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Wear your book on your sleeve with these awesome literary temporary tattoos from Litograph.

“Let life be merry” with gorgeous literary temporary tattoos that let you flaunt your favorite books without needles or accidental misspellings. We’re big fans of Litograph, since we first discovered their awesome literary tees. And now they’ve launched Litograph literary tattoos via a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. There are some great classics on the list, each quote made even more powerful and pretty through hip design and modern typography. Shakespeare, Jack London, Jane Austen, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (for you Sherlock fans) are all represented. The Litograph creators have even perfected their designs and technique by working with a Hollywood FX studio...

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Thought of the day: On pursuing dreams

Sometimes a quote just speaks to you, and these decidedly non-cheesy, very cool inspirational quotes (geez, that phrase really is getting a bad name) come courtesy of illustrator and hand-letterer Noel Shively. I’m trying to figure out just what project we could hire him for, since his sensibility is so fresh and optimistic but still with the slightest edge that keeps it from being flowery or trite. Maybe it’s the project of “I’d like to frame one of these and hang it somewhere.” That would work.     You can find just a few of of his designs for sale...

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Handmade toddler blankets for your future hipster who will claim to have had one before they were cool

True story: when my daughter was born in 2006, I struggled to find a stroller blanket that wasn’t either pink butterflies or blue trains. I basically taught myself to sew just so I could make a black blanket with flame-printed fleece. So I’m jealous of anyone with a hip baby today who can take advantage of these gorgeous, hip, and super soft handmade toddler blankets from Designed by Artists. If you’re on Pinterest, you probably have a board donated to pretty typography and clever quotes (we sure do), and now you can have that modern design sensibility on your baby blankets too. Whether you...

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Cool artwork for coffee drinkers: We like big cups and we cannot lie

If you too are among the ranks of caffeine junkies, get in line for a nice cuppa. Right behind me, that is, because Mama always needs to wake up. These gorgeous typography posters by Noodlehug on Etsy are just the cool  coffee artwork  to stare at until the first cup of Kona kicks in. Each poster is available in three sizes starting at $18 (no, not tall, grande and venti). They’re printed to be beautifully vibrant and ready for framing. And they’re making me thirsty for my next amazing Chemex coffee experience. Because my name is Delilah and I am a...

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Typography humor: Gets us every time.

We admit it: We stopped in our tracks and immediately emailed a dozen Type Geek friends with the link when we saw this Seven Deadly Sans t-shirt at one of our favorite little online shops, Shana Logic. From the name alone you could probably tell where it was going. And if that’s not cool enough, it’s now on sale for just 12 bucks. Now of course we have to believe they mean “deadly” as in killer, because the only actual deadly sans serif I can think of is Comic Sans and all of its horrifying variations. Find the Seven Deadly...

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Places to go, people to see

Because I have a thing for typographical art, I’m geeking out over the typography shop online at Fab right now.   There’s so much cool stuff to see right now, from prints of the litograph book shirts we recently featured, to lots of cool tees and artwork. But the thing that really grabbed my eye is this You Can Do A Lot In A Day embroidery hoop art. Not to play too much into the whole “women can do it all” thing that drives us all crazy–but at least for me, it’s a nice reminder that if I spend a little less time...

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Making your walls a little more literary

I love prints that play with typography. Clever, modern design has a way of turning what could be a cheesy inspirational quote into a piece of art I could live with.   That’s why I love the work by New York graphic artist Evan Roberts on Etsy. These cool literary quote posters inspired by the likes of T.S. Eliot (no, not from Cats), JD Salinger, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemmingway, Kurt Vonnegut. It’s refreshing to see he hasn’t generally picked the most ubiquitous of quotes. Each one is printed beautifully on heavy, archival paper. Look closely and you’ll find lots...

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