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6 celeb-worthy, creative birth announcement ideas for twins + multiples. We’ve got you covered, Beyoncé!

First Beyoncé and Jay Z, now the Clooneys and Madonna? In case you haven’t heard, twins are seriously hot right now. So I’ve rounded up some super creative birth announcement ideas for twins with a little extra oomph — for those of you lucky enough to be in on the doubles game. I had so much fun finding these adorable birth announcement photo ideas for twins and multiples making their red carpet debut, but hey…if you’re expecting just one baby this year (like me!), we’ve got you covered too. CMP is an rstyle affiliate At top: custom birth announcements by Todd Borka Related: 15 creative birth announcement ideas way...

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The 5 best double strollers from our favorite baby gear pros. (And a sneak peek at the newest ones coming out!)

File under problems I never thought I’d have: Agonizing over double strollers. With a 17-month-old in tow and a brand new baby, I’ve been feeling the pressure to pick the perfect ride. If I was still in New York where my primary means of transportation were my own two feet and unpredictable winter weather was inevitable, I just might be plunking down serious cash for a Bugaboo Donkey. But now that I drive just about everywhere in sunny California, my priorities have changed. How easy is the stroller to fold? How heavy and wide is it? Will it fit in my trunk? Is side-by-side...

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What to buy for twin babies? Reader Q&A

Q: I’m having twins and I need everything. Where do I start? Please help! -Julia A: For this post, we’ve called upon friend, blogger, and twin mom Kelcey Kintner for some first person advice. Twins! Yay! Wait, why are you hyperventilating? Ha. Kidding. I know it can be pretty daunting to figure out what you need when you’re expecting not one but two wriggly bundles of joy. I can’t help you take care of them (seriously, don’t even ask), but as a mother of twins, I can absolutely tell you what you really need to buy or borrow. And...

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Twin baby gifts that are two of a k1nd.

Looking for a cool twin baby gift? Move over, Baby A and Baby B. You, too, Thing 1 and Thing 2. We found a clever new way to proudly proclaim your twin status on your chest.  Our friends at mom and pop design shop Snug Attack are back with even more fun, handprinted styles to make being two-of-a-kind totally different. The Tw1n/Twi2 designs are available in four different permutations to differentiate twin boys and girls who were first and last in that race from the womb. With onesies running from 3 months to 24 months and tees from 2T to 6T,...

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Double Time: Raising twins with hilarity

I’m a big fan of Jane Roper, because I love any author who is willing to laugh at herself. Since 2007, Jane has been baring her soul for the world and now, she lets us into the nitty gritty details of raising twins with a fantastic new book that will speak to all mothers. Presenting Jane Roper’s new Double Time: How I survived–and mostly thrived through the first three years of mothering twins. No issue is off limits, and this is what makes it so endearing. It’s as if you are sharing a good laugh with an old friend–with a...

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A great twin gift for double the fun

Twin gifts can be among the toughest to find for new babies–that is, if you want something more unique than two matching onesies and hats. That’s why I love this art idea. Barcelona artist Judy Kaufmann is an extremely talented artist that celebrates the beauty and closeness of twins. Her Twins artwork could be a great gift for new parents of multiples.  Her colors are bright, her characters are quirky, and there is just so much to see. It will look great in a nursery, and just as awesome in a teenager’s room.  The artist is so talented, there’s lots to love...

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Twin sets for babies of type geeks

I have quite a few friends who are mothers of twins, so I’ve always got my eye out for cute twin tees that aren’t the same old same old. And yes, they do exist. [don’t miss a nice offer after the jump!] Case in point: The wonderful Twin Baby onesies from the mom and pop team behind the new shop, Snug Attack by twelvezeroseven. The hand screened designs are a clever typographical play, with the A or B highlighted in the phrase TWIN BABY to reveal whether it’s Twin A whose just eaten a mouthful of sandbox sand, or...

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B Designs’ gorgeous letterpress birth announcements for twins just look expensive

I had three kids in under four years, but it’s the parents who have twins who earn my respect for living with double the chaos. Maybe that’s why I love B Designs’ minimalist letterpress twins birth announcement which conveys the joy over the new arrivals without any of the frenzy. We think you’ll appreciate how affordable the cards are — it’s not as cheap as doing your birth announcements yourself on your computer, but it’s surprisingly well-priced for custom letterpress which is nice when you’re buying double the outfits and double the diapers. It’s ridiculously easy to create these...

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