m willing to spend more on good quality towels and swimsuits–a lesson I learned after going through far too many per kid last summer. So when I discovered these gorgeous pool robes from down under, I knew I had struck summertime gold. You have to trust an Australian company to know their beach towels, which is exactly why the locally made Terry Rich Australia kids’ beach robes are so darn awesome. Between the stylish design and the soft, hearty fabric, which actually dries you...

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