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One-of-a-kind, handmade wool slippers for baby that are beyond adorable.

As cute as those little baby fingers and toes are, winter is coming, and it’s time for all those digits to go under wraps. If you’re looking to keep your little ones snug and warm in something really special, you’ve got to check out the eco-friendly and adorable handmade wool slippers and mittens for babies from Cate and Levi. Related: Cool gifts for baby’s first Christmas: Holiday gift guide 2015 We’ve been gaga over Toronto-based Cate and Levi ever since we saw how the company took reclaimed wool, mainly from discarded sweaters that were destined for the landfill, and turned it into unique stuffed animals, incredible wall art,...

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Aden + Anais’ new Pure Merino Muslin collection: Sleep never felt so good.

When I finally figured out how to get my babies in a good, tight swaddle, it changed my life. My night life, at least, because mama finally got to sleep. So I mean it when I say a good swaddling blanket makes all the difference in the world, because no matter how well you swaddle your baby, if it comes undone 30 minutes later it’s useless. That’s why I’ve been a fan of Aden + Anais since the day they first hit shelves. But now that I’ve seen their new Pure Merino Muslin collection of luxury swaddling blankets, I’m almost looking forward to...

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Don’t hate the cold. Love Winter.

The hardest person to keep warm in winter always seems to be the baby–they’re just too small to layer too much, and I hate trying to wrangle them into a coat. So other than layers of baby blankets, I turn to hats, booties, and mittens. This year I’m already obsessing about the Love Winter line of warm winter accessories for toddlers I just discovered from Elks & Angels.     The Love Winter hats, booties, and mittens are each available in almond, pink, or grey Australian sheepskin leather, accented with shearling wool, and they are sooooo soft. Seriously, this is pure luxury for your smallest family members....

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Zooties are animal baby booties for your wild little cutie-patootie

Zooties animal baby booties are adorable, if you couldn’t tell. Even more adorable? They have a great story that involves providing work, medical assistance, and education to women in Kyrgyzstan, who hand-craft each pair from sheep wool. And we’re not lion! No matter which critter you select for a toe-tally awesome pair of booties, you’ll know that each pair of sweet critter feet is handmade in small batches, with the wool dyed, spun, felted, and stitched by a women-run collective. Zooties fit babies up to one year old and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. That’s a better deal...

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Felted wool bowls full of love. Or better, jewelry for Mother’s Day.

I bought a few felted wool bowls a long time ago and while they seemed a bit of a frivolous purchase at the time, they turned out to be really useful. They sat on my dresser to catch all my rings, dainty bracelets, and tiny necklaces just perfectly–that is, until my mom liked them enough to take them home with her. So upon discovering these custom felted bowls at The Felterie on Etsy, I decided was a sign for me to add some new ones back into my home decor mix, especially considering how much I use them.  ...

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Woodland critters invade your child’s bedroom. No exterminator needed.

Whether you need a snuggly pal for that first camping trip or the perfect prop for colorful fall family photos, we just can’t leaf this Etsy shop alone.   We seriously want to snuggle all the critters in the Savage Seeds shop on Etsy, also home of this adorable handmade kids’ hoodie we covered a while back. Everything at the shop designed, cut, sewn, and packaged by hand in the USA, with most products handmade of wool felt, eco-felt, and bamboo Nature-Fil fiber. Plus there are no buttons or tiny parts, so your own little savages should be safe.  ...

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Wool for spring? Absolutely!

After seeing so many talented Etsy artisans use wool in creative ways, I’ve learned that it’s really perfect for any season and not just winter. And I bet you’ll think that too when you take a look at these gorgeous cases, jewelry and accessories. I’ve had my eye on The Loft Full of Goodies for awhile now, but with her addition of such pretty spring colors, I figured now was the perfect time share her work. I can think of a hundred uses for her adorable wool felt pouches, which come in various sizes to fit everything from pencils...

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It’s National Hat Day! Why not celebrate with a new hat?

Cover your noggins, people! It’s Hat Day, a tragically overlooked holiday, in my opinion. Here it is, January 15. And to my knowledge, there have been exactly zero fez parties planned, zero berets exchanged, and zero Viking helmet cards sent. A crying shame, particularly given how much we here at CMP like hats, hats, and more hats. And so in honor of National Hat Day, I’m going to let you in on two little hat secrets of mine. I’m talking hats so spectacular, you will get stopped in the streets daily by people wanting to know where you got...

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Virtuoso! Handmade handbag masterpieces

It’s no secret that I have a handbag obsession. That’s pretty clear the second you walk into my closet.  But these handcrafted beauties I found on Etsy are on a whole other level. And if you think this violin bag is amazing, just wait until you see the other ones. Each amazing krukrustudio bag is designed by two Russian artisans and created completely by hand out of wool felt. And, wow, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything like them.  While they certainly look like works of art, these beautiful felt handbags are all completely functional. Talk about a...

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Baby hats that will make you squee. (We won’t tell, promise.)

It has always been a fight to persuade my children to keep their winter hats on their heads. Even when the sky is dumping snow, I find their hats behind the couch and stuffed in coat pockets–anywhere but on their poor freezing heads. Thankfully, I’m hopeful this scenario is about to change. I’m thinking they might fall in love with these hats, just like I did. (I have a hunch you might, too.) You might recall that Cate and Levi is a longtime favorite of ours. Now they’ve gone from upcycled dolls and handmade wall art to these adorable...

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