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7 family-friendly asparagus recipes. For families who aren’t typically big on asparagus, but want to be.

There aren’t many vegetables that I don’t like, but asparagus is among my least favorite. When my kids bellyache about the green stalks (and, yes, how their pee will smell afterwards), I get it. I pretend like I enjoy asparagus more than I do but, really, I serve it on principle, and to save us from yet another night of string beans and broccoli. This spring, though, I’m on a mission to turn our attitudes about asparagus around. April is peak season and the perfect time to ditch the steamer for these super tasty, kid-friendly asparagus recipes. Or hey,...

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8 vegetarian recipes for family dinner that pack in the protein.

Reducing meat is one of the hardest shifts I’ve ever made in my family’s eating. Even though I’d been a vegetarian through college, I had no idea at the time how to go meatless healthfully. (My youthful diet of pizza, pasta, and more pizza wouldn’t quite cut it for my family.) After some practice, though, I figured out how to make meals like these eight high-protein, vegetarian recipes  that taste delicious and provide my kids with exactly what they need to stay healthy and energetic. You know, so that they can grow up and subsist on pizza, pasta, and more pizza when...

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Organic Slammers are a slam dunk. Yeah, I went there. (Sorry.)

Let me start by saying that I have to make four school lunches every night of the week, so if there’s anything to make the whole lunch packing process easier–and of course, healthier–I am willing to try it. That is how I ended up with a new BFF (best food friend) Organic Slammers. We’re already big squeezy fans in my house, as we call them, and GoGo SqueeZ applesauce and squeezable yogurt tubes are regular fixtures in my kids’ lunchboxes. So it wasn’t a huge stretch for us to try Organic Slammers. They combine a lot of our favorites only with more nutrients, because they include fruit and...

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Let them eat corn! 4 easy ways to cook corn on the cob.

Labor Day does not mean labor intensive, so keep your eats fresh and easy this holiday weekend. With late summer produce at its peak, nothing needs a heavy touch. Sip on a Blackberry Smash cocktail, grill up one of these amazing burger recipes or hot dog recipes, if you prefer, and make some sweet corn to top it all off. Here are 4 easy ways to cook corn on the cob this weekend—or any time of the year—to get it just right without much effort. Then just top it off your meal with a gorgeous summer pie recipe, if you feel...

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5 delicious juice recipes for busy school mornings. (Psst, they’ve got veggies in them too.)

Now that we’re heading back to school, even with hectic mornings, I’d still like some healthy fruits and veggies to keep my kids alert, focused and energized while they’re in class. One of my favorite ways to sneak those dark leafy greens into their diet is in these homemade juice recipes with veggies in them. (Just don’t tell my kids about the veggie part.) Here are five of my favorites which are especially helpful if we end up running out the door with granola bars in our hands. Because let’s be honest, it happens. These recipes should be made with a juicer, not a...

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Vegetarian Father’s Day recipes for a bacon-free feast

This just in: Not all dads eat bacon. I mean, my own dad and the father of my kids do—like, they really eat bacon—but plenty of men are vegetarians and vegans. Or Kosher. Or they just don’t like it. So since all dads deserve to eat well on Father’s Day, I want to celebrate them too, with a menu complete with Vegetarian Father’s Day recipes. It’s even got hearty vegan recipes thrown in for good measure. Hearty Vegetarian/Vegan Mexican Dinner A Mexican feast for Father’s Day means tacos and I’m dying over these amazing vegetarian tacos at Wild Greens and Sardines. As the title...

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Pop Karma gourmet popcorn will spoil you for every other popcorn for life.

So let’s talk popcorn. Specifically, gourmet popcorn. More specifically, White Truffle Cheddar organic popcorn from Pop Karma. Or wait–you talk a minute, because my mouth is still full. A friend recently sent me some of this stuff from NYC’s illustrious little downtown gourmet popcorn shop and holy…I could not stop eating it. For real. And I say this as someone who tends to opt for Junior Mints at the movie theater. The flavor is absolutely perfect–and sophisticated enough that you can give it as a gift to your mom or your boss or yourself. And keep it from the...

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6 easy muffin tin recipes too irresistibly cute and delicious to refuse

Cutesy food isn’t my thing, but I’m a sucker for easy muffin tin recipes. Real kid- and grownup-friendly food portioned in just the right size is just too fun to resist, especially when the mini factor can make dinner more appealing to picky eaters. Give one of these 6 tasty recipes all baked in muffin tins a try, and you’ll see: Make it small and they will come. Always a sucker for the unconventional, I’ve got to start with the Mini Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taco Bowls (above) from Keepin it Kind. Kristy use the underside of the muffin tin...

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Celebrate National Pizza Week with one (or all!) of these 6 creative pizza recipes

In celebration of National Pizza Week, I’ve rounded up six of the absolute best homemade pizza recipes this side of Italy. And they’re not your average cheese-pepperoni-mushroom recipes either, because you don’t need much of my help for that. If you’ve never made pizza at home before, it’s simple stuff, especially if you buy your dough and or sauce already made. I hit my local pizzeria for dough–New York City has its benefits–but some supermarkets carry it, as well. And I’m not talking about the already baked crusts; skip those and go for the dough. Stretch it out on...

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Natural gummy bears are yummy bears.

It’s awesome that so many people are eating in a more mindful fashion, making organic and sustainable choices as they are able, but that’s also made food a lot more complicated — and limiting. Allergies and dye-avoidance issues mean giving up some food items, and even categories, you (or your kid) really like (and on some days, really feel you need). And when that means you have to say no to candy? That’s just plain sad. The folks at UK-based confectionary Goody Good Stuff are working magic to get you candy you can say yes to. They’ve rolled out a...

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The beauty of Blissoma (or, how I learned to stop frying my skin and love the vitamins)

Sometimes, I feel like my face is a battlefield. Since that first, confusing teen pimple, I’ve tried everything from earth mama oil cleansing, to whatever Glamour told me to use, to a more…. well, scorched earth policy of serious prescription retinoids that made me peel like a lizard. Ouch. But for the first time, I’ve found something that makes my face feel blissful. Which makes sense, since “bliss” is right there in the name: Blissoma. [don’t miss a great offer after the jump!] The line of Blissoma skincare from Irie Star is an award-winning collection of 100% natural and...

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