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Play tape road rolls that let kids bring imaginative play on the road

With three vehicle-loving children, there was a time when I feared my living room would be overrun with sections of train tracks and makeshift “roads” built out of blocks. I wish I had known about InRoad Toys; clever  play tape road rolls which turns any flat surface into a road or train track without creating an obstacles should you need to walk from one side of the room to another. Plus, it’s just fantastic for summer travel. The self-adhesive paper tape road rolls makes it so easy for kids to roll out and stick to a hardwood floor, coffee table, flat-pile carpet, bookshelf —  really...

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Princess Awesome: Where trains, dinos, and science symbols help you dress #likeagirl

It’s been pretty well established by now that girls are capable of loving both science and pink. They might even like dinosaurs and pirates and trucks and purple princesses…all together. I know, it’s like a world gone crazy for most mainstream toy marketers who can’t seem to reconcile this wacky “girls like science and trucks” stuff. But hey, there’s hope. Maybe they’ll take some cues from Princess Awesome, a new clothing label for our times. Related: Quirkie kids: Pink tees for boys. And girls. Washington, D.C. moms Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair had so much success with their handmade dresses for babies...

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What are the best gifts for a two year old? We’ve got tons!

Choosing the best gift for a two year old from among ride-on vehicles, construction toys, dolls and more can seem overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed it down to some favorites that our own boys and girls have loved. Because that first birthday party may get more hoopla, but we know the second is where you get to buy the really fun gifts for a toddler who is just getting ready to, well, toddle everywhere. And, possibly, remember your gift in the first place.   RIDE-ON TOYS FOR TWO YEAR OLDS   You probably don’t have to worry about a two-year-old getting enough exercise, but the challenge is to...

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Cool historical shirts for kids, because some of our superheroes are real

I’m the first to freak out over great superhero shirts for my kids (and myself), but there’s something to be said for actual heroes from history. Sure, Thor has a rad hammer, but Abraham Lincoln did real good in the world. So we’re digging these retro-stylish historical shirts for kids, with vintage images of heroes from history.     Wee Rascals is a new mom-run business making stylish, US-made tees and onesies with designs based on old stamps, engravings, and books. There’s a small selection now, ranging from Sir Isaac Newton to Davy Crocket to the Founding Fathers. While I love...

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Buildex Speed Machines: Cool building toys for kids who love their wheels

If you’re looking for a neat little birthday gift, or perhaps something unique for the Easter basket, check out the Buildex Speed Machine construction toy. Because not every kid wants just a bunny in her basket. These brightly colored, wooden-construction building toys for kids turn into toy motorcycles, toy trains, and toy race cars that go together easily without glue or tape. And thanks to a GridLock construction system, they won’t fall apart when your child takes them for a spin. My son loves that the rubber rimmed wheels on his Speed Drifter Speed Bike really do spin, and the front...

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Best train table for a toddler? Reader Q&A

My toddler LOVES anything train! Do you all have any ideas for cool train tables that my toddler would love?   I wish I had done this research for my son before we got his ugly train table many years ago. Though he loves it, it’s a major eyesore every time I walk into his room. Here are some cooler-looking train tables I think you, and your toddler, could love.   Under-the-bed Train Table Sled I like that this Train Table Sled by Choo Choo Track & Toy Company doesn’t take up much space and can slide under the bed when not...

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Don’t need no stinking hammer

If you are like me and have a ton of photos that need to go on the wall, but you lack the motivation to frame and hang them, Stickr has got something to make the process a whole lot easier. We’ve recommended their more sophisticated reusable vinyl frames in the past (no hammer, nails or level needed), and now they’ve got a new train photo frame that’s especially perfect for the little one’s room, where breakable glass and sharp-edged frames that can get knocked off the walls are dubious ideas at best. The train set comes with room for...

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