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Play tape road rolls that let kids bring imaginative play on the road

With three vehicle-loving children, there was a time when I feared my living room would be overrun with sections of train tracks and makeshift “roads” built out of blocks. I wish I had known about InRoad Toys; clever  play tape road rolls which turns any flat surface into a road or train track without creating an obstacles should you need to walk from one side of the room to another. Plus, it’s just fantastic for summer travel. The self-adhesive paper tape road rolls makes it so easy for kids to roll out and stick to a hardwood floor, coffee table, flat-pile carpet, bookshelf —  really...

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Candylab Toys: Our kids can’t wait to get behind these wheels

We fell so in love with Candylab Toys and their gorgeous, modern-looking wood cars when we saw them over the holidays last year, they easily made 2014 Best Toys, Dolls, and Games list. Now our engines are all revved up again to see that they are adding to their fleet of vehicles with five new styles of handmade wooden cars. Like their original cars, these new Candylab vehicles run not on batteries, but on the imagination of the kids playing with cars like the iconic yellow cab, a mini tow truck that actually tows, or a 1970’s era Woodie station wagon which comes with...

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The Mini Life: When you feel like you’ve seen every baby and kid gift out there, here’s where to go.

I’m always happy to introduce you to beautifully-curated independent web boutiques and here’s one more  new one that’s caught my attention since its launch just a few weeks ago. Mini Life is an exquisite children’s lifestyle boutique packed full of gorgeous toys, decor, home items and more, all cultivated from around the world. It’s definitely not the kinds of gifts you see in every shop in the mall. Founder Athena Rotolo has a modern sensibility I just love, and if you’ve got little ones to shop for–or maybe, splurge on–then you must look around this exquisite site. Here are just...

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Gorgeous wooden toy cars that run on imagination

Some of the best toys don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, or even horns, to make them a plaything that kids will love for years. Our newest find is Candylab’s stunning, yet durable, wooden toy cars. After Candylab wooden toy cars received some acceleration from a super-successful Kickstarter campaign, six styles are ready to roll up to your house in time for the holidays for any vehicle-loving child and their mid-century-modern-loving parents. Designed in Brooklyn, made of solid beech wood, colored in water-based paints, and rolling on food-grade rubber tires, Candylab’s entire garage of toy cars are the kinds...

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Buildex Speed Machines: Cool building toys for kids who love their wheels

If you’re looking for a neat little birthday gift, or perhaps something unique for the Easter basket, check out the Buildex Speed Machine construction toy. Because not every kid wants just a bunny in her basket. These brightly colored, wooden-construction building toys for kids turn into toy motorcycles, toy trains, and toy race cars that go together easily without glue or tape. And thanks to a GridLock construction system, they won’t fall apart when your child takes them for a spin. My son loves that the rubber rimmed wheels on his Speed Drifter Speed Bike really do spin, and the front...

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Best gifts for 8-year-old boys: ideas that will get a big “wow.” Reader Q & A

What are the best gifts for an 8-year-old boy? I’m looking for a big gift, in the $50-$100 range. —CMP reader, via Twitter   Oh, you mean the kind of gift that makes a child pause while unwrapping, shout out with glee, and rush over to give you a big hug? Well, small gifts can do that too, but on the splurgier side, here are some of our favorites according to our own sons — and by the way, according to our daughters, all these cool kids’ gifts would be great for girls, too. Just note we stayed away...

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Gorgeous wooden cars babies can drive. And chew.

We have always had a fondness for wooden toys for babies. There’s something so satisfying about them in every way, and they really hold up as heirlooms years later–I’ve got my own from 8 years ago that still look amazing on a shelf, and I couldn’t say that about anything plastic. These handmade wooden cars are so adorable, especially at just $14. I’d get both the triangle and the half circle, which together makes for an awesome little first birthday gift. They’re made from 20 kinds of wood and the finish is a natural linseed oil, so no worries about curious...

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Tegu blocks go mobile. i.e. They like to move it, move it.

When we find something as smart and cool as the magnetic blocks by Tegu, we keep an eye out for whatever they come up with next, because we know it’s going to knock our socks off. This time, they’re knocking our blocks off by adding— drumroll– wheels! [don’t miss a chance to win your own set after the jump!] We, like pretty much every parent out there, fell for the fun, eco-friendly, magnetic blocks the first time we saw them. But now that they’ve added the new Tegu Mobility line, building takes on a whole new dimension. You can...

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Pink cadillac? Try pink race car.

My love runs deep for Green Toys and for good reason. Their sturdy, inviting toys made from recycled milk jugs never fail to make my kids squeal with delight. But the new addition to their line has me as happy as it does my kids. [don’t miss a great offer after the jump] Their brand new eco-friendly race car toys are simply awesome. Made with the same detail as their bigger trucks and toys, these cars come in three colors – red, blue, and pink. Yes, pink. They race quite well on hardwood floors, and even though they don’t...

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A ride on toy that the non-riders can love too.

I’ve found the degree to which children love ride-on toys seems to be in inverse proportion to how ugly they look in your living room. Cute sleek and modern? Eh. Big, shiny and plastic? Home run! But now there’s one that my kids will love just as much as I’d love looking at it. The Metal Speedcar Racer is one stunner of a ride-on toy. This 1930’s era replica is low-maintenance, it doesn’t guzzle gas, and it’s a snap to parallel park. Plus there’s no passenger seat, meaning your kid will never get stuck with carpool duty. It’s all...

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