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Unicorns make feeding baby more magical. Because, unicorns.

There’s nothing more magical than holding your baby close as you fill that chunky little tummy. Well, except for maybe unicorns. Yep, unicorns are more magical. And now you can have both. The limited-edition Unikiki Nursing Pillow designed by Tokidoki for Bébé au Lait is everything a new mom in your life would want this holiday season. The pillow itself is a dream — flat and firm on one side, plush and soft on the other, and puts your baby at the optimum height for a better latch and an easier feed. It also includes a handy, two-sided pocket, and both...

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The coolest backpacks for preschoolers and little kids | Cool Mom Picks Back to School Guide 2016

It seems like our annual Back to School Guide gets earlier each year, because hey – we’re here for you, parents! Whether you’re already scrambling to get those school shopping lists covered or you’ve got a good month left to track down the best backpack or lunch box or pencil case or kawaii eraser, we’ve got you covered. So we’re excited to kick off our back to school shopping recos with an amazing selection of the coolest backpacks for preschoolers and little kids! We’ve scoured the web to find the most adorably fun backpacks that are sized or designed just for little ones, who don’t...

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Lisa Frank adult coloring books! Because who can’t use more rainbows?

When I was a kid, one of the most exciting things about going back to school was getting to pick out a new Lisa Frank notebook. What would it be this year? A unicorn with wings and a flowing, rainbow mane? A dolphin family swimming in an exotic cove while a neon pink sun sets above them? It was a highlight. So the fact that a new line of Lisa Frank adult coloring books is just out, as the illustrator herself announced on her Instagram feed recently, gives me all kinds of happy feels. Related: 21 of the coolest coloring books for adults We...

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Pouch goals. Is that a thing? Because it should be.

With everything you can find at Society6 — smart phone cases, laptop bags, even leggings — they’ve now added carry-all pouches and let’s just say I’ve spent waaaaaaay too long flipping through all the fabulous choices. These canvas pouches with wraparound artwork come in three different sizes, with the smaller ones a good choices for pencils or make-up, and the bigger sizes able to double as a clutch. And well, the choices are endless. Almost literally. Here are some of my favorites (whew, it was hard to choose). Related: Society6 leggings – Be still my stylish geeky heart weapons of mass...

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Unicorns pooping rainbows: The perfect accessory.

Flipping through some of the new projects on Kickstarter, the one that grabbed me right away was this hysterical concept for a unicorn pooping rainbows plush doll and scarf. Because unicorns poop rainbows, of course. I mean, duh. What’s more, the plush doll turns into a soft, plush scarf, simply by pulling out the rainbow, magician style. Come on — who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves up in a scarf made of unicorn rainbow poop? I know I would. Or at least my tween girls would. With the caveat that I get to borrow it on demand. And hey, if this is all...

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Super fun, mismatched socks for kids that also teach a good lesson. (Yes, really.)

My kids come downstairs with mismatched socks all the time, but I learned to let it go long ago. Who needs to match, when wearing stripes and polka dots together is so much more fun? (Also, it makes putting away the laundry way, way easier.) Recently we found an awesome new company that takes mismatched socks to a new level. Each set of bright, bold, colorful PALS socks pairs two different creatures, like cats and dogs or birds and worms. The aim is to teach kids that it’s cool to be friends with someone who is different than you. My kids tried...

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YOXO: Affordable gifts that build imagination. Oh, and maybe a pegasus.

With holidays coming up, we’re seeing a lot more interest in building toys and maker toys, a trend we’ve loved since, well, before it was a trend. And earlier this year at Toy Fair, when I saw the new 5-in-1 pegasus kit from YOXO I thought whoa, that’s going to be one awesome gift for the holidays. Now that it’s finally available, I’m so excited to share it because it’s one heck of a building kit. First off, everything is US-made from recycled wood pulp. This gives the Y, X and O (get it, YOXO?) pieces kind of a cardboard feel, but...

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Crazy fun socks for women: Hot trend alert

I was so in love with Kristen’s photo of her super stylish daughter on Instagram sporting some cool knee socks, and she admitted to me that her daughter stole them from her own sock drawer! That’s when I realized, this is one of those few times that a fashion trend started with kids then jumped to the adults. It’s a fact — fun socks for women are everywhere you look, peeking out of pumps, booties, knee-boots, layered over fishnets…you name it. And I’m loving it. Especially because it’s such an affordable way to punch up your wardrobe ,and even show off your...

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The tote bags that could get your kids to carry their own stuff

Lately I’ve been asking my kids to be responsible for carrying their own things to practices, school, playdates—pretty much everywhere. It’s not an easy task, as some days a headband or bookmark is a burden to heavy for them to lift. (Cue violins.) But I’m thinking these adorable illustrated tote bags we found from the Etsy shop Sobiegraphie might help get them excited about carrying their stuff around so I don’t have to. We love them so much, we even included the unicorn tote among the coolest birthday gifts for tweens and big kids, in our Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide.     Kids shouldn’t get...

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Cool unicorn clothes for girls who are obsessed with uh….unicorns

I remember keeping a certain unicorn tee in heavy rotation when I was about nine, so girls’ obsession for unicorns is hardly new. If you know what I’m talking about, I’ve tracked down some cool unicorn clothes for girls out there to satisfy any girl who dreams of flying off into the night with one. Or wait–is that a pegasus? I’m  loving the handmade-to-order unicorn hoodie hoodie from a cool little Etsy boutique (pictured above). It may not make it into the everyday rotation, but with unicorn horn, mane and tail attached to a super-soft micro-fleece hoodie, our girls would race for it when they need something to throw over a sundress...

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