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8 must-read summer reading books for tweens and teens who want to stay woke

Lately, as my kids are getting older and the world has gotten (ahem) a little crazier, my 10- and 12-year-old have been questioning what’s going on. I chat with them about my own observations and beliefs…and ask them about theirs. But one thing that helps us both understand where other people are coming from is to read stories written from their perspectives. So I’ve recently tracked down a handful of books that can help kids stay woke. I’ve collected these with tweens and teens in mind (although check them out first, because some of the books on this list...

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Coloring your child’s hair at home: Tips to make it hella easy.

I was so proud of myself, the first time my daughter wanted to color her hair at home and asked for a pink stripe in her hair. I did all the research (what’s easiest, safest, least messy ) and finally settled on dyeing it with…Kool-Aid. Good gravy, what a mistake! It burned, believe it or not, and just as bad, it hardly left behind any color. Then, I discovered one simple way to dye my kid’s hair at home, turning her into her version of a 21st century punk without the tears: Dye the ends of the hair only. Here’s why. Before you...

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A magazine for tween girls, by tween girls, about tween girls. Finally!

OMG! We found a magazine for tween girls so cool that the only thing my 10-year-old daughter could find to complain about was that some of the fonts were hard to read. High praise indeed, if you’re familiar with hormonal, too-cool-for-school preteen ways. Seriously, though. If you’ve got a tween girl, you’ve got to check out Bright Lite magazine. Related: 9 great TV shows for tweens that you might not have considered Bright Lite, which is run by two moms, is a magazine for tween girls written by tween girls, and curated by an editorial board of — you guessed...

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Epic tees for epic teens and tweens, designed by epic teens and tweens. Epic.

One of the hardest things about buying clothes for my tween is that she wants to look grown-up, but the clothes made for teens are too often high on price and low on, uh, coverage. And the message isn’t always one I want to promote, like those “Math is hard” shirts that keep popping up like a negative self-esteem whack-a-mole game. Luckily, we’ve found a great company in California with clothes and accessories we think are perfect for our tweens and teens — because they’re designed and curated by actual tween and teen girls. Related: We’re fawning over these 9 adorable...

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16 terrifically creepy YA novels for kids (and adults!) who dig dark themes. Boo!

As we turn the corner into All Things Pumpkin Spice, let us not forget that being up all night with a scary book can be truly delicious. These YA reads for teens (and adults!) who dig dark themes range from silly vampires to magical devils to absolute terror — and they all happen to be written by women. Several of them carry my personal Seal of Scareproval, and the rest were recommended by other YA authors and editors I trust, being a fantasy author myself, so you know we know our stuff. Hope one of these 16 novels is just...

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8 outstanding books that teach empathy for kids with special needs

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind. ―Henry James   You stocked up on school supplies, bought your kid a cool new lunch box and backpack, and purchased that first day of school outfit, but you may be missing one important item I like to have on my own kids’ back to school lists — books that teach empathy. Especially for those kids with special needs who may be new to a classroom, playgroup, or just the neighborhood this year. Besides feeling...

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