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What is the safest sunscreen for kids and babies? EWG has 20 of them.

Each year we eagerly await the Environmental Working Group’s list of the safest sunscreens for kids (and grownups too) and we’re so glad to see the 2013 list is ready, just in time for the unofficial start of summer. Click over to the list of the safest sunscreens and you’ll find not only more than 180 beach and sport sunscreens–the ones we’re most interested in for our own kids–but SPF moisturizers, lip balms and makeup that all meet their criteria. We’ve culled it down to their top picks all scoring a “1” that are made especially for babies and...

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UV swimwear to keep our girls (and boys) covered

Every year, I look out for appropriately modest swimsuits for girls. Not to keep them bundled in tents, but to keep them cute and water-ready without having to succumb to ruching and triangle teeny-bikini tops for the nonexistent boobs. Well here’s a cool New Zealand brand that knows a little something about cool swimwear for boys and girls that has nothing to do with premature sex appeal and everything to do with actual swimming. (Weird, right?) Snapper Rock makes UV 50+ swimwear for boys and girls that’s meant to be run in, waded in, and wave-jumped in. Hold the hooch. And...

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UV swimwear lets girls play it safe, and adorable, in the sun.

Hooray, it’s unofficially summer this week! That mean fun days at the beach, and for parents, the grand hunt for UV swimwear and the perfect sunblock to keep our kids safe. My daughter is not the yellow polka dot bikini kind of gal anyway; she’ll be digging in the sand until high tide, which is why we’re glad to find a brand that provides some needed coverage. [don’t miss an exclusive discount after the jump!] I am very excited to have found another adorable collection of sun-safe UV swimwear for toddlers and girls, from smart company Girls4Sport.   These...

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When you’re a cool kid, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day

Kid (and baby) sunglasses are usually one of those things that are terribly cute in theory but not always so great in practice. They’re often slippy, stomped, and broken within, like, minutes. So these new sunglasses for kids are worth their weight in sunscreen. If you’re looking for a cool little gift before some family travel to warmer climes this season, definitely check out the new Scream sunglasses by Eyes Cream Shades. They’re everything you want kids’ sunglasses to be: they stay on (without that wraparound head strap thing that so many kid glasses have), their lenses are polycarbonate...

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Cool board shorts for boys – Reader Q&A

I’d love to find some boys’ board shorts that don’t look like gangster-wear. Can you help? -reader question via Twitter With his fair skin, I love board shorts on my son for the simple reason that they cover more of his body that shorter swim trunks. And I’m pretty certain that any little boy would look surfer-dude cute, and not gangster tough, in these great board short options that we’ve pulled together. –Christina Our editor Liz recently raved about Zio Sport’s great sportswear for boys and girls, and their brand new board shorts are pretty cool too. I love...

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Shades for your little co-pilot

Summer is upon us and I am gathering my toddler’s arsenal of sun hats, sun block–and yes, I will make another desperate attempt at sunglasses. Sunglasses on a 2 year old– I know, what’s the point? They won’t keep them on or they will be broken in 5 minutes… or will they? Thanks to Babiators there might be hope yet for reliable help in protecting your little ones eyes from the suns harmful rays with their cute array of children’s sunglasses. The aviator design does carry a bit of a Top Gun vibe (they were designed by a fighter pilot!) and...

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Today’s UV index is holy cow, you’re never leaving the house ever.

Every parent has that one major sensitivity with their kid; that one issue that you are more freaked out about than other parents. For my sigOth, it’s sunscreen. He’s hyper aware of what SPF we’ve got, what ingredients are in it, and how long it’s been since we last applied. Honestly, I’m grateful for his diligence because I can be a little forgetful until their skin is starting to turn a little pink. So for him, and all the parents like him, it’s great to see the new Coppertone iPhone App. Aptly called My UV Alert, it’s an excellent...

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Protecting little heads from UV rays, chlorine, and parabens too

I’m not one for fussing with my girls’ hair too much – if we remember to brush it in the morning that’s a good day. But I do know that the poor kids have inherited my frizzies, coupled with their dad’s thin hair, which is a great combo, especially in the summer. So Cozy has a nice protective conditioning mist with sunscreen that we’ve loved using this summer. I can just spray it on their hair after the bath, but because of the sunscreen, I think it’s best to keep in your beach bag or diaper bag for some...

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Baby sunscreen lotion grows up a little bit

I had a May baby and a July baby and as such, I still remember those panicky early days of taking the baby out into the (gasp) sun. I don’t think I could have had enough muslin swaddling blankets and floppy brimmed sunhats to put me at ease. So I love that there are so many choices of gentle baby sunscreen lotion now with more natural ingredients and lighter scents, like the new SPF 30+ Mineral Sunscreen from Little Twig. The formula is now “extra mild,” which I can only imagine is a step up from the ordinary “mild”...

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The long of board shorts

With summer officially underway, I am busy getting my beach bag stocked so I can run off to the pool at a moment’s notice. Along with towels, my unfashionable floppy hat and tons of sunscreen, I’m going to be including the new UV Board Shorts from Baby Banz for my son. They have a UPF 50+ rating of sun protection, as all Baby Banz clothing do, so I don’t have to worry that after an hour in the pool he’s completely at the mercy of the sun’s burning rays. The shorts are generously cut enough that certain kids —...

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