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The closest you’ll get to making time with rock stars

If you happen to have a cool grand or more to spend on a very special, one-of-a-kind gift for a rock fan in your life who you love a lot, we’ve just discovered maybe the coolest ever gift that will connect them to some of the biggest rock icons of our time. And also to help them keep get to places on time; something musicians are not always known for. The brand new Nixon Rock LTD Watch Collection, goes on sale in mid-November, and fuses music and fashion in such an amazingly cool way; they’re taking donated leather from some of the some major rock legends’ personal items and...

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Our favorite cool tech picks this week

Here are 5 of our favorite tech picks this week from Cool Mom Tech. Look what you might have missed!   1. It’s here! Our Back to School Tech Guide! First up, the best organizational apps for parents. 2. Our thoughts on this new phone wristwatch for kids. Could it change the way you get in touch? 3. A cool new app for kids that teaches them about STEM too. Love! 4. Need book recommendations for your kids? You’ll want to bookmark these 5 websites. 5. The phone-brella. Because of course you need to be able to use your...

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11 cool kids watches for when they can actually tell time the old-fashioned way. (Remember that?)

Warmer temps mean my kids are outside running around the neighborhood with their friends more–yippee! And with my oldest now a (gulp) tween, I’m feeling more comfortable letting him run between houses after school. But I would love him to wear a watch, so I can tell him a specific time to be home, rather than yelling for him from the back porch. Because that’s not real classy. Should you have the rare child who does not yet own his or her own expensive iDevice, These cool kids’ watches are a fun way to celebrate your kid learning to tell time and gaining that...

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Our 5 coolest tech picks of the week

Here are 5 cool tech picks from Cool Mom Tech this week, just in case you missed them.   1. These hot bags for spring have something special hidden inside: Your camera. 2. Is the Apple Watch the best thing ever or the end of human interaction as we know it? 3. With this new gadget, you might be able to ditch your house keys forever. 4. 5 of the coolest new photo apps for iOS and Android out right now. 5. Everything you need to know about the new MacBook 2015. Other than it comes in gold. Oooooh....

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Our 5 favorite tech picks of the week

Here are 5 of our favorite tech picks this week from Cool Mom Tech. Look what you might have missed!   1. We know our little LEGO lovers would dig these light up blocks. Yours too? 2. A pretty necklace for the social media lovers in your life at a price that might just let you get one for yourself too. 3. A new Facebook feature we think you should enable as soon as possible. 4. You can now make a baby bottle with your smartphone. Whoa. 5. Would you give up coffee for this gadget?...

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Sponsored Message: Keep fit and stay motivated with the TomTom Runner Cardio

This is a sponsored message from TomTom Runner Cardio It’s no wonder so many people are taking up running these days. It can be a huge sanity saver, and frankly it doesn’t hurt the waistline either, especially during holiday cookie season. But staying motivated can be a challenge, even for the most committed runners and fitness lovers. So here’s a gift that can do just that: the TomTom Runner Cardio. – Don’t miss an exclusive giveaway for CMP readers below – Whether you’re gift shopping for an experienced athlete or just know someone (maybe you?) who wants to start running for the first time, the TomTom...

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5 of our favorite cool tech picks you don’t want to miss this week

In case you missed them, here are 5 of our most popular cool tech picks from Cool Mom Tech this past week. Enjoy!   1. Is the new Apple Watch right for you? Our editors share their thoughts. 2. Saving up to 50% on printer ink that’s delivered right to your door? It’s not make believe, promise. 3. One of our most favorite apps for parents just got so much better. Yeah! 4. If you use gmail, you need to see this super simple, super awesome time-saving tip. 5. Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 6,...

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Modify custom watches: Arm candy that’s Mod-to-Order

If you’ve been searching for a fun, vibrant watch that looks just the way you–or your kids–want it to, we found it. Visit Modify Watches, a small business specializing in custom watches that lets customers to mix-and-match from over 3,000 combinations of watch faces and bands, all with fun names like The McQueen (Steve, not Alexander). Modify seems to have a fantastic reputation for involving loyal customers in their product development (just check out their Facebook page), which we think is really cool. But it’s ultimately about the watches. The way it works is simple, really. Pick your watch face, pick your band...

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Stylish watches for kids who have finally learned how to tell time.

It’s not easy to find stylish watches for kids, what with all the licensed cartoon characters out there. But kids have not been forgotten by designer Agni Tilla for her company May 28th which we discovered thanks to a Brika sale. We are smitten with these modern kids’ watches, with fun design details that call our favorite throwback Swatch watches to mind–at least if Swatches ever cost in the under $40 range. Did they? Ten stylish watches for kids are now available in sizes perfect for small wrists. They’re lightweight and waterproof, so when your child forgets to take the watch off...

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5 tech picks you won’t want to miss this week

Here are 5 of our most popular tech picks from this week, just in case you missed them.   1. Here’s how to make sure your personal profile doesn’t show up on a Google ad. 2. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you’ve got to see these amazing accessories. Talk about a fantastic holiday gift idea. 3. Have you heard of SnapHack? It’s the reason why we warned parents about SnapChat. 4. This awesome Halloween coloring app offers offline fun for kids too. 5. If your kids love funny YouTube videos as much as ours do, you’ll...

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