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You need this Pink Power Ranger onesie, especially if the Terror Toad attacks.

Superheroes are big right now, but let’s not forget the Power Rangers, who have kicked their way through 20 television seasons of 17  themed series, not to mention two movies, and all in body-tight Spandex. If you’re worried about Rita Repulsa or the next set of Kaiju, you’ll want a Ranger in the house in this Pink Power Ranger onesie, even if all she can do is waggle her arms and coo. The Pink Ranger has been there since season one, is known for gymnastics moves and empathy, and her 100% cotton costume (complete with tutu) isn’t nearly as revealing as some of the other...

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Pantone Orchid: The hot spring 2014 color is all over kids’ fashion.

Since Pantone released their it colors for spring 2014, the stunning shade I’ve been most taken with is Pantone Orchid. This bold, not-quite-lavender purple is great for boys and girls, which is why we’re seeing it all over the spring collections for kids’ clothes right now. In order to avoid overhearing another toddler commenting that your child’s color choices are “sooo last year” (don’t you hate when that happens?) here are some of our favorite kids’ looks that come in Radiant Orchid. Or similar shades. Because really, you don’t have to walk around with a Pantone Swatch in your pocket when you shop for...

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Kid style: How to wear tutus out in the real world

Don’t miss an exclusive discount for our readers! I once feebly resisted my children’s love for tutus, until I realized that they could be way more than the beginnings of a fairy princess outfit. Tutus are now on trend as outerwear, as in publicly appropriate skirts. So we wanted to help you out with a few ways to wear tutus in a cool, stylish way, on behalf of our awesome new sponsor eden & zoe, whose gorgeous kids clothes we’ve been drooling over for ages now. Including, yes, their tutus. Think of the multi-layered, lined Alessandra tutu in black, white, or...

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Wunway clothing for girls: Hooray for another non-hoochie option!

The new site Wunway first piqued my interest for their awesome, affordable accessories for women–check out the cool wrap bracelet in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide which I’d wear long after the chill of February is over. But mostly, they’re a fabulous resource for stylish yet totally age-appropriate children’s clothing. And now that I’ve gotten a chance to see some of the line in person, I’d say this is one worth checking out. Put together by 3 mothers with 10 children between them, it’s amazing that they still have time to craft beautiful, wearable, original designs for kids at...

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Dress up clothing so gorgeous, it will make you twirl too.

These days, my girls would rather get into dress up clothing than play nearly anything else. I’m not complaining; I love all the creativity and imagination it inspires, when they piece together the mismatched accessories, tutus, hats and capes in their room and turn into fairy princesses, fairy princess cowboys, and fairy princess firefighters. (That’s my three year-old for you.) If you are nodding your head with understanding right now, you are going to simply die (die!) with our latest pick. It is rare that I open up a sample sent to me and actually gasp. It’s rarer yet...

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Design your own tutu. Without, you know, designing your own tutu.

Tutus are everywhere these days (I even saw some at Costco) and little girls are wearing them everywhere and anywhere. And why not? They’re little girls. Nobody’s going to look at them funny. Or so we hope. Here’s a fun spin on the already fun tutu: One that comes on a built-in shirt that you can design all by yourself. Have you ever stared at rows of lovely ribbon at a craft store and wondered what you could make with so much prettiness? I’m not crafty, so I have stood there pondering all those stripes, dots and checks and,...

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