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Hot fashion trend: Fringe bikini tops hide your not-so-favorite trouble spots

Confession: I don’t love my stomach. And while I really want to feel super confident sporting a bikini, I just never have been able to get there. That was until I discovered the fringe trend, which is a very cool way to still wear a bikini but keep my not-so favorite, post-4-kids part under wraps. If you’re like me and don’t necessarily want a tankini or one-piece bathing suit, but still want to camouflage your stomach a bit, then check out these five fun fringe bikinis that will do just that. CMP is an rstyle affiliate 1. Luli Fama underwire fringe bikini...

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Maternity clothes you’ll want to wear even if you’re not pregnant.

Ever had that feeling of irritable jealousy when you caught your pregnant friend still rocking cute cotton dresses and jeans without expandable waists? Yep, me too. In a blink of an eye I was in clothes that made me look like I was due any moment. . . and let’s not even discuss how long I wore those saggy maternity clothes after my baby was born. I could have used some pieces from the new-to-the-US Mayarya: More than Maternity line, which has so many gorgeous outfits that are designed to work with a woman’s changing body, whether she’s expecting, nursing, or not expecting at all. Created by Japan’s Reika...

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High-waisted bikinis: The summer trend that has us channeling our inner ’50s pinups.

High-waisted bikinis are trending in a big way this summer for women, and we’re loving the fun retro vibe that has us channeling our inner Brigitte Bardot. (In our dreams, we know.) Those of us with less-than-flat abs are excited for the extra forgiveness that comes with the coverage, and many of these styles have nice ruching to hide that donut (or three) that we may sometimes sneak in after the kids have gone to bed. It’s also a great option for women with longer torsos, as it makes your core look not quite so long. One tip for this trend: some...

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Swimsuits for moms who might have forgotten to do their pilates. All year.

Waaaay back before I had kids, I could get away with wearing any old cute little swimsuit found at my local boutique. But now the thin layer of spandex accompanied by teeny tiny straps just doesn’t cut it anymore, so I often turn to a couple of our secret swimwear sources each Summer. Popina Swim has just added a few new vintage-inspired items that give moms a little extra help where they need it. The tops and bottoms are sold separately, which is awesome. Bottoms range from a retro hipster to a high waisted boy short which isn’t for...

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