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Peel-and-stick wallpaper = easiest weekend project ever. Parenting win.

My daughter’s ideas for how she wants to decorate her room change daily, sometimes by the hour, so I’m having a hard time keeping up. Does she want turquoise walls, a hand-painted mural, or are we going with that all-white walls and bright furniture look? Well, I’ve decided I’m going to vote to cover at least one wall in her bedroom with some of the fun, tween-friendly, peel-and-stick wallpaper designs from Chasing Paper. That’s right. Just peel. And stick. No trays of glue, no endless hours scraping it off the walls once your child decides they’re over it. Related: More of the world’s...

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World’s cutest wallpaper and wall decals for kids’ rooms? Entirely possible.

For a while we’ve been fans of the creative wall decals and wallpaper from Pop & Lolli made just for kids’ rooms –and so have our readers. So much so, they’re always getting requests for more designs, more styles, more colors. So weren’t we thrilled to get a first look at their new collaboration on new wallpaper designs (and decals too) with one of our favorite illustrators, Sarah Jane of Sarah Jane Studios who’s one of our Etsy mainstays. There is so much cuteness for both boys and girls, it’s hard to focus on one. Behold…     Also, how great is this custom...

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How to stop your kids from drawing on the walls? Actually, don’t.

There’s probably not a kid in existence who hasn’t dreamed of drawing on the walls. Okay, most of them actually do it at least once in their lives. Now imagine you loved the results. That’s where CMP fave Wee Gallery comes in.     Their new Dress Me Wallpaper is designed with artistic kids (or adults) in mind. Sweet black-and-white images of Wee Gallery’s distinctively adorable characters adorn the paper, but they’re missing something: clothes. So kids get to design their own outfits for the bunny, fox, and piggy. Serious fun. Now I probably wouldn’t introduce this wallpaper into my home if there...

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We’ve loved Hello Kitty since we were little girls, and now we admit it’s fun having her back in our lives on all kinds of things for babies and kids. Especially from some of our favorite indie brands. If you’re a Sanrio fan, say hello to some super cute new Hello Kitty gifts we’ve seen lately. Hello Kitty swaddlers from aden + anais Whether you love their supersoft, 100% cotton muslin swaddlers or need towels, blankets, and bibs for slightly older sweeties, aden + anais delivers. We love that they went with the vibrant magenta instead of toning it...

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Some walls like to be drawn on.

There’s something about wallpaper that feels like more of a commitment than paint. Maybe it’s the glue. Maybe it’s the hours of labor spent lining it up juuuust right. But I think I’ve found a cute wallpaper idea that might be worth the investment. The new i see you wallpaper from Cavern is covered in black googly eyes on white paper. That’s it. Sounds kind of weird, right? That’s just until your kids have at it with an array of rainbow-colored crayons. (Uh, just make sure they’re old enough to understand exactly which walls of the house they can draw on.)...

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Wallpaper that’s easy on the eyes and easier to install

When decorating a new baby’s room, most people don’t think, wallpaper. Even if you do decide to entertain the thought, how many of us these days have the slightest clue how to hang it? I’m not saying that this wallpaper hangs itself, but I am saying that it’s beautiful, it will change the look of any room and that it is easier to install than most. Plus, it comes from one of our very favorite companies to turn to for all things cool for babies. Wee Gallery, makers of the most beautiful baby soft books, inspired activity books for...

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A Brooklyn home without the Brooklyn prices

There’s a saying in real estate: location, location, location. But after that’s out of the way, in New York we tend to put a premium on character. You know, exposed brick, tin ceilings, original wood floors. (Don’t ever expect to find wall-to-wall carpeting here. If you do; wonder what it’s hiding underneath.) But now,  if you didn’t find the character you’re craving, now you can fake it with this unbelievable wallpaper series. The trompe l’oeil Brooklyn wallpaper series by Merci, at one of my long-time favorite shops, Rockett St George, is mindblowingly cool. The papers look like the turn-of-the-century...

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Origami has never looked better

When I was a little girl, my dad would create the most beautiful origami creatures for my brothers and I. Of course they only lasted a few hours before we demolished them with one good move. I’m sure my dad really appreciated our care and concern for them. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first discovered design studio Dottir & Sonur, because now you can decorate with these modern and cool shapes–without worrying about them being pummeled. Dottir & Sonur have created a product line that is whimsical and colorful, leaving lots of room for...

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‘Ere-be-dragons on your wall

Wallpaper is cool again, and it’s not all girly flowers and damask. If you’ve got a knight in shining armor (and Converse chucks), you won’t want to miss this quirky but elegant wallpaper made just for junior jousters. The ‘Ere-Be-Dragons wallpaper from Paper Boy is a beautiful merger of imagination and style. The founder, a mother of two boys, wanted to create classic and iconic yet edgy designs just for boys, but with lasting appeal for the whole family. And this wallpaper totally fits the bill, because these dragons perfectly fly the edge between whimsical and scary. Whether the boy...

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Wallpaper is back, baby

When I hear the word wallpaper, it conjures up really bad images of this odd looking flower pattern that completely covered my bathroom wall growing up. It a nutshell – it scares me. But thanks to advances in technology and design, wallpaper is again becoming a pretty cool way to decorate a baby or kid’s room. Take the super swanky boy-centric designs from UK-based Paper Boy Wallpaper, whose dinosaur wallpaper line called Dya-thank-esaurus (pictured) is tempting me into redoing my little dino-obsessed son’s room. I love the realistic silhouettes combined with the whimsical placement of the boy figure throughout....

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